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By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos
Chapter 13
Graduation day
Paulie called Yurania Ylang and told her what had happened.
“Wait until tomorrow at the graduation.” Yurania Ylang said. “Then we can tell everyone the truth.”
Graduation day was the following morning. Paulie did not tell anyone what had happened, got dressed and went downstairs. Cachita was waiting for him.
“Paulie what happened to your face?” Cachita asked. “It is red and your cheek is a little swollen.”
“Oh, something hit me on my face last night when I went to go up the stairs.” Replied Paulie. “I forgot what it was.”
“Paulie we have a surprise for you.” Cahita said. “They are waiting for you outside.”
Paulie went outside and his parents were waiting for him. “I went to get them.” Drone said. “I knew you would be happy to have your parents here. I will take them back home tomorrow morning.”
Paulie was very happy to see his parents. Cachita, Paulie and his parents, Yamarah and Drone got into the limousine. River sat in the front with Andric.
Everyone arrived to the college grounds. The graduation was being held at the football field. Yurania Ylang did not go near River. Everyone sat down in their places, Yurania Ylang was the Valedictorian and sat down with the faculty. Graduation exercises began, and when Yurania Ylang finished her speech, She asked Paulie to go to the stage. “I know that this is unusual.” Yurania Ylang said, “But it is something important that has to be said to clear many things before graduation is over. There have been rumors that Paulie and I have been seen together. Yes they are all true. Paulie had been working at the Mall to be able to buy something special for the love of his life. I will let Paulie continue to tell you.
Paulie went to the stage, looked at everyone, especially at River and said. “Yes, Yurania and I were at the mall, when I was holding Yurania’s hand, I was practicing what to say. The hug you saw me give Yuarania, was the hug of a friend who appreciates the fact that she helped me buy that something special. I would like Cachita to come up here please. Cachita was surprised, she had no idea of what was going on, and went to the stage. Paulie took out a small jewelry box, opened it, took a diamond ring out and said. “Cachita, I know we have to finish our careers and we will. I will get a better part time job enough to support us. Will you marry me?”
Cachita was overwhelmed, she was speechless. “I don’t know Paulie.” Cachita replied.” Did you talk to my father before you asked me?”
“I knew I had forgotten something.” Paulie said. “Andric, Sir, do I have your permission to engage your daughter, then, with your blessings marry her, if she accepts? Please Sir”
Everyone turned around to look at Andric with a questionable look.
Andric was also surprised, but he did like Paulie and smiling said.” Yes Paulie, you have my permission and my blessings.”
“OK, your dad said yes.” Paulie said, “Now your turn Cachita.
“Yes, yes!!! Cachita replied. “Yes, I will marry you Paulie.”
Paulie placed the ring on Cachita’s hand and they hugged.
Everyone applauded. Cachita went back to her seat accompanied by Paulie.
“What a graduation present. The Principal said. “Now to finished the graduation exercises. At the end, the Principal said. “I now present the graduates of 2012, God bless you all.”
The students threw their caps in the air, and everyone hugged each other. River was too ashamed to even move. “ You are not even going to congratulate us?” Cachita said.
River looked at Paulie and said. “You were right last night, I am foolish, how can I doubt my best friend. Will you forgive me? Cachita, what Paulie and Ylang said today is true I had also seen them together, I did not tell you because I did not want you to be hurt. Last night Paulie would not answer my questions, I got angry and punched him. Paulie just said I was a fool and went upstairs. Now I have to find Ylang and hope that she can forgive me for doubting her too.”
“So that’s the something you said that hit you last night Paulie?” Cachita said. “River, Yurania Ylang is right behind you.”
River turned around and said. “Please forgive a dumb fool for doubting his best friend and beautiful girlfriend?”
Yurania Ylang grabbed River’s hand and said. “I too am sorry for not saying anything to you River. I know how hurt you must have felt. I promised Paulie not to say anything. Let’s enjoy this day full of so much joy.”
“Yes, let go home to celebrate.” Drone said
Everyone got into the limousine, Yurania Ylang‘s parents followed them and everyone enjoyed dinner and a pleasant and fun evening at Drones house. Yurania Ylang and her parents went home.
Early the next morning Drone took Paulie’s parents home. River, Yurania Ylang, Paulie and Cachita went back to get their diplomas at the college. After saying good-bye to their friends, River said. “Now what are we going to do for our vacation, before we start the next part of our lives? “
“We enjoy ourselves.” Paulie said.”
Both couples embraced and kissed each other, then ran down the college stairs.
River Part II will be next.
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RIVER-Chapter 12-Feeling of betrayal

BY Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos
Chapter 12
Feeling of betrayal
River then realized how silly he was to think that Yurania Ylang did not want to be with him, so he decided to meet her near the fountain and apologize for not going to see or call her. River was walking toward the fountain to meet with Yurania Ylang, when Pamela approached him and said. “ I have noticed that Yurania has new friends, who knows, she may meet a nice handsome guy and forget you now that she lost weight and looks so pretty. You were so dumb to become fat. I heard rumors, that Paulie and Yurania Ylang were seen together at the Mall. They were even having dinner the other night. Just the two of them. They looked very lovey dovey. Ain’t that something? Your best friend with you girlfriend, hmm, I wonder what Cachita will do if she finds out. . Oh well, your loss, see you later.”
River did not pay Pamela any mind and continued to walk to see Yurania Ylang.
Yurania Ylang was standing near the fountain, wondering why River did not call or go see her. River grabbed her from behind and said. “Hi beautiful”
“River, where have you been ”Yurania Ylang asked. “You have not answered my calls, I have not seen you in days. You better have a good explanation.”
“I’m sorry Ylang.” River said. “I wanted to give you some space. I did not want to hog all of your time. I know I should have answered the phone, or called you, I just felt that maybe now that you have new friends and the guys are after you, that I would give you some space. Then I felt silly and decided to come to see you. I missed you so much, Please forgive me.”
“You silly man.” Yurania Ylang said. “I forgive you..”
“Can we go to the movies tonight? River asked. ”I will pick you up later.”
“I’m sorry.” Yurania Ylang said. “I can’t go tonight. I have to do something else tonight. Maybe another time. We have to go to class now. Bye.”
“Can you tell me where you are going?” River asked. “Will I see you here tomorrow?”
“Yes, I will see you tomorrow.” Yuarania Ylang replied. “I’m doing something with my father tonight.”
Yurania Ylang hurried and went to class.
The following day River and Yurania Ylang met again. River asked Yurania Ylang if they could go to the movies or somewhere the following Friday. Yurania Ylang again told River she had something else to do. River then asked Paulie if he and Cachita would go to the movies with him, and Paulie said he had somewhere else that the had to go.
Friday night, when River was having dinner, he noticed that Cachita was home. “Where did Paulie go Cachita? River asked. “I thought he was going out with you.”
“I don’t know River.” Cachita replied. “Paulie has been acting weird lately. He mysteriously disappears and does not say anything to me.”
River remembered what Pamela had said, but then decided to ignore it.
“I am going out for a little while.” River said. “I will ask Andric to take me to the Mall, I am going to hang out with the other guys from school.”
Andric drove river to the Mall and returned home. River met his friends, and they all decided to walk around and see the electronics. Then they decided to go to the Food court. River was looking around to see if he could find an empty table, when he turned around, he saw Yurania Ylang and Paulie sitting on one of the table on the far side of the food court. River could not believe what he saw. Paulie was holding Yurania Ylang’s hand, and admiring it. Then he saw Paulie get up put his arms around Yurania, while helping her put on her sweater. Yurania was smiling as they left the food court, River then told his friends that he was tired, called Andric to pick him up and left.
When River got home, he sat on the porch stairs and waited for Paulie. Paulie got home and looked very happy. “You look very happy Paulie, my friend.” River said.
“Yes. I am very happy.” Paulie said. “I am the happiest man alive.”
“Where is Cachita?” River asked .”I imagine she is inside.” Paulie said.
“Did you enjoy yourself where you were at?” River asked sarcastically.
“What is it with the twenty, twenty questions River? Paulie asked.
‘You don’t seem to want to go out with me any more.” River replied. “You don’t even go out with your girlfriend. Is there anything that you are hiding and do not want me to know?”
“My friend.” Paulie replied. “What I do, or where I go, is none of your business. You went out to gain weight all by yourself and did not tell me anything. I am very tired and going to bed. Good night.” Paulie went inside the house and went to his room.
River did not want to say anything or tell anyone what he saw, he though it was best to wait until the right time to say anything.
Cachita was going up to her room, but when she saw River sitting out in the porch, she went to him and asked. “What’s the matter River? Is anything wrong? You look upset. Where is Paulie? I have not seen him all day. He goes out after school, and does not tell me where he goes.”
“He went upstairs to his room.” River replied. “Maybe Paulie is doing extra school work. Have you asked him?”
I”I have not seen him since he started going out by himself.” Cachita replied. “I am going to ask him right now, before he goes to bed. I am going up to his room now.”
Cachita went up the stairs to Paulie’s room, and knocked on the door. Paulie opened the door and said. “Hi Cachita, I am about to go to bed, is anything wrong?”
“Yes, something is wrong. Cachita said. “I have not seen you in days, and do not know where you go. We go to school, then when we get out in the afternoon, I do not see you. Is everything all right? Where do you go?”
I am sorry Cachita, I am doing something for someone.” Paulie replied. “I have to go out, I need some time to be by myself. Yes everything is alright. Don’t worry. Now please excuse me, I am really tired and want to rest. Good night.” Paulie closed the door, and Cachita went downstairs.
“Did he tell you anything?” River asked.
“Paulie is acting very strange.” Cachita said. “All he said was that he was doing something for someone, and needs some time to be by himself.” Cachita looked very sad and disappointed. “I am going to bed“ Cachita said. “Good night River.”
River did not want to hurt Cachita, and did not tell her what he had seen, nor what Pamela had told him. River could not believe, that this best friend would betray him. “I will confront Paulie and ask him what is going on.” River said to himself. “I will also tell him what I saw at the Mall.” River then went to his room.
When River got up the next morning, Paulie had already gone to school. After school he met Yurania Ylang near the fountain. “Have you seen Paulie Ylang?” River asked.
“No I haven’t.” Replied Yurania Ylang. “
“You have not seen him at all?” River asked. “When was the last time that you saw Paulie, and where Ylang?”
“Why are you asking me so many questions? Yurania Ylang asked. “You sound as if I knew where Paulie is. I am going back to class, then going home. Do not wait for me, I will go home alone. I do not like the way you are acting River.”
Yurania Ylang walked away and went back to class. After school Yurania Ylang did not wait for River, she went home alone.
Paulie did not go home either. River asked his friends if they had seen Paulie and they said they had not seen him in days. River decided to wait for Paulie to get home and confront him. Once and for all River wanted to know if Pamela had said the truth and tell Paulie what he saw at the mall.
River was at the front porch waiting for Paulie to get home. Late that night, Paulie finally got home. When Paulie saw River, he asked. “What are you doing up so late River? Is something wrong?”
“River was enraged and said.” I want to know where you have been going every day. I also want you to know, that Pamela said that you have been seen at the Mall with Ylang many times being very lovey dovey.”
Paulie looked at River with a startled look and said. What? Are you crazy? Do you believed that?”
“Don’t deny that you were at the Mall Friday night.” River said. “I saw you with Ylang at the Food Court eating. I saw you holding Ylang’s hand, then when you both got up, you put your arms around her while helping her put her sweater on. Then you left! I did not want to interrupt you and make a scene, because I did not want the guys to see you.”
“You are crazy River.” Paulie said. “I am not going to listen to you any more. I am going up to bed, I am tired,”
“Don’t you dare go without answering my questions.” River said with rage.
Paulie was about to turn to walk inside the house and River grabbed him.
“Let me go fool.” Paulie said. “ I am going to bed.”
Blind with rage, River punched Paulie in the face. Paulie got up, looked at River with disgust, rubbed his face, and went upstairs.
Did Paulie betray his friend? Is the friendship over? What will Cachita say? What will happen between River and Yurania Ylang?
Stay tune for Chapter 13

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RIVER-Chapter-11-The Prom

By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos
Chapter 11
The Prom
River was surprised. “What have you done?” River asked. “You look beautiful, but you lost weight. Why?”
“I got tired of being fat.” Yurania said. “I wanted to look good for you at the prom, so I joined a weight club. Now I want to ask you, what happened to you? You gained so much weight, how did you get fat so fast?
River had gained weight and Yurania had lost weight. “I wanted to make you feel better.” River replied. “I thought that you would feel more comfortable with a fat partner who does not care how you look. I went away and ate a lot to get fat and I did. I do not care if you fat skinny or whatever, I love you any way you are Ylang”
Yurania was surprised when she heard River call her Ylang. “You know who I am?” Yurania asked.
“Yes, I know who you are.” River replied. “I have known who you are since the day you went to the hospital after I hadthe eye surgery and ran away. Then I was sure it was you, when you said hello near the fountain in school. I recognized your voice and the smell of the perfume you use. I did not want to tell you until the time I felt was right. Do you still want to go to the Prom with me? Do you want to go to the prom with a fat guy?”
Yurania smiled and said. “Of course I want to go to the Prom with you, I will be honored.”
River then gave Yurania a plastic box with a beautiful wrist corsage, made with white jasmines and Ylang Ylang flowers.”
“Will your help me take the corsage out and put it on?” Yurania asked? It is so beautiful, and smells like the jasmine and Ylang perfume that I use, thank you.”
River helped Yurania take the corsage out of the box and put it on her wrist.
“Wait River!” Yurania said. “I have something for you.” Yurania gave River a small jewelry box, and said, “Happy birthday.”
River took the box opened it, and there was small diamond stud earring. “It is beautiful.” River said. “But how did you know I recently got my ear pierced.”
“I saw that you had your ear pierced before you left.” Yurania said. “I asked Paulie to give me an idea of what to get you for your birthday, he said an earring. Here, let me put it on you ear.”
River looked at Yurania and asked. “May I call you Ylang? “
Yurania looked at River and said. “My birth name is, Yurania Ylang. I was named Ylang after my grandmother who love to make perfume with Ylang Ylang and Jasmine flowers. Yes River, you may call me Ylang, that will be the name only you will call me by.”
River and Yurania Ylang got in the limousine, and Andric drove them to the Prom. Andric parked the limousine in front of the building where the prom was being held, and got out to open the door for the couple. River got out first, then helped Yurania Ylang get out. Yurania Ylang grabbed River’s arm and they walked toward the reception hall.
Everyone was dancing, when they saw River and Yurania Ylang, they could not hide their emotions and gasped. Paulie and Cachita were, surprised, they both said at the same time. “Oh no!”
Everyone was surprise to see the change in River and Yurania Ylang. Paulie and Cachita went to the couple and Paulie said. “My God, you two are really in love. River gained weight to make Yurania feel good.”
Cachita interrupted by saying. “And Yurania lost weight to make River feel good.”
Cachita knew about the plan Yurania had, and Paulie then realized the reason for River going away until Prom date. Pamela was annoyed and disillusioned when she saw that River had gained weight.
“Oh my God.” Pamela said. “I would never go out with River now. I am so glad that I came with Jon. Come on Jon, lets dance.”
“Yurania looks beautiful.” Jon said. “I am going to go say hello and ask her to dance with me.”
“What! What are you doing?” Pamela asked. “Jon, you are here with me. You can’t just leave me flat to go dance with another girl.”
“The only reason you came with me, was because River did not ask you.” Jon said. “Go dance with the other guys.”
River had taken Yurania Ylang to the dance floor to have their first dance. Jon interrupted and asked. ”May I cut in?” River reluctantly agreed and went to get some punch.
Paulie was getting some punch for him and Cachita. “What a coincidence.” Paulie said. “While you were gaining weight to make Yurania feel good, she was loosing weight for you to feel good, she looks beautiful. All the guys are now after her.”
“Yeah, that’s right.” River said. “Now I am the one nobody looks at, I wonder how long before Ylang breaks up with me.”
Paulie looked at his friend with a puzzled look and said. “Wait, did you just say Ylang? Do you mean that Yurania is the mystery girl you named Ylang?”
“Yes.” Replied River.” I got suspicious when I saw her leave right away at the hospital the day I had the eye surgery. Then when I spoke to her near the fountain at the college campus, I recognized her voice and the perfume she wears. As a matter of fact she told me tonight, that her birth name is Yurania Ylang.”
“Wow! The mystery of Ylang has been solved.” Paulie said. “Don’t worry my friend, Yurania Ylang loves you. This is all new for her to be asked out to dance with other boys. Enjoy the night with her.”
It was almost midnight and the Prom King and Queen were to be announced.
The principal gave a congratulation speech, and finally said, “The Prom King and Queen this year are…..Paulie and Cachita. Congratulations.”
Paulie and Cachita were crowned King and Queen, they were given the Royal staffs, a beautiful red and white roses bouquet was handed to the queen by the principal, and they danced.
When the dance finished, the principal made another announcement. “Today is also one of our student’s birthday.“ The principal said. “He survived eye surgery, learned how to read and write with his vision, and is one of our best students. His mother bought birthday cake for all of us to share. Lets sing Happy birthday to River. River come on up to the stage.”
Everyone sang Happy Birthday and congratulated River. Yurania Ylang walked to the stage, hugged and kissed River, softly and delicately on the lips. They then walked to the dance floor and began to dance, everyone joined them. Drone had gone with Yamarah and Andric to take the cake. ”Yamarah will you honor me by dancing with me?” Drone asked.
“But this is a Prom dance for the graduates.” Replied Yamarah.
“Right now it is your son’s birthday.” Drone said.
Drone extended his hand toward Yamarah who accepted, and led her to the dance floor.
The Prom ended, and everyone went home.
Andric drove Yurania Ylang home, accompanied by River. River walked Yurania Ylang to her doorstep and they kissed.
‘Thank you for a wonderful time and for the beautiful corsage.” Yurania Ylang said. “ I have never had such a wonderful time. Good night.”
“Thank you for the gift.” River said. “I too had a good time. It is the first time that I have had such a good time. I am glad you enjoyed it too. Good night.”
Yurania Ylang went inside the house, River got in the limousine and Andric drove home.
River felt very happy, thanked his mother for the cake, and went upstairs to bed.
The following day, River, Paulie and Cachita went to school. Yurania Ylang met with River near the fountain. “What are you going to do after graduation Ylang?” River asked.
“I am going to continue to go to college and Practice Medicine.” Yurania replied. “I want to become an ophthalmologist, I want to help people who have eye sicknesses. I want to help the blind to see. I became very interested in becoming an eye doctor when I met you. I know it will take years of schooling, but it will be worth it to help people regain their eyesight.”
“When I regained my eyesight, that was the first thing in my mind.” River said. “I also have to get a job to provide for me and mother. Drone has been generous with us, and I want to be able to support mother and me. I know how it feels to be blind, and want to help others in the same or similar situation that I was in. It would be perfect for you and I to go to the same college and become good eye doctors.”
It was time to go back to class, and the other boys accompanied Yurania Ylang, they loved to talk with her. Every time that River saw Yurania Ylang, there was a boy talking to her. River felt like an outcast, and thought that maybe Yurania Ylang loved all the attention she was getting from the boys, and forget about him. Pamela agreed to become Jon’s girlfriend, realizing that all she wanted was attention form all the new boys. Pamela had been in love with Jon all along. Jon finally got the girl he wanted. Being patient paid off.
River did not want to be in Yurania Ylang’s way, and stopped going near the fountain to meet her.
Will Yurania Ylang want to continue to be with River?
Stay tunde for chapter 12

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RIVER-Chapter-10-River goes away

By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos
Chapter 10
River goes away

River and Paulie were walking home one afternoon, and talking about the Prom. “Who are you taking to the Prom River?” Paulie asked, “ You know that I am taking Cachita.”
“I am going to ask Yurania.” River replied. “I hope she says yes.”
“Who? Are you serious?” Paulie asked.” Not that there is anything wrong with Yurania, but Pamela thinks she is going with you.”
“Why would Pamela think that?” River asked. “I have not asked Pamela nor any girl to go to the Prom with me. I am going to ask Yurania, because she is a very nice person and I like her.”
River and Paulie got home changed clothes and went to have dinner. River told his mother about asking Yurania to the Prom. “It is your decision as to who you want to go to the Prom with.” Yamarah said. “That is also the day of your birthday, you will be an adult and I want you to enjoy yourself.”
“Thank you Mother.” River said.
The following day River and Yurania met again near the fountain. “Yurania, will you accompany me to the Prom, on my 18th birthday?” River asked.
Yurania was surprised and said. “What! You want me to go to the Prom with you? But I thought you were going to take Pamela. She has been telling everyone that she is going with you.”
“I don’t know where Pamela got that idea from.” River said. “I have not asked her nor anyone else to go to the Prom with me until now. Will you please go with me? Has anyone else asked you yet?
“No, I didn’t even think anyone was going to ask me.” Yurania replied. “Are you sure, you want me to go with you? So many pretty girls and you are asking me?”
“Yes, I am asking you.” “You are also very pretty. Well! Do you? Girl answer me.”
“Yes, I would love to go with you.” Yurania replied with a smile. “Yes, yes, I will go with you to the Prom.”
“Yurania was so excited, that she hugged River. Realizing that she was hugging River, Yurania quickly backed away and with a shy smile said. “I am sorry River, I did not mean to hug you in public. I guess I am too exited.”
River looked at Yurania and said. “It is OK Yurania, I am glad that you did.”
River and Yurania looked at each other with love and passion in their eye, they were about to kiss, when Pamela grabbed River’s arm and said. “Hello River, the bell is about to ring we have to get to class.
River looked at Yurania and said. “I will see you later.”
Yurania smiled and River went back to class.
“Now I need to think of something special to do for Yurania, so she will feel good at the prom.” River whispered to himself.
“Did you say something?” Pamela asked.
“No, I was just thinking out loud,? River replied. “Let’s get to class.”
After school, River and Paulie went home, and River said to Paulie. “I want to do something special for Yurania on the day of the prom.”
“Guys usually buy the corsage for the girl when they take her to the prom.” Paulie said.
“I know.” River said, but I want to do something more.”
“What are you going do? Paulie asked.
“I will show you when I do it.” River replied.
The following day River and Yurania again met near the fountain. “I have to tell you something Yurania.” River said. “I wont be able to see you until the day of the prom.”
“Why not?” Yurania asked. “Is there a problem?”
“No problem.” River replied. I have to do something, and it will take some time. Please promise me you will wait for me, I will e there to pick you up. I can call you if you want. Please, do not ask me to tell you what it is, I can’t tell anyone. Just say that you will wait.”
“You are being very mysterious River.” Yurania said. “Yes, I promise that I will wait for you. Call me once in a while so I know that you are OK.”
River was ahead of his classes and already had the credits he needed to graduate, so he asked his teacher if it was alright for him to skip school until graduation, because he had to do something important, and he had to stay away for a little while. The teacher gave her permission and after school River went home, and told his mother, Drone, and Paulie, that he was going away on a vacation and would return the day of the prom.
The following day River went away. “Do not worry Mother,” River said. “ I will be alright.”
Andric drove River to the forest and returned to pick the others who were shopping at the Mall.
Yamarah went with Cachita to buy clothes and things they both needed. Cachita bought her prom dress, shoes and accessories with Yamarah’s help. Paulie bought his prom suit and shoes, with Drone’s help.
The next day Paulie and Jon were talking in the court yard and Pamela approached them asking. “Has any of you seen River? I have not seen him in a couple of days.”
“I have not seen him either.” Jon said. “Pamela, may I speak to you in private?”
“Yes,” Replied Pamela. “We can talk near the fountain, come on. I want to know where River is.”
Jon and Pamela walked toward the fountain and Jon asked. “ Pamela will you go to the prom with me?”
“I’m sorry Jon. ”Pamela said. “I can’t go to the prom with you, I am going with River.”
“Pamela did River ask you?” Jon asked. “Everyone knows that River asked Yurania to the prom and she accepted.”
“O my God!” Pamela exclaimed. “NO, River did not ask me. I took it for granted that he was going to take me to the prom. Do you still want to take me? I will go with you.”
“Yes, I will take you to the prom.” Jon said.
“Has any one seen Yurania?” Pamela asked. “ She has not come to school either. Maybe Yurania and River are together.”
“No, they are not together.” Paulie said. “You know Yurania’s father does not let her go anywhere, especially with a boy.”
“I wonder what kind of dress Yurania will wear to the prom” Pamela said. “The pretty dresses are all in small sizes. So many pretty girls, that River could have invited to the prom, and he invited Yurania. Hm!”
“What is wrong with Yurania?” Paulie asked? “She is very sweet and River likes her. So what if she is overweight?”
“Oh well! There is still time.” Pamela said. “Things may change from now until prom day. I’m going home. Bye.”
“Looks like Pamela is jealous of Yurania.” Paulie said. “Are you still taking Pamela to the prom Jon? Did she say yes?”
“Yes, I am taking Pamela to the prom.” Jon said. “She thought River was taking her, and when she found out River is taking Yurania, she accepted my invitation.”
“You like Pamela don’t you Jon?” Paulie asked.
“Very much.” Jon replied. “Everything was going good, she enjoyed going places with me, until River got his sight back. I have nothing against River, I am glad he has his sight back. Pamela is just a spoiled brat who want everything that is new, and her friends like. Pamela likes River, because all her friends like him. I am patient, I know some day she will stop being a brat and be my girl.”
The day of the prom arrived, and River had not returned. Yamarah began to worry. “River has not returned.” Yamarah said. ”I wonder if anything happened to him, it is not like River to miss not only his prom, but his birthday as well.”
“Don’t worry Miss Yamarah.” Paulie said. “It is still early. River will be here, he would not miss his prom or his birthday for anything in the world. Besides, River promised Yurania he will take her to the prom.”
It was late in the afternoon and River called his mother saying. “Mother, I will not be going home early. Tell Andric to please pick me up, he knows where I am. I am going to pick up the corsage I bought for Yurania first. Then I will Pick Yurania up to take her to the prom. Tell Paulie and Cachita that I will meet them at the prom. I will see you tonight after I take Yurania home.”
“I am so relieved.” Yamarah said. “My son is an adult today, Drone and I have arranged to have a birthday cake delivered to the ballroom where the prom is. River will have the best birthday ever.”
The evening of the prom arrived, and River went to pick Yurania up. When both River and Yurania saw each other they gasped!

What surprise does River have for Yurania?
Stay tuned for an exciting Chapter 11.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

RIVER-Chapter-9-River goes to college

By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos
Chapter 9
River goes to college
River showed Yamarah and Drone the fish he had caught, and said. “It is so good to be able to see the fish you catch,, and so many other things. I remember some things and colors vaguely. Mother, I am going to be 18 years old soon, I would like to go to school and learn to read with my eyes. You taught me to read and write Braille, but now I need to learn more and go to college. I want to go back to the city, there are more opportunities and better colleges. I want to be able to give you things that you deserve. That is, if Drone does not mind me staying in his house until I finish college.”
“Of course I do not mind.” Drone said. “That is a good idea, but you must not let anyone know about this place. It would also be a good idea for your mother to go visit, I am sure she would love to go.”
“I don’t’ know.” Yamarah said. “It is a good idea for you to go River, but as for me, I have not been to the other side of the cave since I gave birth to you. I do not even now if my family is still alive.”
“Please mother, say that you will come with us, please!” River said. “It’s only for a short vacation, Drone will bring you back.”
“I will bring you back.” Drone said. “We can also invite Nano and Marcela, my house is big enough for all.”
“OK, I will go.” Yamarah said. “Let me go and tell Nano and Marcella.” Yamarah went inside the house to give Nano and Marcela the news.
“May I invite my parents too Drone?” Paulie asked. “They have not gone to the city either.”
“Sure you can.” Drone said. We can leave Friday morning. We go very early, I do not want anyone to see us get out of he cave. I will call Andric once we get out of the cave. We can also find out if anyone in Yamara’s family is still alive. Andric can pick us up outside of the forest. I am going home now, I will see you all Friday morning.” Drone said his good-byes and went home.
“I will be so glad to go back.” Paulie said. “I want to see Cachita again, I also want to go to college in the city. I am going home, and ask my parents if they want to go with us. I will see you tomorrow.” Paulie went home.
Yamarah told Nano and Marcela about their plan to go to the city, but they said they wanted to stay home. “We are waiting for our son to return.” Marcela said. “He said he would come back, besides, we are happy here and have no one in the city. You go and be with your son Yamara, and do not forget us.”
“I am only going to accompany River and find out if anyone in my family survived the storm.” Yamarah said. “I have found peace and happiness here, I will come back soon.”
Friday morning, Drone went to pick everyone up. Yamarah told Drone that Nano and Marcela were staying. Paulie arrived and said his parents wanted to stay, they did not want to go back to the city. Everyone walked to the cave, and Bear followed. When they got to the other side of the cave, Drone walked out by himself, to make sure no one could see them, and called Andric. When he saw that all was clear, Drone signaled the others join him. Yamarah was amazed at how everything had changed. When they got to the end of he forest, Andric was waiting for them and drove everyone to Drone’s house.
Cachita was waiting outside and Paulie ran to hug and kiss her. “I missed you so much Cachita.” Paulie said.
“I missed you too Paulie.” Cachita said. “I am so glad you are back.”
“You have a beautiful house Drone.” Yamarah said.
“Thank you.” Drone replied. “Let’s go inside the house, Andric will show you to your room, Paulie and River know where their room is. Freshen up, then come downstairs and have something to eat.”
Bear went back to his friends in the forest.
Everyone went out to the porch, sat down on the chair, rocker and swing, River was quiet and looking around. “You are still looking for her hu?” Paulie said
“Who? ”Yamarah asked. “Who are you looking for River? You are very quiet and anxiously looking around.”
”The mystery girl he has heard but never seen.” Paulie said. “ A girl River calls Ylang, because he does not even know her name. She was with him all the times he was blind, no one has ever seen her. Ylang disappeared and no one knows who or where she is.”
“Do not worry, my son.” Yamarah said. “If it is meant to be, you will see her one day. You came here to learn to read with your eyes, go to college, and have a good future. I am sure the girl of your dreams will appear.”
River was homeschooled and learned how to read. Both River and Paulie went to the same college that Cachita attended.
Cachita introduced River and Paulie to all of her college friends. River was a little shy in the beginning, but then he got used to his new life in college. River was very intelligent , had very good grades in college, and enjoyed being with his new found friends.
River noticed that one of Cachita’s friend was always alone. “Cachita, who is your friend sitting near the fountain?” River asked. “She is always by herself?”
“That’s Yurania, the girl I had told you about.” Replied Cachita. “She has a complex about being overweight. She thinks none of the boys like her, and that the other girls don’t like for her to hang out with them. I have tried to make her realize that the other girls do not mind her being with us, but she is too shy.”
River walked over to Yurania and said “Hi, I am Cachita’s friend, my name is River. I am staying where Cachita lives until I finish college. Cachita said your name is Yurania, what an unusual but beautiful name.”
“Hello, I know who you are.” Yurania said with her head down. “Cachita told me all about you and your friend Paulie.”
“Why are you always by yourself Yurania.” River asked. “Don’t you like hanging out with us?”
“I am just shy.” Yurania replied. “Besides I like being alone.”
“Would you mind if I sat next to you?” River asked.. “We can talk, until it is time to go back to class?”
“Sure.” Yurania replied. “Are you sure you want to talk with a fat girl like me?”
River looked at Yurania, who was still talking with her head down , and gently grabbed her chin pushing it up, turning her face toward him and said. “You are not fat Yurania, you are a very pretty girl, I am very glad to be seen with you.”
River and Yurania spoke for a little while, and the girls were surprised to see River sitting and talking with Yurania. “Well, it looks like Yurania and River have become friends. Paulie said. “They been talking for a while.”
“This is the first time that I have ever seen Yurania talk to anyone.” Jon said.
“Maybe River feels sorry for Yurania.” Pamela said.
“Why would River feel sorry for Yurania?” Paulie asked. “Is there anything wrong with her?”
“Well, Yurania is so fat.” Pamela said. “River is so handsome, I don’t think he would go out with a fat girl.”
“I think Pamela is jealous because River is paying a lot of attention to Yurania.” Jon said.
“What is wrong with being fat?” Paulie asked, “Yurania is not that fat, she has a beautiful face, beautiful hazel green eyes, and looks like a very sweet girl.”
Pamela walked to where River and Yurania were, and said. “Come on River, the bell is about to ring, we have to go back to class.” Grabbing River’s hand, Pamela pulled him toward her, and said. “Hi Yurania, River and I will see you later, we are going to class now.”
The bell rang, and River looked at Yurania saying. “I will see you again tomorrow. It was nice talking to you, bye.”
Every day River and Yurania met at the fountain and talked about different things.
Pamela always tried to attract Rivers attention.
Graduation day was approaching and the Prom was going to be celebrated the same day River was to be 18 years old.
Who will River take to the Prom, which is also his birthday?
Stay tuned for chapter 10

Saturday, November 5, 2011

RIVER-Chapter-8-River goes home

By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos
River goes home

River was wheeled into the operating room, and Drone, Paulie, Andric, and Cachita waited in the waiting room. Hours seemed like years for Paulie and the rest.
Finally the doctor walked into the waiting room and said, “I have done what I could, I removed the blood clot, and all looks good. Now we have to wait another couple of days to remove the bandage and find out if River can see again. River will awaken soon, but it is best if he rest tonight. Drone decided that is was best for them to go home and rest too.
River woke up, and felt someone beside him. “Who is there?” River asked. “Ylang, is that you ? I can smell your perfume.”
“Yes, It’s me.“ Ylang said. “The surgery has been over. Cachita and everyone else went home to rest, the doctor said it would be best to let you sleep. My father drove me here to see you.” Holding River’s hand, Ylang kissed him on the cheek and said. “I have to go now, I will be back tomorrow. The doctor said that the he removed the blood clot and all looks good. The bandages will be taken off in a couple of days, then you will find out if you can see again . Rest I am going home now, father is waiting in the car.”
“Thank you for coming to be with me Ylang,” River said. “ I will see you when they take off the bandages, until tomorrow. The following day, Drone, Paulie, Andric and Cachita, went to visit River. The doctor went into the room and said “River, tomorrow I will remove the bandages, then you will be able to go home.”
Thank you doctor.” River said .“I can’t wait to see the results. Has any one seen Ylang?”
“You mean your mysterious friend” Paulie replied. “When are we going to meet her? She comes in when we are not here, maybe she does not want meet us. You said that she knows Cachita.”
“I don’t know anyone named Ylang.” Cachita said. “River cannot describe her, the only friend I know that is shy, is Yurania, but she never goes out, she has a complex and does not like people to see her. Yurania goes to school, then goes home.”
“Oh well, we will know tomorrow.” River said. Ylang will be here tomorrow I bet, then everyone will meet her and maybe I will see her. Then I will know her real name.”
The day finally arrived, when River would know if he has recovered his eyesight.
Drone, Cachita, Andric and Paulie were present. The doctor said “ River I am going to take the bandages off, keep your eyes closed until I tell you to open them”
The doctor slowly took of the bandages, then the cottons. “Slowly open your eyes River.” The doctor said.
River slowly opened his eyes. “Oh my God!” River cried. “I can’t see, I still can’t see.”
“Give it time River.” The doctor said. “You have been in the dark for many years. You have to take it easy and focus.”
River closed his eyes and slowly opened them again. This time he began to see blurry, then the images began to appear. “I can see, yes I can see.” River screamed.
“Are you sure?” Paulie asked with excitement. “Now you finally know what I look like ha, ha.”
Yes, let me look at all of you.“ River said. “Thank you doctor, thank you for giving me back my eyesight.” River looked around and noticed some one was missing. “Where is Ylang?” River asked. “She did not come today either, Maybe I will see her when I go home.”
River got up and began to walk, he looked outside the window, then ran out of the room, excited and jumping, looking around. He vaguely remembered the times he used to run around the house where his mother lives. “I want to go home and see my mother.” River said. “I want to see where I live, the cave, everything, I want to see everything.
River walked back to his room and got dressed. “Let’s go to your house Drone.” River said. “I want to see everything, then we can arrange to go home.” Cachita, by the way, you are a very beautiful girl, too pretty for Paulie, ha ha! I am just joking.”
“Thank you River.” Cachita said. “You are very handsome, now you can see my friends, the girls have all been drooling about you, and the guys are a little jealous, but they like having a friend like you.”
Andric went to get the car, River said good-bye to everyone, and they all left the hospital. River was amazed to see all the high buildings, the stores, the many people and cars, especially the bright sunlight.
When they arrived home, River closed his eyes to remember where everything was, then opened them, and ran across the yard. All of a sudden he saw a huge black bear and yelled. “Bear, are you Bear? Come here Bear.”
Both River and Bear ran toward each other, hugging and playing. River was overwhelmed being able to see again. Everyone went in the house, and had dinner.
“I will be back in a little while.” River said. “I am going for a walk.”
Paulie knew where his friend was going, but did not say anything.”
River went to the tree and sat down the bench, hoping that Ylang would appear. “I can’t understand, why Ylang did not go to the hospital” River said to himself. “There has to be a good reason, Maybe she felt sorry for me while I was blind, and knowing that I would be able to see again, she thinks I wont need her any more.”
“No, River that is not why I did not go.” Ylang said. Please do not turn around, I do not want you to see what I look like.”
River was glad to hear Ylang’s voice, did not turn around and said. “ Please Ylang, I do not care what you look like, I just want to see you, and hug you.”
River turned around, but Ylang had disappeared.
River went to the house and asked Drone to take him home. “I want to see mother.” River said. I want her to know that I got my eyesight back. I am sure she is worried about me.”
Drone agreed to take River home. “I am kind of missing the mountains.” Drone said. “We can go first thing in the morning I am taking Bear back with us, he might be missing his home too.”
Everyone woke up early in the morning, packed their things and put them in the truck Andric uses when they go shopping, and to carry big loads. . River hugged Cachita and Andric, said good-bye to everyone and got into the Truck. Paulie said good-bye to everyone, hugged Andric, then gave Cachita a kiss and said. “Don’t worry Cachita, I am coming back soon, will you wait for me?”
“Yes Paulie, I will wait for you.” Cachita said. “Don’t be away long, I will miss you a lot.” Paulie and Cachita hugged each other. Drone hugged Cachita and Andric, and said, “We will be back. Take care of yourselves.”
Paulie opened the back door and Bear got in the truck. Paulie got in the back of the truck with River and Drone sat in the front.
Andric dropped everyone near the entrance to the forest. Drone led everyone to the cave, took a torch from the wall in the cave, lit it, and everyone walked until they arrived at the other side of the cave. Drone turned the torch off and put it, on the wall, next to the cave opening. This time River saw where he was going. When River was near the house where their home was, he saw his mother in the porch, sitting on the rocker. Yamarah saw River walking toward her and she ran to him. Mother and son embraced each other, and River said. ”Mother, you are as beautiful as the last time I saw you. I never forgot your beautiful smile.”
“You can see?” Yamarah asked with a surprised look. “You got your eyesight back? The doctors was able to help you?”
“Yes Mother, I can see. ”River replied. Drone took me to the hospital and the doctor operated on me. I had a clot of some kind in the veins in the eyes, that was caused by the fall I had when I was little. I will explain later. Drone paid for everything.”
“River, I am going home.” Paulie said. “I know my parents miss me and I miss them too. I will see you tomorrow, bye everybody.”
“I have to go home too.” Drone said “ I want to see the mountains and I know Bear wants to go home too. I will come back tomorrow, good-bye everyone.”
“Thank you Drone’ Yamarah said. “ I do not know how I can ever repay you for all that you have done. Please come and have dinner with us tomorrow. We can talk more. I know you must all be tired. Good-bye.”
Drone and Paulie left, and River hugged Nano and Marcela whom he loved and treated them like his grandparents. River went for a walk, he remembered the flowers, the animals, and everything around him, Yamarah watched with delight as her son was running, She was thankful to God, for giving River his eyesight back.
River went back inside the house, and told Yamarah, Nano and Marcela, everything that happened in the city, and who Drone was. River spoke about his surgery, how Drone got rich, , how different city life was, the people he met, then everyone went to bed.
The next day Paulie went to visit River and said “Ok now we can go fishing, now you can see the fish.”
River and Paulie went fishing and when they returned, Drone was sitting in the front porch talking with Yamarah.
What is going to happen next?
Stay tuned for Chapter 9


Friday, October 28, 2011

RIVER-Chapter-7-The party

BY Ruth M Garica-Marmolejos
Chapter 7
The Party
It was the day of the party, and everything was in order. The party was at the house in the parlor. There was a long table near the wall, with different kind of food, pastries and a big cake in the middle. Paulie was overwhelmed. “Everything is so nice.” Paulie said. “The decorations, the food, the cake, a lot of people are here already. There are a lot of pretty girls too. I wonder where Cachita is.”
“I am right here.” Cachita said. “I just came from the kitchen making sure everything is alright, but father told me to come out and enjoy the party. Father is taking care of everything.”
When Paulie saw Cachita, his eyes lit, with a smile Paulie said. “Cachita, you look beautiful.”
“Thank you.” Cachita said. “You look very handsome yourself. Where is River?”
“River is still upstairs.” Paulie replied. ”I think he is nervous about meeting people. Drone will go up to get him.”
“My friends are coming and I want you and River to meet them,” Cachita said. “Can you dance Paulie?”
“A little.” Replied Paulie. I learned at home with my father. I don’t now if it is the same here, but I am a fast learner if you teach me.”
Cachita led Paulie to the dance floor and said. “It is slow music, so it is easy, listen to the music and it will guide you.”
Paulie put his arms around Cachita’s small waist, and Cachita put one arm around Paulie’s shoulder, and they began to dance.
River walked down the stairs and into the parlor. Drone introduced River to all the guests and Paulie walked over and said. “River the place looks very nicely decorated, if there is anything you want to know or need, let me know.”
“Thank you Paulie.” River said. “Go and enjoy yourself with Cachita, I will take care of myself. I think I am going outside for some fresh air . I know my way around.”
River went outside, He walked to the garden, then went toward the big oak tree near the gate. River sat on the oak wood bench that was around the tree. Rivers mind wondered, thinking of the day that he could see again.
“Why are you not inside at the party?” A young woman said with a soft voice.
“Who is there?” River said. “I don’t believe I know you, I have never heard your voice.”
“I am nobody.” The young woman said. “I live in the village , I see you and your friend every day since the first day you came here. I also know that you are blind.”
“Why are you not at the party? River asked.
“Cachita invited me” The young girl said. “But I do not have the proper clothing to wear. I also have another problem and cannot go.”
“Your voice sounds so sweet.” River said. “Will you stay with me, we can talk for a little while. What is that perfume you are wearing? It smell so delicate and nice, What is your name?”
“Yes, I will stay.” The young girl said. “But only for a little bit, before my parents miss me. The scent you are smelling is a cologne I make, with different kind of flowers. What name would you like to call me?”
“I will call you Ylang.” River said. “Can you describe yourself to me?”
Footsteps were heard, it was Paulie and Cachita. “
“There he is.” Paulie said. “River, we have been looking for you. Cachita’s friend have arrived and want to meet you.”
“ I was talking with this girl here with me,” River said
“What girl?” Paulie asked. “I see no one else here with you. Come on, let’s go inside.”
River could not understand why the girl he named Ylang disappeared, he knew she was for real, and also hoped he would hear from her again. They all went back to the house and Cachita introduced River to her friends. Pamela one of Cachita’s friend asked River to dance with her. “I do not dance much, so if I step on your toes, my apologies.” River said.
River dance and tried to enjoy the night but he could not stop thinking about Ylang. Jon, one of Cachita’s friend, was not too happy with River. He felt that the girls were too friendly with River.
“What is it with you girls?” Jon asked Pamela. “He is a blind guy, he can’ see, everyone is making a big fuss because heis blind.”
Pamela looked at Jon and said. “Jon, please don’t tell me that you are jealous of River. We have to be polite, Cachita is our friend. River may be blind, but he is very handsome and sweet.”
The party ended, and everyone went home.
The following evening River went to the tree where he met Ylang, sat down on the bench, and waited to see if Ylang would return to talk with him. A while passed and River thought Ylang forgot about him and would not show up, when he got up, to go back to the house, he heard Ylang’s voice say, “Hello River, I am glad to see u again. I was going to come sooner, but I had to finish my chores at home. I did not know if you were going to be here either.”
River smiled, and said. “I thought your had forgotten about me, you left so unexpectedly. I am glad you came back. Let’s sit down and talk. Why did you leave without saying good bye?”
“I am sorry River.” Ylang replied. “I had to leave, it was late, besides I was not properly dressed to meet other people.”
River and Ylang met every night, they enjoyed each others company.
“The doctor called Drone today.” River said, “I have an appointment tomorrow to hear the results of the eye tests. I am very nervous. I will let you know the results when I return.”
“Don’t be nervous River.” Ylang said. “ I am sure the results will not be bad. Have faith, the doctor will help you get your eyesight back. I will be here tomorrow night to hear what the doctor said. Good night” Ylang gave River a soft kiss on his lips and left.
River was surprised and so happy, that he ran to the house, went to his room and jumped into the bed swooning and sighing.
The following day, Drone took River to the doctor. They sat down and waited for the doctor to call River. Minutes later the receptionist told River that the doctor was going to see him. Drone and River got up and walked Into the doctor’s office. The Doctor told them to sit down and said, “River we found that a blood vessel in your eyes, is blocked, and blood circulation to the retina was significantly disrupted. When this happens, the eye typically loses vision, often suddenly. Most probably the blow in your head when you fell, caused this, and since it has been a long time, I do not know the extent of the damage I will prepare your for surgery as soon as possible.”
“Will I be able to see again?” River asked
“I cannot guarantee that at the moment,“ The doctor said. “We will have to wait until the operation is done.”
“How soon is, as soon as possible?” River asked. “Can you do it tomorrow?”
“How about two days from now?” The doctor said. “That will give me time to prepare.”
“Two days is fine.” Drone replied. “The sooner the better.”
Drone took River home and everyone was informed about the surgery.
“River, you will see again.“ Paulie said. “Have faith that all will be OK.”
Everyone ate dinner and River walked out the door.
“River, where are you going?” Paulie asked. “You disappear mysteriously every evening, and when you come back, you go straight to your room.”
“I am going to talk with my friend under the tree, near the gate entrance.” River replied. “She is very nice and we like to talk to each other.”
“A friend? You have a female friend?” Paulie asked. “How come I have never seen her? Do we know her?”
“Yes, I have a female friend.” River replied. “I met her on the night of the party. She says she is Cachita’s friend. Cachita had invited her to the party, but she could not attend, ask Cachita.”
“Does your friend have a name?” Paulie asked. “I will ask Cachita.”
“I call her Ylang.” River replied. “ I got to go now Paulie, I will see you later.”
River left and Paulie went to find Cachita.
Ylang was waiting for River sitting on the bench under the tree. “Well what did the doctor say?” Ylang asked. “Will you see again?”
Revier repied. “The doctor said something about a blood clot of some kind, and he will be operating on me in two days. We will not know if I will see again until after the surgery. It seems it has been a long time since I fell, and the doctor does not know how much damage there is. Oh well, I have been blind this long, a couple of days more won’t matter. I also have to accept the fact, that if the operation does not help I will never see again.”
“Don’t give up River.” Ylang said. “You are strong and will see again. If not, I will always be with you.”
“Will you go back with me, to my home, Ylang?” River asked. “I know we do not know each well, but I think I am falling in love with you. You don’t have to answer right now, you can make your mind up after the operation. I am sorry if I am making you feel uncomfortable. Maybe you do not want to live with a blind man.”
“Shhh! River.” Ylang interrupted. “Let’s take it a day at a time. I said I will not leave you, but I do not know if I can go anywhere right now. Just concentrate on having the surgery done.”
“River are you there?” Paulie interrupted. “Cachita is with me what did you say your friend’s name is?”
“I call her Ylang.” River replied, “She is here next to me..” Turning to talk to Ylang, River said. “You know, you have not given me your real name Ylang.”
“Who are you talking to River?” Cachita asked. “There is no one else here.”
Once again Ylang disappeared.
“I am talking to my friend Ylang.” River said. “She was here a moment ago. We talk with each other every night. I wonder why she leaves every time someone comes.”
“Maybe the girl is shy and does not want to meet us yet.” Cachita said. “I have to tell you, River, I do not have any friend with the name Ylang.”
“I will ask Ylang why she does not want to meet you.” River said.
“Mysterious girl.” Paulie said.
“Come on, let’s go inside the house.” River said.
The following day, Ylang did not show up to talk with River. “Maybe Ylang got scared when I asked her to go home with me.” River said to himself. “Or maybe she is scared that I will not see again. Whatever her reason is, I will wait to find out after the operation.
The day of the surgery arrived, and Andric drove Drone and River to the hospital. Paulie and Cachita went with them. River was very scared.
River was taken to his room, and the nurses prepared him for the surgery.
Will the operation be a success? Will River see again?
Stay tuned for Chapter 8

Thursday, October 20, 2011

RIVER-Chapter-6-River's first visit to the City and Doctor

By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos
Chapter 6
River’s first trip to the City and Doctor
Andric drove to the city and parked at the entrance of the hospital.
“I will call you when we are finished here Andric” Drone said. “Then you can drive us to the stores. I want to get some more clothes for the boys. I am also taking them to eat.”
“Yes Sir.” Andric said. “I hope the Doctor can help the boy regain his eyesight.”
Drone and the boys got out of the car and walked inside the hospital. Drone had made an appointment with an eye specialist. When they got to the doctors office, Drone gave the receptionist all of River’s information and sat down in the waiting room. Paulie had been looking at everything, the big buildings, the many cars, the many people in the street, he was amazed. “Wow! I am so glad I came.” Paulie said, “I have never seen so many people in one place. Everything is so different. River, why are you so quiet?”
“Paulie, you forget that I can’t see.” River replied.
“No, I have not forgotten.” Paulie said. “I just want to tell you everything I see, so you know, like I do at home. When the doctor helps, get your eyesight back, you will see for yourself, then I wont have to tell you.”
“I m sorry Paulie.” River said, “I am just so nervous, what if the doctor says I can’t get my eyesight back?”
“You will my friend.” Paulie said. “Besides, so far you have lived and done good without your sight. Your other senses are better than mine. Be patient.”
“Mr. Drone.” The receptionist called. “The doctor is ready for you, Pease go in.”
“Let’s go River.” Drone said. “The doctor will see you now.”
Drone led River into the doctor’s office, Paulie stood outside to wait for them.
The doctor then helped River sit on a chair and examined him. “Drone, we have to do more tests.” The doctor said. “You said River lost his eyesight after he fell down and hit his head on a rock when he was a little boy. We have to take x-rays and do a full examination, before I can give you any more information”
“Will I see again doctor?” River asked. “Please tell me you will help me see again.”
“I will see what I can do River.” The doctor said. “Let’s wait until we get more test results. Drone, bring him back in two days, I will have everything ready for him”
Drone thanked the doctor, and led River to the reception room, where Paulie was waiting for them.
“What did the doctor say? Paulie asked. “Will he help you to see again?”
River told Paulie what the doctor had said, and Drone took them outside to wait for Andric.
Andric arrived, everyone got in the car and drove to the Mall. Drone and the boys got out and Andric left. “Where are we?” River asked.
“We are at the Mall.” Drone replied. “There are many different stores, places to eat, and a game room. I am going to buy some clothes for both of you and me.
There are a lot of people here, so we have to stay together. I do not want you boys to get lost. Come we will go to the Boys store first.”
Paulie was amazed, he had never been to a Mall, or seen so many stores in one place. River had never heard so many different noises in his life. As they kept walking, River began to get familiar with the noises and surroundings. River was a very intelligent young man. Drone bought the boys more clothes, shoes and a Jacket, in case it got cold, he also got himself some clothing. After walking around the mall, on their way to the car, Drone stopped at a telephone store and bought a new cellular phone. Drone also taught Paulie and River, how to use the phone. River used his sense of touch and hearing to learn how to use the phone. Drone taught the boys many things they did not know about, living on the other side of the cave.
“This place is so nice.” Paulie said. “I can live here forever. Next year I will be an adult and can come back to stay. If you get your eyesight back, River you too can live here if you want. Oh heck you can live here even if you can’t see, but I know you will see again.”
Everyone went back to the car and Andric drove home.
Cachita was waiting outside. “How was your trip to the city boys?” Cachita asked. “Did the doctor examine you River?”
“It was awesome.” Paulie said. “I have never seen so many stores people and cars in my life, matter of fact, I ain’t ever seen so much stuff in my life. I loved it. I’m considering moving here in the future,”
“How about you River?” Cachita asked. “Did you enjoy yourself? What did the doctor say?”
“The doctor said, that I need more tests.” River said. “To see if the doctor can help me to get my eyesight back. There was so much noise at the Mall. I am not used to hearing so many different noises, but I got used to it after a while. I even learned how to use the cellular phone. I can’t wait to get those tests and find out if I will see again.”
“Boys, go upstairs and refresh yourselves.” Drone said. “You both have had a very exciting and adventurous day. You can come back down, have a snack and talk more if you like. Cachita, there is something I bought for you, it is in the car with the other packages. Andric will give it to you when he brings the everything inside. You are my best friends daughter and a wonderful girl, you deserve a gift.”
“Thank you Drone.” Cachita said. “What is it?”
“You will have to find out for yourself, child” Drone replied.
Cachita ran outside before Andric was able to take the packages inside. Andric gave Cachita, the package Drone had bought for her. Cachita ran to her room, opened the package, and it was a beautiful strapless, chiffon tieback dress, with a rosette pleated skirt, in multi black and teal colors. There was also a pair of glitter pumps and a purse matching the shoes, and a flower barrette for her beautiful long and dark brown silky hair. Cachita ran downstairs and hugged and kissed drone. “Thank you, thank you Drone.” Cachita said. “Everything is beautiful. But why a dress? I have no where to go, to wear such a pretty outfit.”
“I am glad you like it.” Drone said. “We are going to have a party for the boys. I am inviting my friends, and I want you to wear the dress and everything that I bought for you to the party. Now go put it away and I will give the staff, all the instructions and plans. The party will be next Saturday, you can also invite your friends to meet River and Paulie.”
Cachita went to put her new clothes away and tell the members of the staff about the party.
“Did you hear that River?” Paulie said. “A party for us. Holy Molly, Geezus, Wow! I hope we get to meet pretty girls. River what is the matter? You do not seem happy, you look preoccupied.”
“ I am happy about the party and all,” River said. “I am trying to get familiar with the surroundings, all of this is new to me. I am also nervous about the tests. Tell me, what Cachita looks like, you have described all to me, except Cachita.”
“Cachita is very pretty.” Paulie said. “She has long, dark brown silky hair, hazel brown eyes, she is petite, slim, 17 years old, and has a beautiful smile, that hypnotizes me.”
“You sound like you like Cachita.” River said. “It’s OK, Paulie, you can tell me, ha, ha!”
“Yes, I do.” Paulie said.” Please don’t tell Drone or anyone.”
“OK, it will be our secret.” River said.
The boys went upstairs, took a shower, changed clothes, and went downstairs.
Drone , was outside on the porch, eating cheese, chips and dip, and iced tea. “Come sit down boys.” Drone said. “Have some cheese, chips and dip, and Iced tea. I wonder where Brutus is, he probably found some bear friend.”
Two days later, Drone took River to the Doctor’s appointment. Paulie wanted to stay home and get acquainted with the land outside of Drones house. Cachita accompanied Paulie.
Different tests were given to River, MRI, scans, blood tests, and other sorts of tests.
After all the tests were done, the doctor gave River another appointment to give him the results. River was restless, he wanted to know the results right away, he did not want to wait any longer. “Well, I have to know for sure before I give you any news about regaining your eyesight River.” The Doctor said. “I do not want to give you any false hope, but I do promise to help you. It’s only a couple of days more.”
“Be patient my friend.” Drone said. “We will find out soon enough. In the mean time try to enjoy yourself.”
Drone took River home.
What will the tests say? Be patient dear reader.
Stay tune for chapter 7

Thursday, October 13, 2011

RIVER-Chapter 5-The trip to the other side

By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos
Chapter 5
The trip to the other side
Drone shone the torch on the beast who then jumped on him. “Brutus, what are you doing here?” Drone asked. “You have to go back home, now go!”
Brutus just swung sideways like trying to let Drone know that he wanted to tag along.
“ I guess you want to see where you were born.” Drone said. “Maybe you will find your family. OK, you can come along, but you have to stay in the mountains. People are afraid of bears, especially black ones. Wild animals are not allowed in the city, they will take you to the zoo and put you in a cage.
“Whew!” Paulie exclaimed. “You scared the daylights out of me.”
“Come on, let’s keep walking.” Drone said. “I want to get to the other side before it gets dark.”
Drone, Paulie, River, and Brutus kept walking, until finally, Drone saw the light leading to the opening of the cave. Turning the torch off and hanging it on the wall next to the exit, Drone said, “Wait! Let me look outside to make sure it is safe to go out there. I don’t want to walk into a storm.”
Drone walked outside and saw that is was nice and sunny, walked back to the cave and said. “OK, let’s go. I have a house in the woods, I bought many years ago, when I first visited there. I like having a place to stay whenever I come back here. Brutus can stay in the woods and no one will bother him.”
They all walked out of the cave, there was a dirt road leading to the woods. Drone led everyone to the house he had in the woods. The house was surrounded by a tall black iron fence. There was a big gate with an intercom on one side. Drone took out a small remote, pressed it and the gate opened automatically.
“Wow! How did you do that?” Asked Paulie. “Is it magic?”
Drone laughed and said. ”No, this is called a remote control, it is run by electricity. When I push the button, the gate opens and closes. The thing that looks like a radio on the fence, is called an intercom. You press the buttons on the side and you can talk to the person inside the house, who presses the button in the intercom in the house, to let you in. They can also talk back to you, watch!” Drone pressed the button in the intercom and a voice was heard asking. “Who is it?”
“It’s me Drone, I have guest with me.” Drone replied. I will walk to the house, no need to send the chauffer to pick us up.”
“Yes Sir.” The voice replied.
“Who is that?” Paulie asked.
“It’s my Butler.” Drone replied.
“What’s a butler?” Paulie asked.
Drone replied. “A butler is a head servant who tells other servants what to do.”
“Wow! You have servants too? Are you rich? Paulie asked. “Do you hear that River?”
“Yes Paulie.” River replied I heard everything.”
“OK, Let’s go to the house.” Drone said.
Drone led the boys to the house and Brutus followed them. When they got to the house, Paulie said.“ Wow! That’s not a house, that’s a mansion.”
The house was very big on the outside. It was white and there was a porch surrounding it. Around the porch were very pretty flowers and hanging plants. In front of the house, in the middle of the lawn, was a big white fountain with a fish in the middle with water sprouting out of it’s mouth. The front of the porch was very big, and there was a big swing with a small wooden table next to it.
A tall, stocky, bald man was standing in front of the house waiting for them. “Welcome home sir.” The man said. “It is always good to see you.”
“Thank you.” Replied Drone. “I want your to meet my guests, Paulie, River, who is blind, and Brutus, my black bear friend. Brutus will stay out in the woods inside my property. Boys, this is Andric, my friend and butler, let’s go inside the house. Inside the house was the foyer, there was a table with one chair on each side, and a big mirror on the wall. On one side was a long stair case leading to the second floor, in front of them was a hall that led to the kitchen, it had a door on the side, that led to the dining room, and down the hall was a door that led to the kitchen. On the right of the entrance was the living room. The living room had oak furniture with brown flowered cushions on the sofa, and chairs. There was a table in each end of the sofa, with matching lamps on them. A picture of Drone was hanging on the wall behind the sofa.
Wow! This house is huge and the furniture is awesome.” Paulie said. “How did you become so rich Drone? You live in the mountains in a cabin at home. No one knows that you are rich.”
“You are quiet River.” Drone said .”What is the matter?”
“I am just listening.” River replied. “I cannot see, so I have to be acquainted with everything around me. When will we go to the city to see the doctors at the hospital? I want to know if they can help me get my eyesight back. That‘s why I came to the other side of the cave. I too want to know why you are rich Drone.”
“I will explain everything after we have taken a shower, eat and rest.” Drone said. “In the morning, I will take you to the city. Andric will take you to your rooms, you will both take a shower and come down to eat.”
Andric showed River how to get around the room. The boys took a shower, got dressed, and went downstairs to eat. The dining room had a long oak table and eight chairs, the walls had pictures of different animals, big and small. A big white-tail/mule deer chandelier hung on the ceiling above the table. Dinner was served by Cachita, one of the servants. Cachita was also Andric’s daughter. Dinner consisted of Chicken soup, Wild white rice, red beans, Porch chops, and French fries .The salad was lettuce corn and tomatoes. Dessert was vanilla split, covered with chocolate syrup, and they drank soda.
After dinner they went to the porch, River and Paulie sat on the swing and Drone sat in a rocker. “When I came here many years ago.” Drone said. “I did not have any money. I had found shiny rocks one side of the cave. I put some in my bags when I came. I went to the city, and was playing with one of the rocks. A man saw me playing and asked me where I had found the rocks. I told him I had found the rocks in a cave. I found out that the rocks were diamonds and were very valuable. I sold the diamonds, and that’s how I became rich. People here only loved me for my money, I was bored, missed my real home on the other side of the cave and went back. Once in a while I come here to see my friend Andric, find out how things are going and go back. The last time on my way back, there was a big storm, everything was flooded and I ran to the cave. I heard some one cry for help, when I turned around, it was a man and a woman. I yelled for them to get in the cave, and when I saw that they were safe I left and went home to the mountains I have seen many people escape those storms. When River said he was coming here, I knew I could help him. Now you know my story. Now go get some sleep we have to go to the city in the morning.”
River and Paulie went to bed, They were so tired they fell asleep. Drone went outside, gave Brutus food and said. My friend, while I go to the city with the boys, you can go to the woods, you may find your friends there. Good night.”
Brutus ate and disappeared into the woods. Drone went this room and went to sleep, he too was very tired.
The following morning, Drone sent Cachita to the stores, to buy clothes and shoes for the boys. When River and Paulie woke up, Andric gave them the clothes to wear and the shoes. River and Paulie put on their new clothes and went downstairs to eat breakfast.
“ I am taking River to the hospital to see the eye specialist.” Drone said. “After the doctor examines River, I will take you both around the City. I will describe everything to River as we go. I will also take you to a restaurant to eat lunch.”
After breakfast, Drone, River and Paulie walked outside. Andric was waiting for them in the car. “Wow, that is a nice car.” Paulie said. We don’t see a lot of cars where we live. Everyone rides either a horse or a wagon. Do you drive Drone?”
“Yes, I drive.” Drone replied. “Today Andric is driving us, because it is hard to find a parking space in the city. You will see for yourself.”
“I hope the doctor says he can help me get my eyesight back.” River said, “I also want to be able to see the city and everything.”
Stay tuned for Rivers adventure in the city, will the doctor be able to help River get his sight back? An exciting adventure will follow in chapter 6

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River Chapte 4-River goes to cave to visit other side


By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos

Chapter 4

River goes to cave to visit other side

River and Paulie enjoyed going fishing, and swimming in the river. Paulie noticed that his friend was too quiet and asked, “What’s the matter River? Anything wrong? You are too quiet.”

“Nothing is wrong.“ River replied. “I was wondering about the other side of the cave. Mother does not talk about it. Do you know anything about it?”

“I have heard a lot of things about it.” Paulie replied. “I heard that there are cities, a lot of people walking the streets, hospitals with doctors who cure people and other places besides the country life. I sometimes think about going there, but I know my parents will not let me. I am beginning to get bored here. I have even heard that there are a lot of pretty girls living there.”

“Why don’t we go and find out for ourselves.” River said”

“What! Are you nuts?” Our parents would never let us. Paulie said. “Maybe after we be 18 years old, then we will be adults and no one can stop us.”

“I can’t wait that long.” Said River. “That’s three years from now, I will talk with my mother, maybe somebody on the other side can help me to get my eyesight back. You said they have hospitals where doctors cure a lot of things. I am going home to talk with mother, you go and ask your parents. We can meet here tomorrow.”

“OK, but I know they won’t let us.” Paulie said.

River went home, and after having dinner, he asked his mother that he wanted to go to the other side of the cave. “My son, you are too young to be traveling anywhere.” Yamarah said. “Especially to the other side of the cave, where you cannot see and are not familiar with, you can get lost. No, I can’t let you go.”

“Mother, would you let me go if Drone took us?” River asked. “He knows his way there and will not let anything happen to me, besides, Paulie my friend is also planning to go with me.”

“Well, if Drone goes with you, I guess it will be OK.” Yamarah replied.

River ran to talk to Drone and asked. “Drone, I need a favor. Will you take me other side of the cave?”

Drone looked at the boy and replied. “Why do you want to go there? Did you ask your mother?”

“Yes, I asked mother.” River said. “Mother said if you go with me she will let me go. My friend Paulie wants to go with me. Please say yes, or I will go by myself anyway with or without you. I may not know my way on the other side, but I know how to go to the cave, and go to the exit. We will find our way some how. I want to find a doctor who can help me get my eyesight back. Paulie said that he heard people who live here, talk about it”

Drone knew that the boy would go by himself any way and did not want River to get lost and hurt himself. “Alright, I will take you.” Drone said. I will pick you up in the morning.”

River ran to tell Paulie, he could not wait until the next day. Paulie was going to the barn, and saw River running toward his house.

“River, I am over here,” Paulie yelled. “What are you doing here at this time. I thought we would see each other tomorrow.”

River walked over to Paulie and said. “My mother gave me permission to go to the other side of the cave. Drone is going with us.”

Paulie told his parents and also told them, that Drone was going with them. Paulie’s parents gave their permission.

River went home, and his mother helped him pack. “I am going to put your birth certificate in your bag in case you need it. River then went to bed.

The next morning, Drone and Paulie arrived to pick River up.

“Are you ready?” Paulie asked.

Yamarah had never met Paulie, she knew about him, because River was always mentioning him. “Are you Paulie?” Yamarah asked’

“Yes I am.” Paulie replied.

“Nice to finally meet you.” Yamarah said. “Do your parents know where you are going?”

“Nice to meet you too, Ma’m.” Paulie said. “Yes, my parents know where I am going, they also know Drone is taking us.”

River gave his mother a hug and a kiss. “Don’t worry Mother.” River said. “I will be back soon.”

Drone smiled at Yamarah and said. “Don’t worry Ma’m, I will take good care of them.”

River, Paulie, and Drone walked to the cave. Inside the cave, the light that was shining, was from the entrance. Drone took a torch that was on the wall and lit it with his lighter, Drone had a flash light, but wanted to save the batteries in case of an emergency.

It began to get dark and the only light they had was from the torch. Loud footsteps were heard stomping rapidly and getting closer to them.

“What is that?” Paulie asked trembling. “Sounds like a beast coming toward us.”

“Wow! Sounds like it’s coming toward us.” River said.

“AAAGHHH!!! Let me out of here,” Paulie screamed. Paulie tried to run, but his feet would not move. “Feet, this ain’t no time to freeze! Move! I am frozen, heeeelp!

“Shhh! Keep quiet.” Drone said. “Maybe if we keep quiet, whatever it is will go away.

The foot steps kept going nearer and nearer. Then a big growl.

“Nooo!!!!! Paulie yelled.

River gasped!!!!!

Stay tuned for Chapter 5

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RIVER-Chapter 3- River goes blind

RIVER-By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos
Chapter 3-
River goes blind
Yamarah returned home to see if River was there, but Ines and Nano had returned and did not find him either.
"Where could that boy be?" Yamarah asked.
"Maybe he wandered off." Nano replied. "River is very curious, maybe he went chasing a wild rabbit. I will go out again to see if I can find him. Ines, you stay here in case River comes home, he may be young, but he is smart and knows his way around."
Yamarah and Nano went out again to look for River.
River had walked down the road behind a big rock near the water well, saw a wild rabbit, and ran after it. River continued to run after the rabbit, not realizing that there was a grassy hill ahead, he tripped and fell, rolled down the hill, and hit his head against a big rock, rendering him unconscious. Blood was gushing out of is head.
A pair of big hands appeared, picking River up, and carried him. It was a giant man, who was over 7 feet tall, muscular, had very light complexion, deep green eyes, and had long fiery red hair. The giant man cleaned River's head and carried the boy home.
On their way looking for River, Yamarah and Nano saw the giant man carrying River.
"Oh my god, what happened to my baby." Yamarah asked. "Is he alive?"
"Yes, he is hurt."The Giant man said with a deep voice." "I found him unconscious, he fell down the hill, and hit his head with a rock. You must tend to him fast."
The giant man placed River in Nano's arms and left.
"Wait!" Yamarah said. "Who are you? Where are you from? Thank you."
"Tend to the boy first." The giant man said." "You will see me again."
Yamarah and Nano took River home, put him in bed, and put ice on his wound.
A little later, River moved his head and opened his eyes. When Yamarah saw that River opened his eyes, she was happy. "River my baby." Yamarah said. "You are finally awake, you gave us quite a scare."
"Mommy, turn on the lights." River said. "Why is it so dark here?"
Surprised and confused, Yamarah asked. "Honey, what is the matter? The lights are on."
"No mommy, I can't see, it is dark." River said. "Mommy, where are you? I am scared, turn on the lights."
Yamarah picked her little boy up with fear in her heart, and hugged him saying. "Shh, my darling. I am here, do not be scared. Maybe when you hit your head, you hurt something inside, and that's why you cannot see. You will be alright, Mommy will take care of you."
River lost his sight when his head hit the rock. The next day the Giant man returned to see how River was doing.
" Do you have a name Mr.?" Yamara asked.
" My name is Drone." The giant man replied. "I have lived in the mountains for many years. I remember when all of you got here. There are others who live here, over the hills, no one bothers anyone. I live in the mountains because I enjoy the fresh air and the privacy. I can also see everyone from the top of the mountains. I watch the boy play all the time
"You mean to say that yo have been here all these years?" Nano asked. "Why did you not come by to tell us you were here?"
"I did not want to be bothered with outsiders from the other side of the cave." Drone replied. "I have been there, and they cause nothing but trouble. I saw your wife with child and knew you had escaped like the others who live here have done. When I saw that the boy was hurt, I had to help him."
"He can't see." Yamarah said. "He says everything is dark."
Drone walked toward River, sat on the bed, gently touching the boy's head. "The rock must have injured the boys head so hard, that it may have caused him to lose his vision." Drone said. "He may have a concussion, or it may be permanent, only time will tell."
Years passed and River did not recover his eyesight. Drone taught River how to use his other senses. River ran all over the mountains, he learned to swim, fish, and was friends with all the animals. River had a special friend named Brutus, a big black bear who lived in the mountains.
Drone had saved him from being swept away in a mudslide on the other side of the cave. Brutus was a baby bear, and Drone fed and took care of him, until he grew up. River met many animal friends in the mountains.
River also met the other people on the other side of the mountains, he also made friends with Paulie, a young boy his same age. Paulie was a little nutty at times, he enjoyed having fun and acting funny and crazy. Both friends enjoyed each other's company, but their parents have not met.
Stay tuned for River-Chapter 4

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Novelas: RIVER-Chapter 2- Memories

Novelas: RIVER-Chapter 2- Memories: River By Ruth M Garcia Marmolejos Chapter 2 Memories River was now five years old, and loved to wonder on his own, Yamarah had to be...

RIVER-Chapter 2- Memories

By Ruth M Garcia Marmolejos

Chapter 2

River was now five years old, and loved to wonder on his own, Yamarah had to be after him all the time. Yamarah often wondered if she could go back home. The memories of her life began to unfold. Yamarah is the oldest child, born in a small village, her parents lived modestly in a small cabin, with three other children, Caldron, Imar and Noelia.
Yamarah remembered the day a handsome young man appeared from the desert, he said he was a wanderer, looking for new places. Yamarah’s father Jacob, was very strict and did not like his daughters being friendly with strange men.
“I am very tired.” The young man said. “My name is Jon, May I stay here and rest for a few days? I do not have any money, but I can earn my keep by helping you. I am very handy with all kinds of work. I will leave soon and try not to be in your way.”
“We can offer you food, and you can sleep in the barn.” Jacob said. “ I do need some help to finish the roof before it starts raining again.” Jacob introduced his wife Ines, his sons, and his daughters.
Jon agreed, and helped Jacob finish the roof.
Yamarah was very attracted to Jon, and when she saw him go in the barn she followed him and asked, “When are you leaving?”
Jon replied. “I will be leaving soon, do you want me to leave?”
Yamarah Looked at Jon and asked. “ Do you want to leave? You said you are a wanderer. Where are you going next?”
Jon got close to Yamarah, kissed her, slowly leading her to lay down on the hay, and made love to her. After they finished making love, Yamarah went back to the cabin and went to bed. When Yamarah woke up, and went outside, Jon had left. Yamarah was heart broken, she could not understand why Jon left without saying good-bye. “Father, why did Jon leave without saying good-bye?” Yamarah asked.
Jacob looked very satisfied and with a smirk on his face said. “Jon had to leave, he wanted to continue to wander.”
Yamarah went to her room and began to cry. Three months went by and Yamarah began to feel nauseous and dizzy. Inez was curious and asked her if she had sex with Jon. Inez then told Yamarah, that she was pregnant. When Jacob found out his daughter was pregnant he wanted to kill her, but Ines convinced him to accept it. All his life he wanted the best for is daughters and now one of his daughters was going to have a baby without a father. Jacob was very resentful and acted very cold and cruel toward Yamarah.
One day, there was a big storm and the rain flooded the village. Yamarah’s memories were awaken when she felt a small hand gently touch her face, It was River.
“Mommy.” River said. “ Are your sad? Don’t be sad, I love you.” Yamarah kissed and hugged her little boy and said. “No my love. I can’t be sad with a precious son like you. I am going to get some vegetables for dinner do not wonder off.”
Yamarah went to the garden and picked some vegetables. “River come let’s go home.” Yamarah said loudly.
Yamarah called River, but he did not answer. Walking and looking for her little boy, Yamarah began to worry, frightened Yamarah yelled. “River where are you? Stop playing, please we have to go home. Yamarah could not find her little boy and ran to see if River had gone home. River was not home either. Nano and Marcela went out looking for River.
Stay tuned for Chapter 3

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Novelas: RIVER-Chapter 1-Escape from The Storm

Novelas: RIVER-Chapter 1-Escape from The Storm: RIVER By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos Chapter one Escaping the storm The storm became intense, it quickly turned into a killer hurrica...

RIVER-Chapter 1-Escape from The Storm

By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos

Chapter one
Escaping the storm

The storm became intense, it quickly turned into a killer hurricane blowing everything in it’s path. Trees were uprooted, small creeks turned into rivers, the animals ran looking for shelter, but could not find any. Thunder was heard and lightning was striking whatever was in its path. The ground opened up swallowing the plants and everything around it. The rain caused mudslides sweeping and covering whatever was in front of it. Where was anyone to go? Yamarah was running, trying to find shelter, she was with child. “Father, help me, where are you?” Yamarah. Screamed.
“Hurry, go into the cave.” Yamarah heard a strong voice say. Yamarah saw a cave appear in front of her, and ran inside, seconds before mud rushed behind her. Yamarah was relieved to have escaped the wicked storm. Exhausted from running, Yamarah fell asleep in the cave.
Hours later Yamarah opened her eyes, everything was dark, she looked around and saw a ray of light. “I wonder where that leads to?” Yamarah whispered. Walking toward the light being careful not to stumble on anything, when she looked out, Yamarah saw a road leading out of the cave. “What is this?” Yamarah asked. “Everything seems to have cleared up, the storm has gone. But wait? This is not the same place. Where am I?”
Yamarah walked out side, she saw a deserted road, dry bushes and far ahead she saw mountains. Yamarah walked toward the mountains, there was an entrance leading to the mountains. Entering the mountain, Yamarah saw a river, rocks and berry bushes.
“Oh how wonderful.” Yamarah said. “I am very thirsty and hungry. I can at least drink water and eat berries.” Yamarah picked berries, sat down on a rock, drank water and ate. Yamarah had finished eating berries and went to wash her hands in the river, while trying to get up, she felt a sharp pain. The pain stopped for a moment, but when she began to walk the pain started again. “Oh no, not now.” Yamarah exclaimed. “I think I am in labor. I am all alone here, I don’t know what to do.” The pain stopped, but Yamarah felt wet, as if she was urinating on herself. Her water bag had broken, Yamarah went to clean herself in the river, and felt an excruciating pain, then felt like pushing, and felt something between her legs. Yamarah got up, but when she tried to walk, she tripped over a rock and fell in the river, losing consciousness.
Waking up, Yamarah found herself in a bed, and an older woman sitting on a chair next to her. “You gave us quite a scare young woman.” The woman said. “My name is Marcela, we saw you floating in the river and my husband, Nano, saved you.”
Yamarah then remembered that she was in pain, fell into the river and cried. “What happened? I remember being in pain and felt like pushing, I felt something between my legs, when I tried to walk, I fell into the river”
“Yes child.” Marcela said. ”When my husband jumped into the river to save you, he also saw a baby attached to your umbilical cord, and took you both out.”
“Baby?” Yamarah exclaimed. “I had the baby in the river? Did it drown? Where is my baby?”
“No child,” Marcela replied, “When a baby is born in the water it does not drown. The baby breaths air when it is introduced to the air, besides the baby was still attached to the umbilical cord attached to you. Nano cut the umbilical cord and saved you and the baby.”
Marcela picked the infant up from a cradle she had, that belonged to her now grown son and said. “ Here is your baby , you had a beautiful, healthy baby boy.”
Yamarah held her baby close to her breast. “What a beautiful boy you are my son.” Yamarah said. “I have to give you a name. You were born in the river, I will name you River. My darling baby.” River began to get restless and started wiggling and crying. “You must be hungry my little boy.” Yamarah said. “What am I going to feed him?”
“Breast feed him my dear.” Marcela said. Take your breast out and let him suck the milk out of your breast.”
Yamarah took one of her breast out, placed the nipple in River’s mouth, who immediately started sucking. It was the most wonderful sensation Yamarah felt. When he was full, River fell asleep on his mothers chest. “My baby was very hungry” Yamarah whispered.
Marcela gently picked up the infant and placed him in the cradle.
Yamarah got up and walked toward the door in the room. “Where am I?” Yamarah asked? My name is Yamarah. I remember running away from a big storm and heard a voice tell me to go in the cave . I ran to the cave before the mudslide got to me. Everything was dark and I fell asleep from exhaustion. When I woke up I saw the light on the other side of the cave and it led me to the road near the river. Thank you for saving me and my baby.”
“You are welcomed child.” Marcela said. “You are safe in our home. We actually do not know the name of this place, we have lived here a long time. We got lost one day while on vacation on the other side of the cave, it began to get dark, loud thunder was heard, Lightning was falling from the sky and the showers began to flood everything. I was also with child, and like you, heard a voice that told us to go in the cave. We ran to the cave and walked toward the light on the other side, that bought us here. Nano build the cradle, River is now using, and built a small a small hut with tree leaves. I then gave birth to my son Ian. We loved the peace here and decided to stay. Nano then built this cabin and everything that you see. Being an architect and being a handyman, Nano dug a well, and together we transplanted flowers and trees from the surrounding areas. Ian grew up and wanted to know what was on the other side of the cave. We knew that would someday happen and he left with our blessings. He said he would be back some day. I want so much to see him. Maybe he found his way out and may now has his own family. Why don’t you go out, take a walk and look around.”
Yamarah walked outside, to the porch. There was a big swing on one side of the porch and two rockers next to it. Small and big plants in pots were hanging on top of the porch. Yamarah walked down the short stairs and walked outside. The scenery was breath-taking, the mountains ahead had flowers of different kind and colors. There was a small creek near the side of the Cabin where Nano loved to go fishing. Different kind of fruit trees surrounded the vegetable garden on the other side of the cabin and the vegetable garden. Ducks, goats, rabbits and chicken ran around freely. The smell of fresh air and the feeling of peace overwhelmed Yamarah, for it had been a long time since she felt at peace.
Time flew by and River was now walking and being mischievous. River loved to chase the ducks and the chicken. Many times he tried to help Nano milk the goat, spilling the milk all over him. Pulling the goat’s tail and trying to bite it, throwing rocks at the rabbits. Yamarah adored her little boy, who now slept with her in the bed. River loved to hug and kiss his mother. River loved to get up to poke Nano in his eyes, who loved to nap on the sofa. Everyone loved and enjoyed River.
The happiness was about to end.
Stay tuned for Chapter 2