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RIVER PART II-Chapter 14-Cachita gives birth

By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos


Chapter 14

Cachita gives birth

Cachita was afraid to move. “Hurry, call an ambulance.” Paulie said. Paulie carried Cachita and put her on the sofa. “OK, now what do we do? “ Paulie said. “Umm hold on Cachita wait for the ambulance, let’s get going? Hold the baby in Cachita!” Paulie was running back and forth acting like a maniac.

“What do you mean hold the baby in Paulie?” Cachita asked. “Owww, will someone do something? Paulie you are not making any sense. Take it easy.”

“I already called the Ambulance River said.” Just relax, breathe. Everything is going to be OK.’

“Ohhh, owww! How do I relax?” Cachita screamed. “These pains are bad. There are two doctors here and no one does anything. “Will one of you check me out! I feel the baby coming out!”

“I am an eye Doctor River said. “ I do not deliver babies.”

“Me too!” Yurania Ylang said.

“I know that they taught you both how to deliver babies when you started your training.” Cachita said. “One of you or someone had better help me!”

“Carry Cachita to her room. Yurania Ylang said. I will take care of her.”

Paulie’s mother said. “I will help you; I am a midwife, in the excitement I forgot to mention it.”

Paulie carried Cachita to her room, and when Yurania Ylang and Paulie’s mother looked, the baby’s head was out. Paulie’s mother delivered the baby. It was a baby boy. Everyone was happy! The ambulance arrived at that moment and when they went to pick Cachita up to take her to the hospital, Cachita cried. “O h my God I have more pain. Something is wrong I feel like pushing and some thing is coming out!”

One of the Paramedics examined Cachita and said. “There’s a baby’s head you are having another baby! The paramedic delivered the second baby, it was a girl.

“What!” Cachita exclaimed. “The doctor never said that I was having twins. Paulie we have two babies. They are beautiful.”

Paulie was overwhelmed and said. “I have two babies, wow! I am a father of two. Andric you have two grandchildren. Father, mother delivered her own grandson.

Everyone was very happy. The Paramedics took Cachita and the infants to the hospital. When the Doctor arrived, he said. “One baby was hiding behind the other and that’s why we only saw one. Both babies have been examined and they are fine.”

“Now we have to find a name for the babies.” Cachita said. “I know that our boy will be named after his father, but we want a middle name for him, now we have to look for a name for our daughter.

“What a wonderful Thanksgiving this has been after all.” Yamara said. “Let’s all go back to the big house and celebrate Thanksgiving. We can leave the new parents to enjoy their newborns.”

Everyone went back to the big house to finish celebrating Thanksgiving.

The following day Drone, Yamarah, Paulie‘s parents and River‘s grandparents went home.

“This has been a very interesting Thanksgiving.” Yamarah said. “Yurnia Ylang and Cachita disappeared and thanks God were found safe by Tanner. Then Cachita gives birth to unexpected twins. I wonder what else is going t happen.”

“Don’t forget that your son is getting married soon.” Drone said. “They have to finish building their house soon before the wedding. Have you thought about what gift we are giving them for the wedding?”

“Now that you mention it.” Yamarah said. “I don’t have any ideas. We can give them a gift card so the can go wherever they want for their honeymoon. We can buy the furniture for their house.”

“Why don’t we find out what they want or need?” Drone asked. “Maybe they have something in mind.

“You are right.” Yamarah said. “We will ask them the next time we see them.”

Cachita and her babies were discharged, and when they arrived to the house, they had a surprise. Andric had bought another crib and everything double for the twins.

“How beautiful everything is.” Cachita said. “These babies are going to be spoiled rotten by their grandparents. I just thought of something. Can we take the babies to visit your parents Paulie?”

“We have to ask Drone about that.” Paulie said.” Maybe we can, after all they are our children and I was born on the other side of the cave.”

Paulie, I am going to ask you something.” Cachita said. “Can we move to our own place? Like an apartment or buy a house?”

“Yes we can.” Paulie replied. “But why would you want to move? Drone gave the house to your Father and us. We have our careers and someone to take care of our children. Andric has no one and I am sure it would hurt him if we took his grandchildren away. If we move out, we will need a baby sitter; we are hardly ever at home because of our work. However, if you want to move, we can start looking for a place. I want you to be happy my love.

“You are right.” Cachita said. “We do have everything we need here. Father has no more family than us, and will be hurt if we take the children away. We will stay and let father enjoy his grandchildren. I am going back to work in two weeks.”

River and Yurania Ylang pursued their wedding plans and their house was almost finished. They continued their work at the hospital and the office. Paulie and Cachita invited River and Yurania Ylang for dinner one Evening at a restaurant near the hospital’

River, Yurania, we have a question for both of you.” Paulie said. “Will you be our children’s Godparents?”

“It will be an honor.” River said. When do you want the babies baptized? Have you given them a name?”

“Not yet.” Paulie replied. “Cachita can’t make up her mind. We have to give them a name before we baptize them.”

“Well you better hurry.” Yurania Ylang said. “They need a name. What do you call them now?”

“Actually we do not call them anything.” Cachita said. “We just call them sweetheart, darling and other sweet things. I know, we can get together and suggest names. I don’t want just any names. The boy’s first name will be Paulie like his father, but we want a middle name.”

“Andrica sounds nice for the baby girl.” River said. “I am sure that your father will love it.”

“That sounds beautiful. Yurania Ylang said. “Don’t you like it Cachita?”

“Andrica sounds beautiful.” Cachita said.

“I like it.” Paulie said. “OK, now we have to look for middle names.”

“How is the house coming along? “ Cachita asked. “Have you registered in any stores for your wedding gifts? The wedding is at Christmas.” Father is having a great time babysitting the twins. This is the first night that I have gone out since I gave birth to the twins.”

The house is almost finished.” River said. “All it needs are the small finishing touches. The pool deck and landscaping is now being done. Paulie did a wonderful job with the architecture. Dad and Jon have been helping out quite a lot.”

“I sent out the invitations.” Yurania Ylang said.” I also wrote a list of the stores that I registered on the invitations. I finally bought the dress and bridal attire. You have to go get your dress and Matron of honor attire Cachita. I am sure that everything will fit you. Everything has been ordered, the flowers, the cake and the souvenirs. Mother and Yamarah will take care of the rest.”

“Where are you going for your honeymoon?” Cachita asked.

“We have not decided yet.” Yurania Ylang replied. We might ask Drone to let us use his yacht and just goon an adventure.”

“Please do not disappear like Drone and Yamarah did.” Paulie said. “I don’t feel like hunting for you guys too. That was some voyage we had, what an experience. Even though I would love to go adventure again, but now we have the twins to worry about.

“Ha ha ha! No Paulie.” River said. “We have no intentions of going back there again. I don’t think that Ylang would survive it.”

“What do you mean me not surviving?” Yurania Ylang asked. “I would love to go on an adventure. I have never been anywhere; it would be fun to do and go somewhere new.”

“You are right Ylang.” River said. “I believe you, after I found out that you were trying to find the cave. Then you and Cachita going to buy a pie, knowing that there was a hurricane approaching. That is not only being brave, but crazy too.”

What adventure follows River? You will have to wait for future chapters.

Readers, if you have any suggestions for the name of the twins. Post them here,  on my website, or Facebook. You will read the names on the next chapter. Stay tuned for Chapter 15.


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RIVER-PART II-Chapter 13-Yurania Ylang and Cachita Disappear

By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos
Chapter 13
Yurania Ylang and Cachita disappear
River and Paulie continued their search but could not find the women. “Do you think that maybe they got into trouble and found the cave entrance?” Paulie asked.
“It’s possible.” River replied. “Let’s call home, maybe they got there.”
Paulie called home but Andric said they did not get home yet,
“We better go to the cave.” River said. “They might be there, let’s hope that the water receded.”
The water near the cave had receded, “I see no sign of the tow truck. “River said. River and Paulie found the cave entrance went to the other side and looked around. “Let’s go to grandmother’s house.” River said. “Maybe they are there.
River and Paulie went to Marcela and Nano’s house. “Paulie, what are you and Riverdoing here?” Marcela asked. “Why are you not with Cachita? Isn’t she due any day now?”
“Grandmother we came to see if she and Ylang were here,” River said.
“What do you mean?” Marcella asked. “You know that any one that has never been here is not allowed to enter the cave unless it is an emergency. Yurania Ylang and Cachita have never been here.”
“Cachita and Yurania are missing” Paulie said. “They went to buy some pastries and a pie at Geneva’s Bakery and when they went to start the car it did not turn on.” Paulie explained what had happened with the tow truck driver and the women. “We thought that maybe they got caught in the flood and the cave opened up to save them. We are going to Mother’s house maybe they are there.”
“You may be right.” Marcela said. “Go see if you can find them and come back to let us know.”
“I will go to my parent’s house.” Paulie said. “If they are there I will go and let you know. “
Paulie went to his parent’s home, but they were not there. Paulie then went to the big mansion near Drone and Yamarah’s cabin. Neither the women nor the tow truck man were there. “I hope the women are at Drone and Yamarah’s cabin.” Paulie said.
When Paulie arrived at Drone and Yamarah’s cabin, Yurania Ylang, Cachita and the tow truck man were not there. “Where can they be?” Paulie asked. “I hope nothing has happened to them.”
“Let’s go home.” River said. “Maybe they got home by now. If not, we will continue to look for them.”
“I will go with you.” Drone said. “I will get my staff to help us look for them.
“I will go with you too.” Yamarah said.
“My parents are going too.” Paulie said. “They are worried about them too.”
Everyone got together at the cave entrance and when they were out of the cave, they saw all the damage that the storm had once more caused.
When they got to the big house, nothing but small trees and bushes were damaged. The women were not there. Drone got all of his staff to go look for Cachita, Yurania, Ylang and the tow truck driver. Everyone looked all day and they were no where to be found. “We can’t even find the tow truck.” River said.
Everyone went to the big house. “What a Thanksgiving day we will have this year.” Paulie said. “My wife and unborn child are missing, and so is my best friend. What could have happened to them? Where can they be?”
Sadness was felt all over the room. Tears were flowing down Paulie and Andric’s eyes. “It’s like the earth swallowed them.” River said.
A car was heard outside. “Maybe that’s them.” Paulie said. “Maybe they found a way to come back.”
When everyone went to find out who had arrived, it was Yurania Ylang’s parents.
“Where is my daughter?” Yurania Ylang’s mother asked. “We received message on the phone that my daughter is missing.”
River explained everything that had happened. “We will not give up looking for them.” River said. “Cachita is due to give birth at any moment. We have to find them.”
The police then arrived. “Did you find them? “ Paulie asked.
“We found the tow truck.” One of the officers said. “It was in the woods covered with a big tree that had fallen on it. There was no one there. We will keep on searching until we find them.”
Drone then decided to go back to the cave. “I am going back to the cave.” Drone said. “I am the keeper of the cave, and if they entered the cave without being invited they may be stuck in there or the cave has been sealed forever. Maybe it did not close on the other side when we came here because I am the keeper. I will be back.”
Drone went to the cave, and found the entrance quickly, which meant that no one went into the cave without being invited. There was no one in the cave. Drone looked on the other side of the cave to see if maybe he could find Yurania Ylang, Cachita and the tow man, near the river, but found no one. Drone then went back to let everyone know that he could not find them.
“Where can they be?” Yamarah asked.
“Sir, I know this may not be a good time.” One of the maids said to Drone. “All of you need to eat something. May I serve the dinner?”
Drone looked at everyone and said. “We do need to eat to keep our strength. Yes you may serve dinner.”
Everyone sat down, and Drone said. “Instead of giving thanks, let’s pray that we find Cachita, Yurania Ylang and the Tow man safe.”
Andric, Paulie, River and Yurania Ylang’s parents could not eat. There was silence and sadness all around the room.
“Why is everyone so sad?” Everyone looked at the dining room entrance, and Cachita, Yurania Ylang and the Tow man were standing there.
“I am asking again. Why is everyone so sad? Cachita asked. “It’s Thanksgiving.”
Paulie got up and ran to hug Cachita, River hugged Yurania Ylang, and everyone felt as if the light had just turned on.
“Where have all of you been?” Andric asked. “We have been worried about you. We have looked everywhere for you and could not find you. The Police found the tow truck under a fallen tree.”
“It’s a long story.” Yurania Ylang said. “This is Tanner the Tow man and our savior who saved our lives. After the tree fell on the tow truck, we saw a big water current coming toward us. Tanner took us to a cave that led to a small place on the other side.”
“How did you find the cave Tanner?” Drone asked. “Where is the cave?”
“I am from the other side of the cave.” Tanner said. “My parents were saved when one of the storms hit and destroyed our village. As you know these mysterious storms appear every year around that place. I also know that unless it is an emergency to save a life no one is allowed to enter the cave that has never been there. We also know that the entrance will not be seen unless it is either by someone who has lived on the other side of the cave or if it s an emergency. When I saw the water rushing down with a lot of debris, I also saw the cave entrance appear. I then knew that it was alright and took the ladies to the cave. The ladies were with me in my house eating and resting until the storm was over. Mr. Drone, I am the son of the man who lives in the small house near the river behind the mountains. I am the boy that you saved from drowning in the river. My mother died a couple of years ago. She died of a heart attack. I then brought the ladies home because I knew that their families were worried about them. I also knew that Cachita wanted to have her child near her family.”
“Thank you for saving them.” Drone said. I remember you and your parents when they arrived on the other side of the mountain.”
“Will you stay and have Thanksgiving dinner with us Tanner?” Yamarah asked. “Do you have any plans for tonight?”
“I have no plans.” Tanner replied. “I have to work early in the morning, so I do not have to go home. I will be glad to have dinner.”
“Every one was having dinner and Cachita said. “Paulie I have a confession to make. I hope that you and the others will forgive me for betraying your trust.”
“What is it Cachita?” Paulie asked.
“The other day Yurania and I followed father when he went to pick up Drone and Yamarah. We wanted to know where the entrance to the cave was. Not that we intended to enter the cave, but we were curious and wanted to know.”
“Why, did you do that?” Andric said. “We have told you what would happen if you entered the cave.”
“Please do not blame Cachita. “ Yurania Ylang said. “It was my idea. Cachita was hesitant to go, but I convinced her. I parked a block behind to watch when Drone and Yamarah came out, but we did not see them come out of the cave. The following day we went to see if we could find the entrance but we could not find it. We then decided to wait until Drone and Yamarah came and went back to follow them again and try to find the entrance to the cave. Please forgive me too River, I understand if you do not ever trust me again but I promise you that will I try hard to regain your trust.”
“Well you found it the hard way.” River said. “You both would have been killed in the storm had Tanner not been there. I forgive you Yurania.”
“I forgive you too.” Paulie said. “I forgive both of you.”
“OK, let us now give thanks.” Drone said. “We have much to be thankful for. Then we eat. I am starving.”
“Ut oh! I think someone wants to celebrate Thanksgiving with us tonight.” Cachita said. “OH God, I am going to the bathroom.”
Cachita got up to go to the bathroom and all of a sudden she cried. “Owww! It hurts, I can’t walk, my water broke, the baby, I feel the baby coming out!
Will Cachita give birth on Thanksgiving? Does she have time to go to the hospital? Tune in and find out in Chapter 14.

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RIVER-PART II-Chapter 12-Another storm

By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos
Chapter 12
Another storm

Yurania Ylang’s curiosity became stronger, she was now more eager to find out about the Cave and what really is on the other side of the cave. “I will find out one way or another,” Yurania Ylang said softly. “It may cause trouble for River and others, but I will find out. I know River will forgive me. I will just follow Yamarah and Drone when they go back, the next time they come back here.”
River and Yurania Ylang’s house and wedding plans began to unfold. Everything was running on schedule, Thanksgiving was approaching and Cachita’s delivery date was near. Cachita invited Yurania Ylang to go shopping for last minute thanksgiving food cravings. “I have this craving for a pumpkin pie that only Genova’s bakery has, and the store is near the street where we saw Drone park the other day. I noticed it while we were walking trying to find the cave entrance. Please go with me Yurania.”
“Cachita, are you sure?” Yurania Ylang asked. “There is a storm warning, and you are due to give birth at any moment.”
“I am sure.” Cachita said. “The storm is not due until tonight; I have a lot of time until I give birth. Labor takes a long time. I do want to eat the potato pie, we can go buy it and return home fast.”
“OK, let’s go to the bakery, get your pumpkin pie and go home.” Yurania Ylang said. “Do you remember where the bakery is?”
“Yes, I remember where the bakery is. “ Cachita said. “Drive me to where we saw Drone, I will tell you where the bakery is.”
Yurania Ylang drove to where she had seen Drone. “There is it.” Cachita said. “Park the car and I will go in and get the pie”
“I will go in with you.” Yurania Ylang said. “I will buy one for me and buy other pastries.”
Yurania Ylang and Cachita went into the bakery bought the pie and other pastries.
“Ladies I am going to close up soon.” The owner of the bakery said. “The storms around here are very dangerous, especially down the road. We have had many floods and the mudslides are very dangerous. You had better hurry and get out of here before it starts raining and the flood covers the roads.”
Yurania Ylang and Cachita hurried to get into the car. The car stalled and would not turn on. “Oh no! This can’t be happening.” Yurania Ylang said. “No matter how much I try, the car won’t turn on. Let me call the Auto club, they will come and help.” Yurania Ylang called the Auto club and they said they were going to get there as soon as possible.
A few moments later a tow truck from the car club arrived. They could not turn the car on, so the man from the Auto club towed them to the nearest garage. All of a sudden the wind began to get so strong that it made the ground tremble. The tow truck driver from the Auto club company, told the ladies to get into the tow truck so he could get them out of there and out of danger. Yurania Ylang and Cachita climbed into the tow truck, and the man drove away trying to find a safe place.
“Oh no, now we are in big trouble.” The tow truck man said. “It has started to rain and that will cause a flood. I will try and get to the other side of town. Maybe we can get away from the flood.”
The rain got harder, thunder roared and lightning bolts lit up the sky. The wind became stronger; all of a sudden lightning hit a big tree missing the front of the tow truck. The driver had to detour through another street. It began to get dark; the rain was so strong that the driver could not see where he was going.
“I should have listened to you Yurania.” Cachita said. “The storm got here earlier, we are in big trouble. How are we going to get home?”
“It’s OK Cachita.” Yurania Ylang said. “Do not worry we will get out of this, we will get home safe.”
“Ladies we are in real trouble now.” The tow truck driver said. “The road to the main highway is closed. We will have to go through the forest, let’s hope the river is not flooded yet.”
“I will call River.” Yurania Ylang said. “Maybe he and Paulie can find us.”
Yurania Ylang called River and told him what had happened. “Where are you now?” River asked. ’I will see if we can go get you.”
“We are somewhere in the forest.” Yurania Ylang said. “We were near the mall getting a pie at Genova’s bakery, then the car stalled and we called the Auto club. When the tow truck man towed us to a garage the storm started. The tow truck man helped us get into his tow truck and the roads got bad so he had to drive into the forest. Hello! Hello! The phone went dead. Now what do we do?”
River called Paulie and told him what had happened to the girls. “I could not get the directions to where they are.” River said. “ Ylang’s phone went dead. All Ylang said was that they had to go into the forest.”
“I am worried River.” Paulie said. “Cachita is due any day now, and these storms are very dangerous. They are far from the cave entrance, they may be in danger if there is a flood. What are we going to do? They need help.”
“We can’t call Drone.” Paulie said. “One of us is going to have to go to the cave and let Drone and everyone else know what happened.”
Cachita and Yurania Ylang cannot enter the cave unless they are in danger.” River said. “They do not know where the entrance to the cave is any way. I am going to call Ian. He can go and tell Drone what is going on. You and I can go look for the girls.”
River called Ian who agreed to go talk to Drone .Paulie used his jeep and drove Ian to the cave entrance, but before he got there, the streets were flooded and there was no way for them to drive through. “Go look for the girls.” Ian said. “I will look for a way to get to the cave entrance.”
The wind got stronger and everything got darker. River and Paulie took big flashlights with them. Paulie drove into the forest; they looked around but saw no sight of the tow truck or the girls. “We cannot give up.” Paulie said. “We have to find them.”
The storm got worse and the girls could not be found. “Where can they be?” Paulie asked. “I Hope they were not washed up by the flood, but then it is not flooded here yet. The river is overflowed but there has been no flood in the forest.”
“We have to keep on looking.” River said. “The wind is getting stronger and we will not be able to continue driving through.”
Paulie and River continued looking, hours passed and they could not find Yurania Ylang, Cachita and the tow truck man. They could not even find the tow truck. “We better go back” River said. “Maybe the tow truck was able to make it through and the driver took the girls home.”
“You are Right River.” Paulie said. “Let’s go home before this storm gets worse and we won’t be able to make it back.”
Paulie drove back home, just before the storm really got bad. “Did the girls come home?” Paulie asked.
“No they have not come home yet.” Andric said. “Where did they go?”
“Andric, I am sorry I have not told you,” Paulie said. “Cachita and Yurania went to get a pumpkin pie to Genova’s bakery near the mall, the car did not go on and had to be towed, but the storm was blowing so hard that the tow truck driver had to take the women to safety.”
“How come he did not bring them home?” Andric asked. “He would have gotten paid for it.”
“He was going to bring them home.” River said. “The storm got worst, the street got flooded, and due to a fallen tree the truck driver had to make a detour and had to drive into the forest. Yurania Ylang then called me, but before she could tell me where they wer,e her phone died. Ian went to let Drone know but the street was flooded and he went to find a way to get to the cave. Paulie and I looked in the forest for hours and could not find them or the tow truck. We then decided to come back, thinking that they were able to make it home. The storm is getting worse.”
“Those women are crazy.” Andric said. “They knew that this is the storm season, and there was a severe storm warning, yet they went out. Where can they be?”
“We will go back out and look for them.” Paulie said. “There is too much danger out there and Cachita may be in labor soon.”
“Where are you going to look? Andric asked. “The wind is too strong; it is late and dark out there.”
Paulie said. “I can’t just stay here knowing that my wife may be in danger and in labor. I have to go and look for her.”
“I will go with you.” River said. “Andric you stay here in case they call you or Drone and Ian contact you. Call us as soon as you hear anything from the girls. We will call you when we find them.”
Paulie and River got in the jeep and drove away. The jeep was covered and had all the equipment they thought they needed to find the women.
All o a sudden the wind got so strong that houses trees and cars were flying through the air. Paulie drove the jeep under a big tunnel to escape the storm. Hours passed and finally the storm was over. Paulie and River had to push a lot of debris that was blocking the entrance to the tunnel. When they finally got out, it was daylight and a lot of devastation. Houses were destroyed, cars were overturned, trees and power poles were down. Paulie and River proceeded to go look for Yurania Ylang and Cachita.
Where can Yurania Ylang and Cachita be? Did the women finally find the cave entrance by mistake? Will Cachita still be pregnant and not given birth?
Stay tuned for chapter 13.


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RIVER PART II-Chapter 11-Looking for the Cave

By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos


Chapter 11
Looking for the Cave
Yurania Ylang and Cachita followed Andric. Yurania Ylang made sure that she was far enough; she did not want to be seen. Finally Andric parked the limo near the trees in the forest. “Drone and Yamarah should be arriving soon.” Cachita said.

“We will follow Andric when he gets out of the car.” Yurania Ylang said.

Andric did not get out of the car. “Maybe the cave entrance is near.” Yurania Ylang said. “No one can see the entrance and when Drone and Yamarah come out of the cave they will quickly walk to the limo and Andric will drive them to the Mall.
“Let’s go back.” Cachita said. “I don’t feel good doing this. We are betraying their trust.”

“No, we can’t go back, not yet.” Yurania Ylang said. “We are already here; I want to know where the cave is. We will wait until Yamarah and Drone get in the car.

Andric started the car and began to drive. “They must be here.” Yurania Ylang said. “Andric must be trying to be careful not to let anyone see him. Yamarah and Drone must be getting out of the cave, and Andric is now going to pick them up.”

Yurania Ylang followed Andric, she kept her distance, and parked across the street being careful not to let Andric see her. Yurania Ylang wanted to see when Yamarah and Drone came out of the cave.

“There they are.” Cachita said, “But where did they come from? I did not see them come out of any cave.”

“I did not see where they came from either.” Yurania Ylang said. “I did not see any cave entrance. They must have been behind the trees. As soon as they leave we will look around, it must not be very far.”

Andric drove away and Yurania Ylang parked the car near where Andric had been waiting for Drone and Yamarah. “Come on let’s get out of the car.” Yurania Ylang said.

“Where are we going?” Cachita asked. “Yurania Ylang, you promised that you would not go to the cave.”

“We are not going to the cave.” Yurania Ylang replied.” I just want to know where the entrance is, it must be nearby.”

Both women got out of the car and walked around the area where they saw Drone and Yamarah walking from. They even walked behind the trees, and could not find the entrance to the cave. They walked and walked but found nothing, not even rocks. “I guess it’s not anywhere around here.” Cachita said. “Take me home, I am tired. Just forget about the cave.

“OK, we could not find it this time.” Yurania Ylang said. “Next time we will follow them when they leave from here to go to the cave. I will take you home, and then go help River.”

“What do you mean next time?” Cachita asked. “I am not coming back here. You heard what they said, that if anyone who has never been to the cave or the other side that the entrance will close forever. I do not want Paulie to be stuck on the other side. Even if he is on this side, I do not want Paulie to never see his parents again. For that matter, I do not want to get stuck on the other side. River will also never see his mother again.”

“Do you really believe all that nonsense?” Yurania Ylang asked. “Something is there that they do not want us to see. I will not go into the cave, but I just want to see where the cave is, for now.”

“Yurania Ylang you are going to make trouble for us.” Cachita said. “Take me home please.”

The women walked to the car, and got in it. “If anyone asks where we were, we tell them we went for lunch.” Yurania Ylang said. “Then to the Mall to look at Baby stuff. Hey I got an idea. Let’s go window shopping for baby stuff, and then we won’t be lying.”

“Good idea.” Cachita said. “I need new clothes, noting fits me any more, my belly is growing too fast. The baby is due by Thanksgiving. I also need comfortable shoes.”

Yurania Ylang and Cachita went to the mall, ate lunch and went shopping for maternity clothes for Cachita. They also went to look at wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses. “I know that it’s a long time for Christmas.” Yurania Ylang said. “Time goes very fast and I want the perfect wedding dress. Cachita, will you be my Matron of Honor? You are my best friend. The bride picks out the Matron of honor. I don’t know who River will pick as his Best Man. Please say yes, you will have given birth by Christmas.”

“Oh my God!” Cachita replied. “Of course I will be your Matron of Honor. Thank you for asking. I was hoping that you would ask me. So many people have appeared into our lives now. It will be hard for River to pick out his Best Man. Please Yurania; take me home, I am so tired.”

Yurania Ylang Drove Cachita home then went to River’s office.

“Where have you ladies been all day?” River asked. “Did you ladies have a good day?”

“Cachita and I went for lunch.” Yurania Ylang replied. “Then we went window shooing for baby stuff. We ended looking at Wedding dresses. I asked Cachita to be my Matron of Honor, and she gladly accepted. Cachita is my best friend. I hope you don’t mind River.”

“No I don’t mind.” River said. “You are the bride, as a matter of fact, I am asking Paulie to be my Best Man. Paulie is also my best friend. The rest of the wedding party we will think of who will be best bridesmaid, grooms and everything else. I am ready to go home now.”

Yurania Ylang had gone back to living with her parents, and River went to live at the big house after they had graduated.

“We have to start the plans to build our own house.” River said. “I am meeting with Paulie and Dad at home. Will you come with me so you can tell us how you want the house built ad the colors?”

“Oh yes, how exciting.” Yurania Ylang said. I already have an idea of the colors. You can also ask Paulie to be our best man while we are there together.”

Yurania Ylang felt bad for breaking her promise to River, but she is very curious and wants to know where the cave is. She will not go in the cave. “At least she will try not to.” She thought.

River and Yurania Ylang locked the office and went to the big house to meet Ian and River, who were there already waiting for them. River, Yurania Ylang, Paulie and Ian had dinner then went to the Study to draw the plans for Yurania Ylang and River‘s house.

The plans were, drawn, the colors were picked, and everyone went to the living room to hear music drink wine and talk. “Paulie, I want to ask you something“. River said.

“OK, what happened now River?” Paulie asked. “Go ahead ask.”

“River said. “Paulie will you do me the honor of being the best Man at our wedding? You are my best friend.”

Paulie smiled and said. “I thought you would never ask, of course I will be your Best Man. I better go tell Cachita.”

“Ylang already asked Cachita and she accepted.” River said.

Cachita entered the living room at that moment and asked. “Did I hear my name mentioned in here?”

“Yes you did.” Paulie said. “River just asked me to be his Best Man at their wedding and I accepted. River also said that Yurania Ylang asked you to be the Matron of Honor and you said yes. We thought they would never ask.”

“Yes, Yamarah asked me.” Cachita said. “Isn’t it wonderful? I will not be pregnant then, because the baby will be born on or before Thanksgiving.”

“Where are Drone and Yamarah?” Yurania Ylang asked. “I thought that they were coming over today after they went shopping.”

“They came by, but had to leave right away.” Paulie said. “It was getting late and they had a lot of packages.”

Yurania Ylang looked at Cachita who understood what she was trying to do. “Is my father home?” Cachita asked.

“Yes he came in a little while ago.” Paulie replied. “Did you girls enjoy the day together? Did you shop a lot?”

“I bought some maternity clothes.” Cachita said. “None of my clothes fit me any more. We also looked at baby stuff and bridal dresses. I really am tired, please excuse me, I want to go rest. Good night everyone.” Cachita felt very bad about what she had done, and went to her room.

“Good night Cachita.” Yurania Ylang said.” I can understand how tired you must be. We did a lot of walking today. I too am tired, I am going home. I will call you tomorrow; maybe we can go out for lunch and shopping another day. Good night everyone.”

“I will accompany you home. “ River said.

“No, River, I can go home by myself.” Yurania Ylang said. “I do not live far from here; I will call you when I get home.”

River accompanied Yurania Ylang to her car. “Are you alright Yamarah?” River asked. “You have been acting kind of weird. Is there anything wrong?”

“No my love.” Yurania Ylang replied. “I guess the excitement of the wedding and building our new house has overwhelmed me. I am ok.” Yurania Ylang kissed River, got in the car and drove home. “I know that what I am doing is wrong.” Yurania Ylang said to herself. “I hate deceiving River this way, but I must find out where the cave is.”

The plot thickens, Will Yurania Ylang continue her quest to find the cave?
Stay tune for chapter 12