Wednesday, March 28, 2012

RIVER PART II-Chapter 1-Yamara and Drone get engaged

BY Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos
Yamarah and Drone get engaged
River, Yurania Ylang, Paulie and Cachita continued their education and went to another college, in a nearby city. River and Yurania Ylang were also given an internship at the hospital where River had his eye surgery. Paulie decided to be an Architect and Cachita was studying Psychology. Yamarah had gone back to the mountains with Drone to see Marcella and Nano, and then decided to go back to the city to try and find her parents.
Drone had fallen in love with Yamarah and asked her to marry him. River was very happy knowing that his mother found a good man who would make her happy. Yamarah wanted to find her parents, and introduce Drone to them, Yamarah remembered where her parents lived, but was not sure if they were still living there after the storm. Drone drove Yamarah and to their surprise her parents had rebuilt their house and were still living in the same town.
Yamarah got out of the car and walked toward the house, she knocked on the door and an old man with white hair and a white mustache opened the door. It was her father. “May I help you?” Jacob said.
“Father, it’s me Yamarah, your daughter.” Yamarah said. “Don’t you remember me?”
Jacob was surprised and did not know what to do or say.
“Who is there Jacob?” Ines said. Jacob could not say a word; tears were running down his cheeks. “It is me mother.” Yamarah said. “Your daughter.”
Ines was overwhelmed to see her daughter, screaming with, happiness and crying said. “Yamarah, my darling daughter, you are alive.” Mother and daughter embraced. “Jacob, it’s our daughter. She is alive.” Ines said.
Jacob then embraced his daughter and said. “Thank God you are alive my dear daughter. We thought that you had drowned in the river when the hurricane hit us. I looked for you, but could not find you. Where have you been all these years?”
Yamarah then introduced Drone and told her parents that Drone had saved her and took her to his home in his country. Yamarah did not tell her parents about the cave. “I did not remember where I was or what had happened after the storm.” Yamarah said. “I also gave birth to a baby boy; I gave him the name River, because he was born in the river.” Yamarah told her parents about River and his eyesight problem. Yamarah also explained, that River was home schooled at an early age and when he went to the city his grades were above average, and he had enough credits to go to the same college as Yurania Ylang, Paulie, Cachita and the other kids, who were just as smart, at an early age.
“Your sisters are all married and moved away.” Ines said. “They come to see us once in a while. They too have children of their own. Your brother is married and has kids also; he graduated from college and works in a bank. I am so glad you are alive.”
“I want you and father to come visit us.” Yamarah said. “We can send Andric to pick you up.”
“That would be wonderful.” Ines said. “We can meet our Grandson River.”
Yamarah hugged and kissed her parents and Drone took her to his house.
“Drone, after we are married, I would like to go back to live in the mountains.” Yamarah said. “I miss the quiet life there. What do you think?”
“I have been thinking the same thing.” Drone replied. ‘I can build a bigger house with lots of rooms.”
“Drone, is it alright if we only have a small and simple cottage for us?” Yamarah asked. “You can build a big guest house for River and our other friends when they visit.”
“That is a good idea my love.” Drone said. “I will hire Nano, I am sure he can use the money, and Paulie can help.” Drone embraced Yamarah and they kissed tenderly. “We have not even set the date of our wedding.” Drone said. “You pick the date.”
“How about getting married on Easter Sunday? Yamarah said. “We can invite our friends and family, make it a Garden wedding. The kids will be able to come and will not miss school. They can also take the day off from work. What do you think?”
Easter Sunday it will be.” Drone said. “We can go on a cruise to Magic Island for our honeymoon.”
“Magic Island!” Yamarah exclaimed. “I have never heard of it, Where is it?”
“It’s a surprise.” Drone said. “Trust me, you will love it.”
“It sounds exciting.” Yamarah said. “I will go anywhere with you. We have to let everyone know that we have set our wedding date.”
That weekend, River, and Yurania Ylang, went to Drone’s house to visit. Yamarah had invited her parents and Paulie for dinner, Cachita and Andric were also there. Everyone was at the table dining and Drone got up and said. “We have invited you all here today, because we want to announce our wedding date. We will be getting married on Easter Sunday. Let’s lift up our cups and share our happiness.” Everyone lifted their cups and Drone said, “To our never ending happiness.”
“Hear, hear!” everyone said.
“Father and mother, will you give me away?” Yamarah said.
“Of course we will. “ Jacob said. “It will be an honor.”
“I want River to be my Best Man and Yurania Ylang, my Matron of honor Yamarah said. “I would also love for Cachita to be my Maid of honor with Paulie as my groom.”
Everyone enjoyed the dinner, and later went to the living room to reminisce old times. After a while Andric drove Yamarah’s parents’ home and everyone went to bed.
The following Morning River and Yurania Ylang went back to the hospital to continue their internship. Paulie and Cachita went back to their college dorm. Paulie and Cachita were both in the same college, but in different buildings. The college they were in offered many other subjects.
Paulie wanted to get married right away, but Cachita preferred to wait until they finished college. Paulie had no choice but to agree, he adored Cachita.
` Yamarah continued with her wedding plans, and Drone went to visit Nano to ask him if he was able to start building the cottage and guest house. Nano was more than happy to help Drone. Paulie drew the plans for the house and cottage. “I want everything finished before the wedding.” Drone said,
The cottage was built in the mountains; it had the living room, a dining room, the kitchen, three bedrooms, a den, very spacious closets and a bathroom in every room. The master bedroom had a big bathroom with a shower stall and a big hot tub. The front of the house had a big porch; Drone knew how much Yamarah loved flower and hung beautiful pots full of flowers around it. Two rocking chairs and a swing were also placed on the porch. The trees and flowers around the cottage decorated the scenery. The guest house was built near the cottage; it had a kitchen, dining room, living room o the first floor, and ten bedrooms with a bathroom in every room. A big garage was built between the cottage and the guest house. Drone hired new people, who lived near the mountains, to take care of the guesthouse. Yamarah did not want any servants at the cottage; she wanted to do everything for her and her future husband.
When the cottage and the guest house were finished, Drone took Yamarah to see them. “They are beautiful.” Yamarah said. “We have to go shopping for furniture, curtains, and everything needed to decorate them. You can have the staff decorate the guesthouse, but I will decorate the cottage. I love the rocking chairs and swing that you put on the porch. I want to go visit Marcella now. We have not talked very much since I went to your house. Will you please take me, there now, before we leave?”
“Of course I will, my love.” Drone replied. “I know you have a lot to talk about.”
Drone walked Yamarah to Marcella’s house. “I will come back for you later.” Drone said. “I want to make sure everything is all set before we leave.”
Marcella was very happy to see Yamarah. “It is so good to see you again.” Marcella said. “I am very happy that you will live near me now. I missed you very much.”
“I hope you will go to my wedding.” Yamarah said. “Drone will pick you up the Day before the wedding.
“I would not miss it for anything in this world.” Marcella said. “I have to buy new clothes too.”
“I have an idea! Yamarah said. “Why don’t you come over next week and we can go shopping for my wedding dress, we can also go shopping for my honeymoon attire, and you can buy your clothes. Please say yes, I would love to have you accompany me”
“Yes, I will.” Marcella replied. I have not gone shopping in ages; it will be so much fun.”
After visiting for a while, Drone and Yamarah went home to the city. The following Saturday, Yamarah sent Andric to go pick Marcella up and they went shopping.
Yamarah ordered her wedding dress, bought the shoes and wedding attire. Marcella bought her dress and outfit for the wedding reception and she bought Nano’s clothing and shoes for the wedding. Yamarah also picked out the furniture for the cottage and the curtains and everything she wanted for her new home. Drone looked for a way to have Andric, Paulie, Nano, and River to carry everything to the other side of the cave without letting anyone know or see them. Most of the furniture was made by Drone, Nano and Paulie.
Marcella then went back home and Yamarah made plans to go fix the cottage the following week. Yamarah wanted to do everything for her cottage herself.
The following week, on a Friday Yamarah went to pick up Marcella, to help her decorate the cottage. Drone and River accompanied Yamarah. “Oh. I am so glad you are here.” Marcella said. “I have had the most wonderful surprise! My son Ian returned after all these years. This is my son Ian.”
Yamarah froze, her legs began to tremble. “You!!! Yamarah exclaimed. “It can’t be you! No!
Who is Marcella’s son?
 Why is Yamarah surprised?
 Stay tuned for Chapter 2, of  RIVER PART II