Monday, September 30, 2013


Hello everyone, I know I have not been here in a while, but I was also in NYC. I went to meet my 11th grandson, Cairo Hashim, who was born August 11, 2013.  I was there when he was born. I also saw my other grandkids,  my children family and friends. I had a great time, I ate all the goodies I wanted that can only be found in NYC, like pizza, mofongo. morir soƱando drink, water, cuchifritos and other goodies. I bought curtains and stuff not found in Florida. My oldest son Joey and his beautiful girlfriend took me to dinner to eat mofongo, my granddaughter Shannon took me to the salon to get a mani and a pedi, accompanied by my other daughter Lorena. I had lots of fun with my great-granddaughter Jadyn. I ate my daughter Ileana's breaded fried chicken. It was delicious. I had fun with my grandboys. I also went to Pennsylvania to see my husband Marcos Family. My sister-in-law Carmen and her daughter Julie took me to the Casino and the stores. I had an adventure I will never forget. I will post it soon. The travel adventure is a story in itself! I also participated I the book signing at the Deltona Library Authors Fair Septemeber 28, 2013. Once again my name was in the news.  I met charming authors. I also have a newly released published book. a Novella titled "ETERNAL LOVERS."I  am going to post a Novella, for you to enjoy until I continue with "RIVER." I will continue with River soon, in the meantime enjoy the short Novella " XANTARA AND ThE WEEPING WILLOW TREE."Remember to post a comment, and you will findall the past chapters all by scrolling down. I trust that you will enjoy my Novellas May God/ Goddess and all that is mighty bless you. 






Xantara and the Weeping Willow Tree
by Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos

Chapter 1

How it began
Xantara was wandering in the street, homeless and hungry dressed in wrinkled jeans, an old worn red, sleeve blouse, worn out sandals. and messed up white hair, Carrying her only possessions in a wooden cart. Life had been hard, having no one to care for her. Remembering her children who had abandoned her, and everything she had build had been taken away from her.

It began when Xantara was a teenager, her parent’s died in their home. There was an explosion and the house burned down. Xantara found herself in the street for months. Walking along the street, Xantara saw an old broken house, the door was unlocked and she went inside the house. “Looks like this house has been abandoned.” Xantara said softly. “It is so big, it is a beautiful house once it is fixed. I think I will stay the night in here, I hope no one minds.” Xantara walked into one of the rooms, and fell asleep on the floor .Waking up early in the morning, Xantara walked outside to the yard. “My goodness this yard is huge.” Xantara said. “I wonder if this house has an owner!” There was an apple tree full of apples, and other fruit trees in the yard. It was an orchard. Xantara was so hungry she picked some fruits and ate them. “I wonder if the well in the back has any water.” Xantara said. Throwing the bucket hanging near the well, when Xantara pulled it up, there was water, and she drank, quenching her thirst.

Xantara found a broom, and mop in the kitchen, other cleaning utensils and cleaned the house a bit. “I think I will stay here until the owner or someone comes to tell me to move.” Xantara said, “I have no where else to go so there is nothing to lose. I have fruits to eat and water to drink. I can make a small fire and cook whatever vegetables I find in the garden. I will get a job and make good money. Then I will find a way to buy this house.”

Xantara cleaned herself, went to the nearby church where they had clothes for charity, got herself clothes and shoes, dressed presentable and applied for a job at a reputable Magazine company as a cleaning lady. When the receptionist read her resume, she referred Xantara to the executive office, where she was given the position as assistant to the executive editor. Before being thrown to the street, Xantara was in college, and loved writing, she had become editor of the college newspaper. Xantara had been given an internship at the hometown Newspaper, assisting the editor in chief. When her parents died, Xantara could not continue to go to college, she had no money to pay for it, and she also lost the internship. Now, with her new job, Xantara would be able to continue her career and buy the house.

Xantara went to the housing department and found out that the owner of the house had died, and the house was abandoned. The taxes had not been paid, so the government took over the house. No one bought it because the repairs were too expensive. Xantara, paid the taxes owed and was given the deed to the house. Xantara  paid for repairs on the house and the property, she had also bought new clothing, got her  driver’s license and bought a car.

Everyone admired the house and Xantara was happy, she was no longer homeless and had a good job.

What happens next? Find out in Chapter 2, when she meets Sinbad.