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RIVER PART II-Chapter 10-Happy Surprises

By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos


Chapter 10
Happy Surprise

Jon was surprised and said. ”I want you to tell me about it now. I cannot wait. This is too big a story; I want to hear it all.”

Ian then sat down and told Jon the whole story about when he met Yamarah, and learned about having a son.

“Well, things happen and you were young Dad.” Jon said. “River, I am proud to have a brother like you. All these years attending the same college and we did not know we were brothers.”

Everyone went home and days later Jon was released from the hospital.

Graduation day was getting near, and River was going to propose to Yurania Ylang. Ian asked River, if it would be alright to celebrate a surprise engagement party. “It will be a dinner party in my house. “ Ian said. “I will invite friends and family if it is OK with you. You can invite whomever you want River. After dinner we go into the garden, and you propose to Yurania Ylang.”

“Of course it is OK with me.” River said. “I will tell Yurania Ylang that you invited us to dinner. I will be honored to have my engagement party at my father’s house with family and friends.”

The day of the dinner arrived and Family and friends were there. River and Yurania Ylang were the last ones to arrive. Dinner was served and everyone enjoyed the delicious food. “Let us go to the garden.” Jon said. “It is a lovely evening.”

“You go ahead Ylang.” River said. “I will be out in a minute I have to get something that I forgot in the car.”

Yurania Ylang followed everyone to the garden. Tables and chairs were set, with beautiful flowers around the garden. All of sudden the lights were turned off. In the middle of the garden was a lighted fountain. The fountain had statues of a couple holding hands forming a heart. In the middle was a spinning crystal glass ball. The crystal glass ball spins off while the pump underneath shoots water up to make spinning motion. River was standing in front of the fountain and said. “Ylang, will you please come close to me?”

Yurania Ylang walked toward River, not knowing what was going on. When Yurania Ylang got close to River, he got down on one knee, opening a jewel box he had in his hands. “Ylang we have come a long way.” River said. “I promised you that before we got our doctorate degree in college we would get engaged then after we graduated and received our tittles we would get married.” River opened the box, took the engagement ring out, gently grabbed Yurania Ylang’s hand and said. “We fell in love with our souls for I was blind. You loved me even though I was blind. I loved you in spite of you thinking I would never love you because you were overweight. I have never stopped loving you and want to spend the rest of my life with you. Yurania Ylang will you accept this ring as a token of our love and engagement. Will you marry me?”

Yurania Ylang was overwhelmed; she did not expect such a beautiful surprise. “River, we have been together and survived rough times.” Yurania Yland said. “The first time that I saw you, my heart knew you were going to be my forever love. I fell in love with the boy, with a wonderful heart. I did not think about you being blind. You loved me no matter what, even though I thought a handsome guy such as you would not fall in love with a fat girl. Our sacrifices in out last graduation, you getting fat and me loosing weight, was proof that our love is true. Yes River, I am honored to accept the ring and yes, I will marry you.”

River put the ring on Yurania Ylang’s finger, got up and the couple sealed heir love and engagement with a kiss.

Everyone applauded, the lights went back on and everyone congratulated the happy couple.

The maids pushed a table with a beautiful three tiered cake to the center of the garden. A big engagement ring adorned the top of the cake, Jasmines, and Ylang Ylang flowers with their leaves surrounded the cake. Then the musicians started to play romantic music for the couple to dance. “What a beautiful cake.” Yurania Ylang said. “This has been a wonderful surprise.”

“All of this was my father Ian’s idea.” River said. “Ian went with me to help me choose the ring. I did not know that he was my father at the time.”

“The ring is gorgeous.” Yurania Ylang said. Everything is beautiful.”

“Shall we set the date of the wedding now or do you want to wait.” River said.

“Can we have the wedding on Christmas Day?” Yurania Ylang asked.

“A Christmas wedding it shall be.” River replied. “Let’s tell everyone now.”

River asked the musicians to turn off the music for a moment. “I would like to have your attention everyone.” River said. “Before we start the music again and dance, Yurania Ylang and I have an announcement to make.”

Everyone turned their attention toward River and Yurania Ylang. “We have set our wedding date for Christmas Day.” River said. “You will know the details when you received the invitations. Thank you very much for your attention. Now the musicians can turn the music back on.”

Everyone applauded and the music was turned on again. Yurania’s parents were the first to congratulate and danced with the couple. Yamarah and Ian went next, then Drone and Rose, Jon and Pamela, Paulie and Cachita, both pair of grandparents, then everyone else. The party was spectacular.

“Thank you for the beautiful party you have made for our son and his fiancĂ© Ian.” Yamarah said. “Everything has been wonderful.”

“No need to thank me.” Ian said. “It is the least I have done for our son. Now we have to plan the wedding.”

“Drone and I are leaving.” Yamarah said, “It’s too late to go to our cabin, so we will be staying at the big house for tonight.”

Everyone else thanked Ian and Rose for the wonderful party they had and went home.

Paulie’s parents also stood in the big house for the night. The following day, Cachita and Paulie called River and asked if he and Yurania Ylang would go to the big house “Cachita and I have an announcement to make.” Paulie said. “I want you and Yurania Ylang to be present. Will you come?”

“What’s wrong Paulie?” River asked. “Has anything bad happened?”

“I will tell everyone this afternoon.” Paulie said.

River and Yurania Ylang went to the big house. Andric, Drone, Yamarah, Paulie’s parents were there too. Everyone was curious as to what Paulie and Cachita had to say

“I have gathered all of you here today to make two announcements. I did not say anything last night at the party because it was River and Yurania Ylang’s night. The first announcement is that Cachita and I have been married since we returned from our journey to Najikala Island. We were so glad to see each other and did not want to wait any longer, so we eloped. We did however have Andric and my parent’s blessings. We asked them not to tell anyone until Cachita and I gave the announcement. The second announcement no one knew, We are going to have a baby,. Yes, Cachita is pregnant.”

Everyone was surprised. “Let me be the first to congratulate you my friend. “ River said. “So many wonderful things are happening.”

“I am going to be a grandpa.” Andric said. “The patter of little feet will finally be heard in this big ole house.”

Everyone else hugged and congratulated Cachita and Paulie.

Graduation day arrived and Paulie, Cachita, River and Yurania Ylang finally had their Doctorate degrees. River and Yurania Ylang were now Official Ophthalmologists,

Paulie was now an Architect graduate and Cachita a Psychologist.

Yamarah and Drone went back to their cabin in the mountains, taking Paulie’s parents home. Paulie was offered an executive position at a very well known company, River and Yurania Ylang continued to work in the same hospital but both were offered higher ranking positions. Cachita was offered a job as head Psychologist in the same hospital that River and Yurania Ylang worked.

River continued his practice at the hospital then decided to have his own private office, near the hospital. River performed the eye surgeries at the same hospital. Yurania Ylang worked part time with River in their own private office, and she also worked part time at the hospital.

Yurania Ylang often thought about the other side of the cave and one day she invited Cachita for lunch near the hospital. “Cachita, have you ever wondered what it is like on the other side of the cave?” Yurania Ylang asked.

“Yes I have.” Cachita replied. “I have wondered about what it’s like and have been tempted to go find out, but I promised Drone and father that I would never go there.”

“Do you think it is true what they say?” Yurania Ylang asked. “River said that the cave might close and disappear. Whoever is on the other side would never come back, and vice verse.”

“I don’t know.” Cachita said. “I would hate to be the one to cause any problems.”

“Do you think that maybe we can go and maybe see the entrance?” Yurania Ylang asked.

“How are we going to see it, if we do not know where it is?” Cachita replied.

“Maybe we can follow Andric the next time he goes to pick up Drone.” Yurania Ylang said. “We don’t have to go in the cave, I am just curious.”

I don’t think it is a good idea.” Cachita said. “I made a promise not to ever go near the cave or even think about going there. I do not want to break my promise to my father and Drone.”

“Aren’t you the least bit curious?” Yurania Ylang asked. “I promised River that I would not go, but I have to know or a least see where the cave is. Come on, we will not be breaking our promise if we accidentally saw your father on the road and stopped to say hello after the cave entrance appeared. Please say yes and go with me you will not break your promise, you will be accompanying me to go visit a friend who lives in the area.”

Cachita thought for a moment and asked. “Do you know when Drone will be coming back?”

“Ask you father.” Yurania Ylang replied. “He may know. How are you feeling with the pregnancy? Have you felt the baby kick? Have you had your fist sonogram? I bet you want to find out if it is a girl or a boy. Let me know what your father says about when Drone will come back here.”

“I will ask father and let you know.” Cachita said. “I have an appointment tomorrow to see the GYN; we will have the first sonogram and will know the baby’s sex. I have felt slight kicking, I feel good now, and the dizziness and nausea have gone away. We have to start thinking of what name to give our baby. I have to go back to work at the hospital now Thanks for the lunch. I will keep in touch”

“I have to go to the office; River may be busy and needs me.” Yurania Ylang said. “You are very welcomed.”

Yurania Ylang drove to the office, and River was very busy. “Did you have a nice lunch with Cachita? River asked. “How is Cachita feeling with her pregnancy?”

“Yes we had a nice lunch.” Yurania Ylang replied. “Cachita is feeling very well.”

River went back to his patients and Yurania Ylang also went to see her patients.

Days later Cachita called Yurania Ylang and said. “Father will be picking Drone and your mother up tomorrow morning. Yamarah wants to go shopping at the mall.”

“Good, I am off tomorrow.” Yurania Ylang said. “Can you go with me? I hate going by myself. I promise we will not go in. I will pick you up at the hospital entrance.”

“I will take the day off, and go with you.” Cachita said. “I hate what I am doing, but I too am very curious. I will be waiting for you in front of the hospital.”

The following morning Yurania Ylang picked Cachita up and went to wait for Andric to come out of the big house, and then follow him.

What will happen when Yurania Ylang and Cachita follow Andric to the cave entrance? Will they see the entrance? Will Yurania Ylang and Cachita be tempted to go in the cave?

Find out when you tune in to Chapter 11


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RIVER PART II-Chapter 9- Jon's accident

By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos

Chapter 9
Jon’s accident

Drone did not know what to say, but he knew that River had to know the truth. Drone started to say. “River, you…..

Ian’s phone rang at that moment, and interrupted by saying. “I have to go, there has been an accident.”

“What happened, Ian?” River asked.

“Jon, Pamela and the baby are being taken to the hospital.” Ian replied. “A truck collided with Jon’s car. I will know more when I get to the hospital.”

“I will go with you Ian.” River said.” You cannot drive, your nerves are shot.”

“I appreciate that River.” Ian said.

“I will go with you both.” Yurania Ylang said.

Drone and Yamarah followed, Andric drove them.

When they arrived at the hospital, Rose was waiting in the visitor’s lounge waiting for the doctor to give her some news. “What happened, Rose?” Ian asked. “Are they alive?”

“Pamela has some bruises, and the baby thank God is alright.” Rose said. “The Doctor is examining them now. Jon was badly hurt, the car was trapped under the truck and the firefighters had to break into the car under the truck to get Jon out.” Rose was in shock, tears were rolling down her cheeks, and she could not believe that her son was badly hurt.

The doctor went into the lounge and said. “Your daughter-in-law is alright, and the baby is fine. The seatbelt saved her life. Your son has a very bad cut on his head, he needs blood, do any of you have Rh-Negative blood?”

“I do.” Ian said. You can take all the blood that you need.”

“There is another problem.” The doctor said. “The patient has a glass stuck in one eye. Surgery is imperative and we need a good eye surgeon to operate or he will loose his eyesight.

“I also have Rh-Negative blood he can have what he needs.” River said. “I will take a look at his eyes as soon as you stabilize him.”

“It is best that you examine the patient before you donate your blood Dr. River.” The doctor said. “You need to be in good health and strong when you operate.”

“You are right doctor.” River said. “Let me go and change clothes.”

“River do you need my help?” Yurania Ylang asked.

“Yes, I would appreciate your help Ylang.” River replied.

Both River and Yurania Ylang left to get ready to examine Jon.

Ian donated his blood and the Doctors stabilized Jon. River examined Jon’s eye and knew it was going to be a difficult surgery, but he wanted to save Jon’s eye. The glass had to be taken out very slow; River did not know how far the glass had gone. Jon was taken to the Operating room and prepared for surgery.

Everyone was tense, they knew it was a difficult procedure, but they had faith in River. Hours passed and finally YuraniaYlang came out of the operating room. “The operation was a success.” Yurania Ylang said. “River took the glass out of the eyes, and there is no damage, the glass did not go too deep into the eye. Jon’s eye has been saved.”

River walked out of the operating room and said. “We will know how Jon’s vision is when he wakes up. Jon’s head was injured badly. It is all a matter of waiting.”

“Thank you son.” Ian said. Thank you for saving Jon’s eye.”

“You do not have to thank me Dad.” River said. “I am glad that I was able to save my brother’s eye.”

Everyone looked surprised! “Yes, Ian, I just realized that you are my father.” River said. “The moment that I learned that you and I have the same blood type, not too many people have that same blood type. You have been too good to me, helped me out, and only a father leaves his wife, other son and new granddaughter to go on a journey without thinking if he will return. The reason I first thought that it was Drone, was because I have known Drone since I was a little boy, he saved my life, and has done a lot for me. I am very proud to have you as my father. All these years knowing Jon, and we never knew we were brothers. I wonder how he is going to feel when he wakes up and learns that we are brothers.”

Ian and River gave each other a big hug, everyone was very glad.

“Thank you River.” Rose said, hugging River and giving him a kiss on the forehead. “Welcome to our family.”

“Wow River!” Pamela said. “All these years and no one knew or thought that you and Jon are brothers, and now you have a little niece. From being a friend to a brother-in-law, ha, ha! When can we see Jon?”

“We should let him rest for the night.” River said. “His primary doctor should be able to let you know. I did my job, now it is up to his primary doctor.”

“Jon’s Doctor was in the room and said. “ You can all see him for a few moments, but try not to wake him up., he needs a lot of rest.”

“Yurania Ylang and I will be here all night and we will keep an eye on Jon.” River said. “We have had a long day and after that accident, Pamela needs to rest and take care of the baby. Thank God that everyone is alright. I am sure Jon will be OK too; it is just going to be a little while before he gets well and back to normal. We will know more when Jon wakes up. Mother and everyone go home and rest. I will see you all in the morning.”

River and Yurania Ylang went to rest for the evening.

The following Morning River went to check on Jon, who was awake. “How are you feeling Jon?” River asked. “You had a nasty accident.”

“Where are Pamela and the baby?’ Jon asked. “Are they alright? Pease tell me how they are.”

“Everyone is fine.” River said. “Your doctor examined you and says that you are going to be alright. You need to rest, do you remember what happened?”

“I remember seeing a huge Mac truck coming at me and all went blank.” Jon said.

“What happened to me and why is my eye patched up? Did I lose my eye? O God no! Please tell me that I have not lost my eye.”

“No, you did not lose your eye.” River said. “You almost did, a piece of glass fell in your eye and it had to be taken out. The glass was lodged deep in your eye, but did not get to damage it. I have to get the bandages off and examine your eye, now.”

“Wait a minute. Jon said. “Did you operate on my eye?”

“Well it was either me or you would still have the glass in your eye.” River said. “No one else was qualified for the job so I did it, yes.”

River took the bandages off and examined Jon’s eye. “It looks good.” River said. “Now, can you see?”

Jon looked around and said. “Yes, I can see very well River. Thank you.”

“Yurania Ylang was very helpful too.” River said. “She was in the Operating Room assisting me.”

Yurania Ylang entered the room and said. “Did I hear my name in here? How are you feeling Jon? “

“I feel like a Mac truck crushed me.” Jon said. “River told me that you assisted him with my eye surgery. You guys have sure come a long way. Thank you both.”

There was a knock on the door. “Come in.” Jon said.

It was Ian, Rose, Pamela, Yamarah and Drone. “How are you feeling son.” Ian asked. “You gave us quite a scare.”

Rose and Pamela hugged Jon and kissed him. “Just as I said to Yurania Ylang.” Jon said. “I feel like a Mac truck ran over me. How are you Pamela and how is the baby?”

“I am fine.” Pamela said. “The baby is fine, how is your eye?”

“I can see, I have a headache but I fine know that my family is fine and my eye is OK. Your son a fine eye surgeon there Yamarah. I never thought that the blind boy I met, and then went to college with, would become an eye surgeon and save my eye, along with the shy Yurania Ylang.

“There is something else that you should know.” Jon said. “That young blind boy who saved your eye is also your brother.”

“What” Jon exclaimed. “What is your talking about?

“River is your brother.” Ian said. “I just found out before I went with River and Paulie to the journey to look for Yamarah and Drone. We did not tell anyone because Yamarah wanted to tell River before anyone else knew. We did not know what River’s reaction would be towards me when he found out. It is a long story and I will tell you about it once you are out of the hospital.

How will Jon react to the news that River is his brother?
Stay tuned for Chapter 10.

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RIVER, PART II-Chapter 8-Truth Revealed

By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos
Chapter 8
Truth revealed

Paulie and Ian went to their parent’s house to let them know that everyone was safe and to spend the night with them. Drone and Yamarah went to their cabin and invited River to stay the night.
Marcela was relieved to see her son safe. “I felt so sad watching my Son River suffer the loss of his mother” Ian said. “I wanted very much to tell him that I am his father. When we saw that Yamarah was still alive, I was relieved and glad to see my son happy again. When we get back home, I will tell him.”
“You must wait until Yamarah tells him my son.” Marcella said. “I am sure she will tell him soon. Yamarah will tell him in her own way and River will bear no grudges against you. Now go rest you have a granddaughter to go see.”
“Yes, I am very anxious to see my other son Jon and my granddaughter.” Ian said. “I am sure they are desperate to see me, and my wife will be glad to see me too.”
The following morning, Drone, Yamarah, River, Paulie, and Ian met at the cave entrance, everyone went to Drone’s house. When they arrived there was a welcomed committee. Drone had called Andric and told him that they were arriving in the morning.
Cachita ran to meet Paulie, Ylang ran to meet River, Ian’s family were waiting for him. Everyone hugged each other, even Brutus jumped on Drone.
“Yamarah, I know that you want to go home and finish your honeymoon.” Ian said. “May I speak to you for a moment it is very important.”
“Sure Ian.” Yamarah said. “Let’s go inside where we can talk private. “
Yamarah and Ian went inside the house and Ian said. “I know that you have been through a lot Yamarah, and you may think it is too soon, but when will you tell River that I am his father? You are going to live in the mountains and River will be living near me, I want to have a relationship with my son.”
“You are right.” Yamarah said. “I will come to visit next week, and I will tell River about you. Too much has happened and I need too figure out what I will tell River. I know how hard it is for you to see him and not be able to tell him. It must have been hard on you when you thought that he was loosing me. Thank your for accompanying him in the journey, and all that you have done for us. Now we must go home, I want to finally be in my home.”
Everyone went to their homes. Drone and Yamarah went to finish their honeymoon in their new home in the mountains. Drone took Brutus with him.
River and Yurania Ylang were finally alone. “I missed you so much River.” Yurania Ylang said. “I was very worried about you. Tell me about everything that happened. I know that there is more than Drone told us about the journey.”
“I missed you a lot too my love.” River said. “Drone told everyone about everything that happened in Najikala Island. My mother was pushed over a cliff and miraculously survived. I thought that my world was crushed. Ian and Paulie were very helpful, I thank God we found them and every one is safe.”
“River, where are you from?” Yurania Ylang asked. “You have never mentioned where you’re from, and neither has Paulie.”
River paused for a moment and said.” I am from the village, and so is Paulie. We grew up together in the village.”
“What village?” Yurania Ylang asked. “There are so many villages. I also notice that Paulie and you have never taken me or Cachita to where you grew up“
“I am going to be honest with you.” River said. “But you have to promise not to ask again, or tell anyone about it. Please respect what I am about to tell you.”
“OK, I promise.” Yurania Ylang said. “I am very curious.”
“I am from the other side of a cave, and so are Paulie and his parents, Ian and his parents, Drone and Brutus. My mother was allowed because she was pregnant and had to be saved so she got there by accident before I was born. No one is allowed to enter the cave unless they are from the other side. That is all that I can tell you. If anyone who is not from the other side of the cave were to enter, the cave entrance will disappear and whoever is on the other side will stay there forever and whoever is on this side will stay here forever. Please do not ask me where it is because I am not allowed to say. I also ask you to please never follow me or attempt to follow anyone to get there. I know curiosity will tempt you, but I trust that you will keep our secret just like Andric and Cachita have kept it.”
“I will keep your secret River.” Yurania Ylang said. “Thank you for the information and for trusting me. We will finish our internship in two weeks and we will finally become Surgeons. We will be able to help people regain their eyesight. I am so excited!”
“Yes, we will.” River replied. “River and Cachita will be graduating too. Mother wants me to meet her at the big house. I wonder what she wants to talk about, she sounded serious. I hope nothing else goes wrong. Let‘s get some rest before we start our shift in the morning.”
The following day River and Yurania Ylang proceeded to do their medical work in the hospital. River called Ian and asked if they could meet at the Mall. “Ian I need someone to come with me to buy Yurania Ylang’s engagement ring.” River said. “Would it be too much trouble to ask you? Drone and Mother are honeymooning, Paulie is working, so I thought to ask you.”
Ian was overwhelmed. “Of course I will meet with you.” Ian said. It will be my pleasure and fun. I will pick you up in front of the hospital.”
Ian never thought that his son was going to ask him to help buy an engagement ring. “I know that once River learns that I am his father we will get along just fine.” Ian whispered to himself. “I also know that Jon will accept him too. I will throw a big engagement party for River and Yurania Ylang, if they will allow me.”
Ian picked River up in front of the hospital, and they went to the mall. Both men went into the most expensive jewelry store and picked out a beautiful ring with a big solitaire diamond. “Yurania Ylang will love the ring.” Ian said. “Are you sure you have the right size?”
“Yes, I am sure it is the right size ring.” River said. “I took one of her rings and measured it. I am going to propose before our graduation. I promised Ylang that we would get married after we finished our internship and graduated. I also want to build a house for us.”
“That is fantastic son.” Ian said. “If you allow me, I can help build the house for you. We can make the plans together. Just let me know how many rooms and everything that you want. I am sure that Paulie will be happy to help, after all, he is the Architect.”
“That is a good ideas Ian.” River said. “First I will propose to Ylang then she can also give us an idea of how she wants the house. I already have the land. Drone gave it to me so I can build the house. Drone wanted me to take the big house, but I rather build my own. Paulie and Cachita can take the big house. Cachita and Andric have lived there all their lives. I better get back to the hospital, my shift begins soon, and I don’t want to be late. I also want to take Ylang for dinner. Would you like to join us Ian?”
“Thank you for the Invitation River.” Ian said. “But I best get back to my wife, I do not want her to feel neglected. Think I will take her to dinner too. Let me buy some flowers for her. Rose has been very patient with me after going on the journey with you.
“Ian, I want to thank you again for going with us to rescue mother and all that you have done for me.” River said . “You have been very helpful. I have to go and apologize to your wife for taking so much of your time,”
“It is OK River, my wife understand more than you know.” Ian said. “River, may I ask a personal question?”
“Go ahead and ask.” River replied.
“Has your mother ever told you anything about your father? Have you ever wondered where your father is? Do you resent your father for not being with you?”
“Mother never spoke about my father.” River said. “All I know is that there was a big storm that washed the village where mother lived. I figure that maybe my father drowned in the storm. I really have not thought about my father. Mother will tell me about my father when she is ready. I do not resent my father, because I do not know why he has not been in my life. Drone has been like a father to me; he saved my life and helped me to get my eyesight back. Mother will be in the big house in the weekend, she said she has something very important to tell me. Mother is very mysterious.”
Ian left River in front of the hospital, and went home to his wife. River met with Yurania Ylang and they went out to dinner.
The following Saturday Yamarah and Drone were waiting for River at the big house. Yamarah had also invited Ian, Marcella, and Nano.
River arrived with Yurania Ylang. “River, I would like to speak to you in private.” Yamarah said. “Let’s go into the Study and talk.”
Yamarah went into the Study; Yamarah closed the door and asked River to sit down. “It is time that I told you about your father.” Yamarah said. “Please just listen and when I am finished you can ask me whatever you wan to know.”
River sat down and Yamarah sat down next to him. “You may remember the story I had told about a storm washing out my parent’s home and the village that they lived in. A voice called to me from the cave and I was saved. Now I shall tell you the entire story and what had happened. When I was a very young girl, before the storm, I met a young man. We thought that we had fallen in love and in a moment of passion we made love. The young man left and I was devastated. I could not believe that he would leave me. I did not think for a moment that the young man was inexperienced. Months later I found out that I was pregnant. My father was very angry with me and I left. When the storm got bad and the flood started, I was almost swept away but lucky for me I was saved. Years later, your father appeared unexpectedly, he did not remember me; he did not know that he had a son. Had he known, he would have come back to take care of us. He spoke to me and explained that he was young, inexperienced and had never made love to any woman. He did not understand the consequences of having sex. The moment that he found out, he wanted to tell you that he is your father. I did not know how you were going to react, so I asked him to let me tell you before you met him. He wanted me to tell you before the wedding, but I asked him to wait. Your father is a good man, and I hope you forgive him for not being there for you when you were growing up. I hope you forgive me for waiting this long to tell you.”
River was quiet, he did not say anything, and He just stared at his mother. Finally River said. “My father is alive? Where is my father, who is he? Why did you not let me know sooner? I am freaking out!”
“Your father is waiting for you in the living room.” Yamarah said.
River walked out of the study and into the living room. “Are you my father Drone? River asked. “Is that why you have been helping me?”
Everyone just stared at River; Ian was surprised to hear his son think that Drone was his father.
What will happen when River finds out who his real father is? Will River accept Ian as his father?
Find out in Chapter 9.