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RIVER-Chapter-10-River goes away

By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos
Chapter 10
River goes away

River and Paulie were walking home one afternoon, and talking about the Prom. “Who are you taking to the Prom River?” Paulie asked, “ You know that I am taking Cachita.”
“I am going to ask Yurania.” River replied. “I hope she says yes.”
“Who? Are you serious?” Paulie asked.” Not that there is anything wrong with Yurania, but Pamela thinks she is going with you.”
“Why would Pamela think that?” River asked. “I have not asked Pamela nor any girl to go to the Prom with me. I am going to ask Yurania, because she is a very nice person and I like her.”
River and Paulie got home changed clothes and went to have dinner. River told his mother about asking Yurania to the Prom. “It is your decision as to who you want to go to the Prom with.” Yamarah said. “That is also the day of your birthday, you will be an adult and I want you to enjoy yourself.”
“Thank you Mother.” River said.
The following day River and Yurania met again near the fountain. “Yurania, will you accompany me to the Prom, on my 18th birthday?” River asked.
Yurania was surprised and said. “What! You want me to go to the Prom with you? But I thought you were going to take Pamela. She has been telling everyone that she is going with you.”
“I don’t know where Pamela got that idea from.” River said. “I have not asked her nor anyone else to go to the Prom with me until now. Will you please go with me? Has anyone else asked you yet?
“No, I didn’t even think anyone was going to ask me.” Yurania replied. “Are you sure, you want me to go with you? So many pretty girls and you are asking me?”
“Yes, I am asking you.” “You are also very pretty. Well! Do you? Girl answer me.”
“Yes, I would love to go with you.” Yurania replied with a smile. “Yes, yes, I will go with you to the Prom.”
“Yurania was so excited, that she hugged River. Realizing that she was hugging River, Yurania quickly backed away and with a shy smile said. “I am sorry River, I did not mean to hug you in public. I guess I am too exited.”
River looked at Yurania and said. “It is OK Yurania, I am glad that you did.”
River and Yurania looked at each other with love and passion in their eye, they were about to kiss, when Pamela grabbed River’s arm and said. “Hello River, the bell is about to ring we have to get to class.
River looked at Yurania and said. “I will see you later.”
Yurania smiled and River went back to class.
“Now I need to think of something special to do for Yurania, so she will feel good at the prom.” River whispered to himself.
“Did you say something?” Pamela asked.
“No, I was just thinking out loud,? River replied. “Let’s get to class.”
After school, River and Paulie went home, and River said to Paulie. “I want to do something special for Yurania on the day of the prom.”
“Guys usually buy the corsage for the girl when they take her to the prom.” Paulie said.
“I know.” River said, but I want to do something more.”
“What are you going do? Paulie asked.
“I will show you when I do it.” River replied.
The following day River and Yurania again met near the fountain. “I have to tell you something Yurania.” River said. “I wont be able to see you until the day of the prom.”
“Why not?” Yurania asked. “Is there a problem?”
“No problem.” River replied. I have to do something, and it will take some time. Please promise me you will wait for me, I will e there to pick you up. I can call you if you want. Please, do not ask me to tell you what it is, I can’t tell anyone. Just say that you will wait.”
“You are being very mysterious River.” Yurania said. “Yes, I promise that I will wait for you. Call me once in a while so I know that you are OK.”
River was ahead of his classes and already had the credits he needed to graduate, so he asked his teacher if it was alright for him to skip school until graduation, because he had to do something important, and he had to stay away for a little while. The teacher gave her permission and after school River went home, and told his mother, Drone, and Paulie, that he was going away on a vacation and would return the day of the prom.
The following day River went away. “Do not worry Mother,” River said. “ I will be alright.”
Andric drove River to the forest and returned to pick the others who were shopping at the Mall.
Yamarah went with Cachita to buy clothes and things they both needed. Cachita bought her prom dress, shoes and accessories with Yamarah’s help. Paulie bought his prom suit and shoes, with Drone’s help.
The next day Paulie and Jon were talking in the court yard and Pamela approached them asking. “Has any of you seen River? I have not seen him in a couple of days.”
“I have not seen him either.” Jon said. “Pamela, may I speak to you in private?”
“Yes,” Replied Pamela. “We can talk near the fountain, come on. I want to know where River is.”
Jon and Pamela walked toward the fountain and Jon asked. “ Pamela will you go to the prom with me?”
“I’m sorry Jon. ”Pamela said. “I can’t go to the prom with you, I am going with River.”
“Pamela did River ask you?” Jon asked. “Everyone knows that River asked Yurania to the prom and she accepted.”
“O my God!” Pamela exclaimed. “NO, River did not ask me. I took it for granted that he was going to take me to the prom. Do you still want to take me? I will go with you.”
“Yes, I will take you to the prom.” Jon said.
“Has any one seen Yurania?” Pamela asked. “ She has not come to school either. Maybe Yurania and River are together.”
“No, they are not together.” Paulie said. “You know Yurania’s father does not let her go anywhere, especially with a boy.”
“I wonder what kind of dress Yurania will wear to the prom” Pamela said. “The pretty dresses are all in small sizes. So many pretty girls, that River could have invited to the prom, and he invited Yurania. Hm!”
“What is wrong with Yurania?” Paulie asked? “She is very sweet and River likes her. So what if she is overweight?”
“Oh well! There is still time.” Pamela said. “Things may change from now until prom day. I’m going home. Bye.”
“Looks like Pamela is jealous of Yurania.” Paulie said. “Are you still taking Pamela to the prom Jon? Did she say yes?”
“Yes, I am taking Pamela to the prom.” Jon said. “She thought River was taking her, and when she found out River is taking Yurania, she accepted my invitation.”
“You like Pamela don’t you Jon?” Paulie asked.
“Very much.” Jon replied. “Everything was going good, she enjoyed going places with me, until River got his sight back. I have nothing against River, I am glad he has his sight back. Pamela is just a spoiled brat who want everything that is new, and her friends like. Pamela likes River, because all her friends like him. I am patient, I know some day she will stop being a brat and be my girl.”
The day of the prom arrived, and River had not returned. Yamarah began to worry. “River has not returned.” Yamarah said. ”I wonder if anything happened to him, it is not like River to miss not only his prom, but his birthday as well.”
“Don’t worry Miss Yamarah.” Paulie said. “It is still early. River will be here, he would not miss his prom or his birthday for anything in the world. Besides, River promised Yurania he will take her to the prom.”
It was late in the afternoon and River called his mother saying. “Mother, I will not be going home early. Tell Andric to please pick me up, he knows where I am. I am going to pick up the corsage I bought for Yurania first. Then I will Pick Yurania up to take her to the prom. Tell Paulie and Cachita that I will meet them at the prom. I will see you tonight after I take Yurania home.”
“I am so relieved.” Yamarah said. “My son is an adult today, Drone and I have arranged to have a birthday cake delivered to the ballroom where the prom is. River will have the best birthday ever.”
The evening of the prom arrived, and River went to pick Yurania up. When both River and Yurania saw each other they gasped!

What surprise does River have for Yurania?
Stay tuned for an exciting Chapter 11.

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  1. River picks Yurania for the prom, must say did not see that one coming. BTW does the name "Yurania" have any special meaning? :)