Saturday, December 10, 2011

By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos
Chapter 13
Graduation day
Paulie called Yurania Ylang and told her what had happened.
“Wait until tomorrow at the graduation.” Yurania Ylang said. “Then we can tell everyone the truth.”
Graduation day was the following morning. Paulie did not tell anyone what had happened, got dressed and went downstairs. Cachita was waiting for him.
“Paulie what happened to your face?” Cachita asked. “It is red and your cheek is a little swollen.”
“Oh, something hit me on my face last night when I went to go up the stairs.” Replied Paulie. “I forgot what it was.”
“Paulie we have a surprise for you.” Cahita said. “They are waiting for you outside.”
Paulie went outside and his parents were waiting for him. “I went to get them.” Drone said. “I knew you would be happy to have your parents here. I will take them back home tomorrow morning.”
Paulie was very happy to see his parents. Cachita, Paulie and his parents, Yamarah and Drone got into the limousine. River sat in the front with Andric.
Everyone arrived to the college grounds. The graduation was being held at the football field. Yurania Ylang did not go near River. Everyone sat down in their places, Yurania Ylang was the Valedictorian and sat down with the faculty. Graduation exercises began, and when Yurania Ylang finished her speech, She asked Paulie to go to the stage. “I know that this is unusual.” Yurania Ylang said, “But it is something important that has to be said to clear many things before graduation is over. There have been rumors that Paulie and I have been seen together. Yes they are all true. Paulie had been working at the Mall to be able to buy something special for the love of his life. I will let Paulie continue to tell you.
Paulie went to the stage, looked at everyone, especially at River and said. “Yes, Yurania and I were at the mall, when I was holding Yurania’s hand, I was practicing what to say. The hug you saw me give Yuarania, was the hug of a friend who appreciates the fact that she helped me buy that something special. I would like Cachita to come up here please. Cachita was surprised, she had no idea of what was going on, and went to the stage. Paulie took out a small jewelry box, opened it, took a diamond ring out and said. “Cachita, I know we have to finish our careers and we will. I will get a better part time job enough to support us. Will you marry me?”
Cachita was overwhelmed, she was speechless. “I don’t know Paulie.” Cachita replied.” Did you talk to my father before you asked me?”
“I knew I had forgotten something.” Paulie said. “Andric, Sir, do I have your permission to engage your daughter, then, with your blessings marry her, if she accepts? Please Sir”
Everyone turned around to look at Andric with a questionable look.
Andric was also surprised, but he did like Paulie and smiling said.” Yes Paulie, you have my permission and my blessings.”
“OK, your dad said yes.” Paulie said, “Now your turn Cachita.
“Yes, yes!!! Cachita replied. “Yes, I will marry you Paulie.”
Paulie placed the ring on Cachita’s hand and they hugged.
Everyone applauded. Cachita went back to her seat accompanied by Paulie.
“What a graduation present. The Principal said. “Now to finished the graduation exercises. At the end, the Principal said. “I now present the graduates of 2012, God bless you all.”
The students threw their caps in the air, and everyone hugged each other. River was too ashamed to even move. “ You are not even going to congratulate us?” Cachita said.
River looked at Paulie and said. “You were right last night, I am foolish, how can I doubt my best friend. Will you forgive me? Cachita, what Paulie and Ylang said today is true I had also seen them together, I did not tell you because I did not want you to be hurt. Last night Paulie would not answer my questions, I got angry and punched him. Paulie just said I was a fool and went upstairs. Now I have to find Ylang and hope that she can forgive me for doubting her too.”
“So that’s the something you said that hit you last night Paulie?” Cachita said. “River, Yurania Ylang is right behind you.”
River turned around and said. “Please forgive a dumb fool for doubting his best friend and beautiful girlfriend?”
Yurania Ylang grabbed River’s hand and said. “I too am sorry for not saying anything to you River. I know how hurt you must have felt. I promised Paulie not to say anything. Let’s enjoy this day full of so much joy.”
“Yes, let go home to celebrate.” Drone said
Everyone got into the limousine, Yurania Ylang‘s parents followed them and everyone enjoyed dinner and a pleasant and fun evening at Drones house. Yurania Ylang and her parents went home.
Early the next morning Drone took Paulie’s parents home. River, Yurania Ylang, Paulie and Cachita went back to get their diplomas at the college. After saying good-bye to their friends, River said. “Now what are we going to do for our vacation, before we start the next part of our lives? “
“We enjoy ourselves.” Paulie said.”
Both couples embraced and kissed each other, then ran down the college stairs.
River Part II will be next.
Will the author continue to write it on line, or will it be published in a book?
You decide readers, your comments will help the author decide.

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