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RIVER-Chapter 12-Feeling of betrayal

BY Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos
Chapter 12
Feeling of betrayal
River then realized how silly he was to think that Yurania Ylang did not want to be with him, so he decided to meet her near the fountain and apologize for not going to see or call her. River was walking toward the fountain to meet with Yurania Ylang, when Pamela approached him and said. “ I have noticed that Yurania has new friends, who knows, she may meet a nice handsome guy and forget you now that she lost weight and looks so pretty. You were so dumb to become fat. I heard rumors, that Paulie and Yurania Ylang were seen together at the Mall. They were even having dinner the other night. Just the two of them. They looked very lovey dovey. Ain’t that something? Your best friend with you girlfriend, hmm, I wonder what Cachita will do if she finds out. . Oh well, your loss, see you later.”
River did not pay Pamela any mind and continued to walk to see Yurania Ylang.
Yurania Ylang was standing near the fountain, wondering why River did not call or go see her. River grabbed her from behind and said. “Hi beautiful”
“River, where have you been ”Yurania Ylang asked. “You have not answered my calls, I have not seen you in days. You better have a good explanation.”
“I’m sorry Ylang.” River said. “I wanted to give you some space. I did not want to hog all of your time. I know I should have answered the phone, or called you, I just felt that maybe now that you have new friends and the guys are after you, that I would give you some space. Then I felt silly and decided to come to see you. I missed you so much, Please forgive me.”
“You silly man.” Yurania Ylang said. “I forgive you..”
“Can we go to the movies tonight? River asked. ”I will pick you up later.”
“I’m sorry.” Yurania Ylang said. “I can’t go tonight. I have to do something else tonight. Maybe another time. We have to go to class now. Bye.”
“Can you tell me where you are going?” River asked. “Will I see you here tomorrow?”
“Yes, I will see you tomorrow.” Yuarania Ylang replied. “I’m doing something with my father tonight.”
Yurania Ylang hurried and went to class.
The following day River and Yurania Ylang met again. River asked Yurania Ylang if they could go to the movies or somewhere the following Friday. Yurania Ylang again told River she had something else to do. River then asked Paulie if he and Cachita would go to the movies with him, and Paulie said he had somewhere else that the had to go.
Friday night, when River was having dinner, he noticed that Cachita was home. “Where did Paulie go Cachita? River asked. “I thought he was going out with you.”
“I don’t know River.” Cachita replied. “Paulie has been acting weird lately. He mysteriously disappears and does not say anything to me.”
River remembered what Pamela had said, but then decided to ignore it.
“I am going out for a little while.” River said. “I will ask Andric to take me to the Mall, I am going to hang out with the other guys from school.”
Andric drove river to the Mall and returned home. River met his friends, and they all decided to walk around and see the electronics. Then they decided to go to the Food court. River was looking around to see if he could find an empty table, when he turned around, he saw Yurania Ylang and Paulie sitting on one of the table on the far side of the food court. River could not believe what he saw. Paulie was holding Yurania Ylang’s hand, and admiring it. Then he saw Paulie get up put his arms around Yurania, while helping her put on her sweater. Yurania was smiling as they left the food court, River then told his friends that he was tired, called Andric to pick him up and left.
When River got home, he sat on the porch stairs and waited for Paulie. Paulie got home and looked very happy. “You look very happy Paulie, my friend.” River said.
“Yes. I am very happy.” Paulie said. “I am the happiest man alive.”
“Where is Cachita?” River asked .”I imagine she is inside.” Paulie said.
“Did you enjoy yourself where you were at?” River asked sarcastically.
“What is it with the twenty, twenty questions River? Paulie asked.
‘You don’t seem to want to go out with me any more.” River replied. “You don’t even go out with your girlfriend. Is there anything that you are hiding and do not want me to know?”
“My friend.” Paulie replied. “What I do, or where I go, is none of your business. You went out to gain weight all by yourself and did not tell me anything. I am very tired and going to bed. Good night.” Paulie went inside the house and went to his room.
River did not want to say anything or tell anyone what he saw, he though it was best to wait until the right time to say anything.
Cachita was going up to her room, but when she saw River sitting out in the porch, she went to him and asked. “What’s the matter River? Is anything wrong? You look upset. Where is Paulie? I have not seen him all day. He goes out after school, and does not tell me where he goes.”
“He went upstairs to his room.” River replied. “Maybe Paulie is doing extra school work. Have you asked him?”
I”I have not seen him since he started going out by himself.” Cachita replied. “I am going to ask him right now, before he goes to bed. I am going up to his room now.”
Cachita went up the stairs to Paulie’s room, and knocked on the door. Paulie opened the door and said. “Hi Cachita, I am about to go to bed, is anything wrong?”
“Yes, something is wrong. Cachita said. “I have not seen you in days, and do not know where you go. We go to school, then when we get out in the afternoon, I do not see you. Is everything all right? Where do you go?”
I am sorry Cachita, I am doing something for someone.” Paulie replied. “I have to go out, I need some time to be by myself. Yes everything is alright. Don’t worry. Now please excuse me, I am really tired and want to rest. Good night.” Paulie closed the door, and Cachita went downstairs.
“Did he tell you anything?” River asked.
“Paulie is acting very strange.” Cachita said. “All he said was that he was doing something for someone, and needs some time to be by himself.” Cachita looked very sad and disappointed. “I am going to bed“ Cachita said. “Good night River.”
River did not want to hurt Cachita, and did not tell her what he had seen, nor what Pamela had told him. River could not believe, that this best friend would betray him. “I will confront Paulie and ask him what is going on.” River said to himself. “I will also tell him what I saw at the Mall.” River then went to his room.
When River got up the next morning, Paulie had already gone to school. After school he met Yurania Ylang near the fountain. “Have you seen Paulie Ylang?” River asked.
“No I haven’t.” Replied Yurania Ylang. “
“You have not seen him at all?” River asked. “When was the last time that you saw Paulie, and where Ylang?”
“Why are you asking me so many questions? Yurania Ylang asked. “You sound as if I knew where Paulie is. I am going back to class, then going home. Do not wait for me, I will go home alone. I do not like the way you are acting River.”
Yurania Ylang walked away and went back to class. After school Yurania Ylang did not wait for River, she went home alone.
Paulie did not go home either. River asked his friends if they had seen Paulie and they said they had not seen him in days. River decided to wait for Paulie to get home and confront him. Once and for all River wanted to know if Pamela had said the truth and tell Paulie what he saw at the mall.
River was at the front porch waiting for Paulie to get home. Late that night, Paulie finally got home. When Paulie saw River, he asked. “What are you doing up so late River? Is something wrong?”
“River was enraged and said.” I want to know where you have been going every day. I also want you to know, that Pamela said that you have been seen at the Mall with Ylang many times being very lovey dovey.”
Paulie looked at River with a startled look and said. What? Are you crazy? Do you believed that?”
“Don’t deny that you were at the Mall Friday night.” River said. “I saw you with Ylang at the Food Court eating. I saw you holding Ylang’s hand, then when you both got up, you put your arms around her while helping her put her sweater on. Then you left! I did not want to interrupt you and make a scene, because I did not want the guys to see you.”
“You are crazy River.” Paulie said. “I am not going to listen to you any more. I am going up to bed, I am tired,”
“Don’t you dare go without answering my questions.” River said with rage.
Paulie was about to turn to walk inside the house and River grabbed him.
“Let me go fool.” Paulie said. “ I am going to bed.”
Blind with rage, River punched Paulie in the face. Paulie got up, looked at River with disgust, rubbed his face, and went upstairs.
Did Paulie betray his friend? Is the friendship over? What will Cachita say? What will happen between River and Yurania Ylang?
Stay tune for Chapter 13

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