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RIVER PART II-Chapter 2-Yamarah and Drone get married


By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos

Chapter 2

Yamarah and Drone get married


Excuse me, do I know you?” Ian asked. “You look very familiar”

“Your name is Ian?” Yamarah asked. “You remind me of somebody I knew 20 years ago; He said his name was Jon. He disappeared and I never saw him again.”

“My dear Yamarah.” Marcela said. “Ian lived here 20 years ago, it couldn’t be him. Let‘s go and decorate your cottage, I want to come and be with my son as soon as I can. We have so much to talk about.”

River was waiting outside and walked inside saying, “Mother we have to go.”

Marcela then introduced Drone and River to Ian. “This is Yamarah’s Son River.” Marcela said. “He is 20 years old and is an intern at the hospital studying to be a surgeon.”

River shook Ian’s hand, and said. “Nice to meet you.”

Ian stared at River and said. “I feel as though I know you. Is Drone your father?”

“No, he is soon to be my step-father.” River said. “I never met my father; he disappeared before I was born.”

Drone felt that something strange was going on, but preferred to ask Yamarah when they got home. “Let’s hurry and do what we have to do.” Drone said. “We will talk later when we have finished.”

Everyone but Ian left to go to the cottage and guest house. Yamarah was very quiet; she could not get Ian out of her mind. “It’s impossible, Ian cannot be Jon.” Yamarah said softly. “But he looks so much like Jon.”

“Did you say something?” Marcela asked.

“No, I was just thinking out loud.” Yamarah replied. “Marcela may I ask you, how long ago did Ian go away?

“It was 20 years ago.” Marcela replied. “I can’t ever forget the day he left. I am so happy that he came back, why do you ask?”

“It’s nothing.” Yamarah replied. “I was just curious. I will tell you more when I find out. I think I have met Ian before.”

The women finished decorating the cottage, and the men finished with the guesthouse. Marcela, Nano, and Paulie went to their homes, River. Yamarah and Drone stood in Drones old cottage that night.

Drone notice that Yamarah was preoccupied. “What is the matter Yamarah? Drone asked. “You have been acting very strange since you met Ian. Have you met him before? Please my love whatever it is, do not be afraid to talk to me. We will be getting married soon and there should be no secrets between us. Whatever it is, you can tell me.”

“I do not want to hurt you Drone.” Yamarah said. “Ian reminds me so much of River’s father. Marcela says he lived here since he was born, but she also said he left 20 years ago to go to the city. Could it be possible that Ian and Jon is the same person? Did Ian lie to me? I have to find out. Do you mind if I talk to Ian tomorrow?”

“No, I don’t mind.” Drone said “Do you want me to be with you?”

“I want to speak to Ian by myself.” Yamarah said. “Please do not be upset.”

“I am not upset my love.” Drone said. “You go to Marcela’s house in the morning. I will go and make sure all is finished at the guest house. I will wait here for you. Then we can go back home to the city. We have a wedding to prepare for.” Drone kissed Yamarah and went to sleep.

The following morning, Yamarah got up and went to Marcela’s house. “Good morning Yamarah.” Marcela said. What are you doing here so early? Is anything wrong?”

“Good morning Marcela.” Yamarah replied. Nothing is wrong. Is Ian here? I really must talk to him. It is very important. I will tell you after I speak to your son.”

Marcela was curious and said.” He went to the river, he has always loved to go and sit down to read.”

“I will find him.” Yamarah said. “I will be back soon.”

Yamarah walked toward the river and saw Ian sitting on a log reading. “Hello Jon.” Yamarah said. “You still do not remember who I am? I am the young girl you abandoned 20 years ago, after you made love to me in the barn.”

Ian looked at Yamarah very sadly and said. “You are the young girl, whose father helped me many years ago? You lived on the other side of the cave? Yes, now I remember you. Please forgive me for not remembering you. I was a very young man, you have changed, and you look more mature and just as beautiful.”

“You forgot about me 20 years ago, after you made love to me. “Yamarah said. “I went to get you in the morning and you had left without saying good-bye. I never knew why you left. My father was very angry at me, when he found out I was pregnant. You never came back for me. Why? I want to know why. Was I an adventure for you, a poor innocent camp girl who knew nothing abut men? How can you be so cruel?”

“I am so sorry Yamarah.” Ian said. “I had just arrived from here; I knew nothing about the other side of the mountain. I had no money and no food. When I saw your father and he offered me food and shelter, I was not even thinking about women. I had never made love to a woman. I was attracted to you, and when I felt your body near me it was something I had never experienced. I never meant to hurt you. Please forgive me.”

“Why did you tell me your name was Jon?” Yamarah said. “Why did you lie about your name?”

“I don’t know.” Ian said. “I was stupid. You say you were pregnant, what did you have? Oh my God, how stupid can I be?” Ian hit himself on the head. “Is River my son?”

“Yes, River is your son.” Yamarah said. “There was a hurricane and the river swept the whole village. I was pregnant and escaped through the cave.” Yamarah told Ian what had happened and how Nano and Marcela saved her and River. “Oh my God!” Yamarah exclaimed. “All the years living with Nano and Marcela and none of us knew that River is their grandchild. What have you been doing all of these years with our life Ian? You never came to see your parents until now. They have been worried about you.”

“After I left your home, I went to the city.” Ian replied. “I found a job at a fast food restaurant, and went to school. I graduated from college and became a lawyer. I then met Emma, got my Bar license, found employment with a well known company, bought a house, and got married. We have a son named Jon, who just graduated from college. I have not told my wife about the cave, because we are not allowed to tell anyone. I want to take my parents to the city to meet them. Yamarah, I am so sorry about what I did to you. I was very young and inexperienced. Had I known I had a son, I would have looked for you. Do you want to tell him I am his father now?”

“No, we can’t tell River anything yet. Yamarah said. “I have to tell Drone first, then your parents. I have to explain to River, what happened between us, before I introduce you to him. Besides my wedding is on Sunday, and I do not want anything to go wrong. Friday we are getting together for a pre-wedding dinner at Drone’s house in the city. Your parents, Paulie and his parents, will be there, and some other friends. It will be a good idea for you to get acquainted with River until he knows the truth. Your parents can meet your wife and son, and then go to the dinner after. You are welcomed to bring your wife and son to the dinner party. After Drone and I come back from our honeymoon I will tell River about you, then I will introduce you. Do you agree?”
“Whatever you want to do“. Ian said. “I forgot to mention I named my son Jon because I like the name. I will see you on Friday.”

Yamarah went back to Drone, who was waiting for her outside. “

What happened?” Drones asked. “Were you right?”

Yamarah told Drone everything she and Ian talked about. “Do you still want to marry me on Sunday?” Yamarah asked.

“Of course I want to marry you my love.” Drone said. “I was afraid you might change your mind and not want to marry me. Like you said to Ian, you will tell him about his father when we come back from our honeymoon. I am also glad that you invited him, his wife and his son to the pre-wedding dinner. Let’s go home now.”

“Thank you Drone.” Yamarah said. “You have been very understanding. Know that I love you very much and am proud to marry you. What happened between me and Ian was a childhood thing. Neither of us knew better. He did no know he had a son, and its best that River knows who his father is. I will not let anything ruin our wedding. Yes, let’s go home now. We have a lot to do.”

Drone, and Yamarah joined River and Paulie and they went home to the city.

Friday night, everyone was having a good time at the pre-wedding dinner. Ian arrived, but did not take his wife to the party. “My wife is not feeling very well.” Ian said. “She sends her apologies and wishes you the best. My son had a date and could not come.”

“Maybe they can make it to the wedding.” Drone said. “Where are your parents?’

“My parents are here.” Ian said. “They are coming in right now.”

Yamarah went to greet Marcela and Nano. “Marcela I have to talk to you in private.” Yamarah said. “It is very important; I have to tell you before I go to my honeymoon.”

“Is anything wrong?” Marcela asked. “You look very serious.”

Yamarah led Marcela to the den and said. “What I’m about to tell you, must not be said to anyone until I tell him.”

“Say what, and to whom?” Marcela said. “You are frightening me.”

“I found River’s father.” Yamarah said. “Ian is River’s father.”

Marcela almost fell to the floor. “What? No! It can’t be.” Marcela said with a surprised look.

“Ian had told me that is name was Jon.” Yamarah said. “You and Nano saved your grandson and me. You had been living with your grandson all those years. Ian told me that the day we met, he had come from the other side of the cave.” Yamarah explained everything she and Ian talked about.

“MY God, River is my grandson.” Marcela said. “I can’t believe it, but I am so happy. No wonder I love River so much. Does River know?”

“River does no know yet.” Yamarah said. “I do not want to tell him until I come back from the honeymoon. I have to explain things to him, and now is not the time. I do not want anything to spoil my wedding. Please do not tell anyone until I tell River.”

“It is going to be hard.” Marcela said, “But I will not tell anyone, I do however have to tell Nano. Is it OK?”

“Yes, you can tell Nano, but no one else please.” Yamarah said. “Did you meet your other grandson Jon, and Ian’s wife?”

“Oh yes, I met them.” Marcela said. “Jon is very handsome and sweet. Ian’s wife is very nice, not too friendly, but she is nice.”

Yamarah and Marcela returned to the party, everyone had a wonderful time. Later in the night, the men and women were separated. Marcela, Yurania Ylang and Cachita had a surprise bridal shower for Yamarah, and River, Andric and Nano had a surprise Bachelor party for Drone. Everyone had a wonderful time.

It was now Easter Sunday, and the day of the wedding. The garden was beautifully decorated with Tulips, daffodils and other Easter flowers. Everything was beautifully adorned; the Wedding cake was also adorned with beautiful Easter flowers. Drone looked very distinguished with his tuxedo, anxiously waiting for his bride to be. River looked very handsome.

The bridal music began as the beautiful Bridesmaids walked accompanied by their handsome partners. The flower girl threw the flower buds gently on the floor accompanied by the handsome ring bearer, who was carrying a pillow that resembled a white water lily. The Matron of honor Yurania Ylang followed looking very radiant.

The wedding march began and the beautiful bride seemed to be floating on air. Yamarah wore a beautiful, light pink gown, on her head was, a pink diamonds tiara over a long light pink veil, cascading over her back and face. The bouquet had 8 Calla Lilies, light pink roses accented with stephanotis and greenery, hand tied with a light pink satin ribbon, and a wrapped handle accented with laces and pearls.

The couple was wed, and the ceremony was beautiful. Yamarah and Drone went on to their honeymoon.

What awaits Yamarah on her honeymoon? Will River find out abut his father?

Stay tuned for Chapter 3 of RIVER PART II-Chapter 3


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