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RIVER-part II Chpter 3- River's Worry

Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos

Chapter 3
River is worried

The reception ended when the bride and groom left. Cachita, Paulie and his parents stood at Drone’s house, River took Yurania Ylang and her parents’ home and then returned to Drone’s house. The next morning Cachita and Paulie went to their apartments at the college campus, and River and Yurania went back to the hospital.
The following Morning River got an unexpected visitor. It was Ian. “What are you doing here?” River asked. “Are you sick?”
“Hi River.” Ian said. “No, I am not sick. I came to bring my son for therapy on his leg. He had a slight accident in his motorcycle, and today is the last day of his therapy. His wife is expecting a baby and was unable to drive him. Do you work here?”
“Yes, I am doing my internship here.” River replied.
“Here comes my son now.” Ian said.” I would like you to meet him. Jon I want you to meet River.”
River and Jon looked at each other. “Jon is your son?” River asked. “Hello Jon, it has been a log time. Remember me?”
“Of curse I remember you.” Jon said. How have you been? You work here?”
“Yes, I am doing my internship here.” River replied. “I want to help others regain their eyesight.”
“You two know each other?” Ian asked.
“Yes dad, we graduated from the same college.” Jon replied. “How do you know River?”
“River’s mom is my parent’s friend.” Jon replied. “River, I would like you to come over for dinner one night? Maybe we can go fishing or to a baseball game. Jon can come with us. I bet you have not gone out with they guys in the longest.”
“That’s a good idea.” Jon said. We can talk about old times. How about going fishing on Saturday? Do you work that day?”
“That would be good.” River said. “I have not gone out or done anything in a long time. As a matter of fact I am free that day. Ylang is working that day; I am free to go out with you guys.”
“You are still going out with Yurania Ylang?” Jon Asked. “I married Pamela; she is going to have a baby in a couple of weeks.”
“Yes, Ylang and I are still together.” River said. “We are waiting to finish our internship, and then get married. Well, I have to go back to work. I will see you Saturday.”
“Good, we will pick you up here Saturday early in the morning.” Ian said. “I will have the rods and everything ready. Bye.”
River went back to his office, he was glad to see Ian again.
Saturday morning, Ian and Jon picked River up, and went fishing. They had lots of fun and caught a lot of fish. River and Jon cleaned the fish and Ian cooked them. Ian enjoyed being with his two sons who did not know, that they were brothers. “We have to do this again boys.” Ian said. “I hope you boys are enjoying yourselves.”
“I think it’s time to go home.” Jon said. “Pamela is alone at home, her due date is soon and I do not like to leave her alone for too long.”
“You are right.” River said. “I have to get up early in the morning to start my shift at the hospital. I want to spend some time with Ylang.”
The men packed everything up and went home.
River spent some time with Yurania Ylang, who had finished her shift at the hospital. “Rive, have you heard from your mother and Drone?” Yurania Ylang asked.
“No, I haven’t.” River replied. “It has been a week since they left. They must still be having fun in their honeymoon. I am sure we will hear from them soon. Mom would not go to her new home without saying goodbye to me first.”
“You are right.” Yurania Ylang said. “Did they tell you where they were going River?”
“No, as a matter of fact they did not.” River replied. “I am going to ask Andric, maybe he knows. We can go tomorrow after our shift, since we both get out at the same time.”
The following day, River and Yurania Ylang went to Drone’s house and asked Andric if he knew where Yamarah and Drone went for their honeymoon. “I really do not know where they went.” Andric said. “I thought they had told you where they were going River.” Maybe in the excitement they forgot to tell anyone where they were going. Don’t worry, wherever they are, Drone will take good care of your mother.”
“You are right Andric; mother will be fine with Drone.” River said. “Besides, mother has my cell number and if there is anything wrong, she will call or text me. We better get back to the hospital Ylang. Let’s go out and have dinner before we go to the hospital.”
“Good idea.” Yurania Ylang said. “We have not gone out to dinner in a while.”
“Andric, if you hear from Mother or Drone, please let me know. “ River said.
“I sure will. “ Andric said” ‘Go and enjoy yourself with your fiancĂ©, I am sure we will hear from them soon.”
River and Yurania Ylang went to have dinner, and then went home. A month passed, and neither River nor anyone heard had from Yamarah and Drone. River was beginning to worry. “I am going to the mountains.” River said. “Maybe they went straight home and will come visit us later. It is not like my mother to leave and not call me to let me know how everything is and how I am. I am going to ask Paulie to go with me.” Yurania Ylanag agreed and told River to come back as soon as he heard any news. Paulie and River went to the other side of the mountain.
The boys first stopped at Paulie’s mother‘s house. “I have not heard from Drone or Yamarah since the day of the wedding. Paulie’s mother said. “They should have been back by now. Maybe they decided to stay longer.”
“I am going to the big house, then to the cottage.” River said. “Maybe they are there.” River and Paulie went to the big house and the cottage and there was no sign of them. “Let’s go home.” River said. Maybe they got home or someone has heard from them.” River and Paulie returned to their homes.
“Don’t worry River.” Yurania Ylang said. “I am sure they are safe. Drone would never let anything happen to your mother. Go rest you have to work in the morning, remember that you have double shift. River went to bed and woke up early the next morning. “I am probably worrying for nothing.” River said to himself. “Mother is probably shopping and enjoying herself, and I am acting like a child. I am just not used to mother going away for so long. She is married now and has her own life, I must respect it.” River went on to do his work.
Ian made plans to go see River again; he wanted to keep in contact with River and win his trust and friendship. “When Yamarah comes back and tells River who his father is, there will be no resentments.” Ian said. “I will be very happy to know that I can relate with my two sons. Ian called River and invited him and Yurania Ylang to have dinner in his house; he also invited Jon and Pamela. Ian’s wife was not too happy, but she accepted.
That evening River, Yurania Ylang, Jon, Pamela and Ian had a wonderful dinner. Ian’s wife was very pleasant too. After dinner, everyone went to the parlor, drank wine and exchanged conversation. Everyone got along fine.
“Ohhh, what a pain, whew!” Pamela exclaimed. “I think the baby is coming sooner than I thought.”
“What? Are you sure? Jon screamed. “Oh my God, Oh my God! What now? Jon started running and yelling. “Get the ambulance, get the car, get something. Oh my!
“Will you be still Jon?” Pamela yelled. “You are driving me nuts! We still have time. Father Ian, will you please drive me to the hospital? I don’t trust Jon driving.”
“Of course I will drive you.” Ian said. “Let’s go Jon.” Jon ran outside and got into the car forgetting to take Pamela.
River was laughing, and as he was helping Pamela to the car, said. “Jon, I think that you forgot something.”
Jon got out of the car and said. “What did I forget? I am taking my wife to the hospital to give birth to my baby. Jon looked at River and asked. “What are you doing with my wife?” Then realizing what he was doing he grabbed Pamela and helped her into the car. “I’m sorry River.” Jon said. “I don’t know what I am doing. This is my first baby.” Ian drove Pamela and Jon to the hospital accompanied by his wife. River and Cachita followed in their car.
Hours later Pamela had given birth to a beautiful Baby girl. Everyone was happy, River tried to be happy but he could not.
“What is the matter River? Ian asked. You seem very preoccupied, is there anything wrong? Did I do anything wrong?”
“No Ian, it’s just me.” River replied. You have done nothing wrong, the dinner was good. All was good; I had a wonderful time with all of you. I am glad you have a beautiful granddaughter. It is just me. I am worried about my mother. I have not heard from her for too long.”
“Has your mother called you?” Ian said. “Do you know where she is? You mean to say that she has not come back from the honeymoon?”
“No, mother has not returned from the honeymoon.” River replied. “I don’t even know where she went for her honey moon. No one knows. I am very worried.”
“That is very strange.” Ian said. “It is late now, but I will help you to look for her in the morning. Maybe she went straight to the mountain.”
“I went to the mountains.” River said. “Mother was not there either.”
Where is Yamarah? Where did Drone take her? Why isn’t Rivers mother back from her honeymoon?
Stay tune for Chapter 3

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