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RIVER PART II-Chapter 4-Where are Yamarah and River?

Part II
By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos



Chapter 4
Where are Yamarah and Drone?

River took a couple of days off work to go look for Yamarah and Drone. Paulie and Ian were going to help River look for his mother and Drone. None of the workers at the airports, cruise ships, all forms of transportation, no one knew or had heard from Drone and Yamarah. River summoned all of the staff at the house and asked if anyone knew or had heart where the married couple where going to on their honey moon. One of the young maids said that she had overheard Drone say something about Magic Island.

“Magic Island? I have never heard of that.” River said.

Andric’s eyes lit and he looked surprised.

“Andric, do you now anything about this?” River asked. “Please, I have to know where my mother is. If you do not tell me, I will call the police and then you will have to them. I know that you and Drone share a lot of secrets, but this is one secret that you will have to share with us.”

Andric looked at River and said. “I did not think that Drone would take Yamarah to the island, River. We still do not know if he did, but they have taken too long to return. Maybe the island is farther than Drone thought, since he has not been there since he was a boy”

“What and where is Magic Island?” River asked.

“The name is Najikala.” It is a small Island far out in the sea. That is where Drone was born. Drone was very adventurous and one day decided to go adventure, he wanted to seen what was across the ocean. Drone had never seen other islands. There was a big storm, and a giant tidal wave swept Drone to shore near the mountains on the other side of the cave. Drone knew how to take care of himself and built a hut and ate fish and fruits. Drone walked toward the mountains and decided to build a cabin at the top of one of the mountains. One day Drone was walking down along the side of one of the mountains, and found a cave. Curious, Drone decided to find out where the cave led. There was loud sound of thunder and Drone walked to where the sound was coming from. Drone found an exit leading outside saw Brutus being swept away in the mud slide, and saved him. Drone got curious and began to visit the other side of the mountain, then went to the city often. Drone made sure that no one ever saw him. Drone learned the ways of the city people. One day Drone discovered gold, in the cave. While digging the gold, a very old couple appeared to Drone and warned him not to ever let any one know about the gold or about the cave. Only those who need saving are allowed to enter the cave and live on the other side, in peace, otherwise the entrance to the cave will disappear and no one will ever be allowed to go in or out. Drone never told me what happened to the old couple. That is why I never go into the cave. I am sure Drone has told you all about me… Drone was always saying that he was going back to his island some day. He wanted to see his parents and his people again. I guess he went back and took Yamarah with him to see his island and meet his parents and people. He calls it Magic Island.”

“Do you know how to contact Drone?” River said. “I need to know that my mother is safe.”

“I think that Drone has something in his cabin in the mountains.” Andric said. “You are going to have to go to the cabin in the mountains and find it. I will give you a piece of paper that Drone had given me to hold for him, with all the information. I am sure that Drone does not mind me giving it to you. I had no idea that Drone was going to go to the island for his honeymoon. Do not worry, they are fine, I have complete confidence that Drone will keep Yamarah safe.”

Andric went to his room, found the piece of paper and gave it to River. “When you find them, please let us know if they are safe.” Andric said. “Please tell Drone to accept my apologies for telling you about the island, but I know that he would understand.”

“Thank you Drone.” River said. “I am going to the other side of the cave now.”

“I will go with your River.” Ian said.”

“I will go too.” Paulie said.

River, Ian and Paulie set out to go to the mountains. “What are we going to tell the women?” Paulie asked. “They will worry about us not knowing where we are going.”

“I will explain to them that you had to go out of out of the country to go look for them, and did not have time to say goodbye.” Andric said. “As we know, none of them can go to the cave unless it is to save their lives. They will want to go with you and ask many questions that can’t be answered. Now go before it gets dark.”

River, Paulie and Ian went to the cave, entered and walked across the cave. Paulie stopped at his parent’s house and explain that River was looking for a clue to go find Yamarah and Drone. Ian went with River to the cabin.

River looked at the piece of paper, it was parchment paper. The paper had a drawing of a diamond.”

River said. “There is a picture of something in the middle of the diamond, and an arrow pointing to it.”

There was a knock on the door, “Hello, you guys in here?” Paulie asked.

“Come on in the door is open.” River said.

“Did you find anything yet?” Paulie Asked.

“No, not yet. “ River said. “I am looking at the paper that Andric gave me. It has a drawing of a diamond, and inside the diamond there is an arrow pointing toward a picture, that looks like a tree near a cave. Let’s look for a picture around the cabin that has a tree near a cave.”

“Wait, maybe it is not a picture of anything, there may be a tree next to the cave.” Ian said.

“You are right Ian.” Paulie said. “Let’s go to the cave entrance, I think there is a tree near the cave entrance.”

River, Ian and Paulie walked to the cave entrance and saw the tree in the drawing. “OK, now what are we looking for?” River asked.

The men looked all around the tree and found nothing. River sat under the tree and asked. “What is going on, what are we looking for?”

“Look at the Caterpillar River.” Paulie said. “It is turning into a butterfly.”

“Paulie, we have no time for look at butterflies.” River said.” I want to find my mother.”

“River, come look.” Paulie insisted. “There is something here you have to see, it’s like the butterfly is showing us something.”

“Paulie, you and your imagination.” Ian said.

River looked at the butterfly and noticed that there was something behind the butterfly there was an arrow carved on the tree pointing down. River looked under the root of the tree, and there was big diamond key. “OK now what do we do with this key.” River said.

“Let’s go in the cave and see if we can find a diamond mine.” Ian said.

River went into the cave and paulie and Ian followed. The men walked all around the cave and could not find anything. “Lets look around one more time and then we go rest.” Ian said. “It is going to get dark soon.”

There was aloud roar, giant footsteps were approaching. “Oh no!” Paulie exclaimed. “Here comes Brutus again.”

Brutus jumped on River knocking him against the wall. “What are you doing here Brutus?’ River said. “I guess Drone brought you back to the mountains knowing that he was going to move back. I guess you miss Drone.”

“River, look!” Paulie houted. “That looks like a key hole.”

River shined the lamp on the wall and said. “You are right Paulie. I’m going to insert the diamond key and see what happens.”

River inserted the diamond key, and the wall opened. River, Ian and Paulie went inside. “Wow it’s spooky in here.” Paulie said.

“What is this?” Ian asked. “There are only walls around how are we going to get in contact with Drone and Yamarah?”

“Wait, there is something shining on the wall ahead of us. It looks like a switch.” River said. River walked toward the wall, touched the shining thing and lights turned on.

“Wow!” Paulie exclaimed with amazement in his face and voice. “What is this?”

“I don’t know.” River said, looking in front of him.” I have never seen anything like this.”

“Isn’t this supposed to be a gold mine?” River asked. “I feel like I am inside a big diamond, except these are not diamonds. This feels like something from outer space.”
River was amazed, speechless, he did not know what to say, he was afraid to even think. “Where is my mother?” River asked. “Who or what is Drone? What has he done with my mother?”

What do you think readers? Do you dare think?

For more surprises, stay tuned for chapter 5

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