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RIVER-PART II-Chapt. 5- The quest to find Najikala Island



By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos


Chapter 5

The quest to find Najikala Island

"This looks like a space laboratory of some sort.” Ian said. “Look at those computers and buttons.”

River turned the big computer in the middle on; there was a video recording of Drone saying. “This video is meant for River to see in the event that Yamarah and I have not returned home. I gave Andric instructions not to give the paper with the map to anyone unless we did not return home in a reasonable time. Before I continue to speak, I would like to apologize to River for not telling him where we were going for our honeymoon. Yamarah did not know our destination until we boarded the boa. I also asked Yamarah if she was willing to go with me. I did not want her to feel obligated to come with me. Yamarah was very happy to come with me. I am sure Andric told you about the island. I have been wondering for years how to come back to my island. One day I decided to build this laboratory and bought the equipment necessary to build a satellite to find my island. Lat year, I finally found it and planned the trip to go see my family and people. I never thought that I would be going back to my island with a wife. I did not realize or forgot how dangerous these ocean waters are. I made sure the boat for your trip is strong and safe, but one never knows. That is why I left instructions for you to find this lab and follow the instructions, to come and find us. I promise you River, that I will never let anything happen to your mother. On the beachside near the mountains there is a big boat. The boat is hidden between two large caves, it is very well equipped with all the modern technology, GPS, and living accommodations’ you will be very comfortable. There are different color buttons on the left of this computer, press the green button and a drawer will come out, it is a safe, open it by pressing the yellow button once, the green button three times and the red button once. There are 5 pieces of different size diamond keys. Take the keys with you. You will connect each to its different keyhole on the boat. When you get to the boat you will find everything you need and figure all out for yourself. Do not let anyone see you. Only whoever will be traveling with you. The computer will give you further instructions on how to operate the boat. Open it when you leave here, remember to turn off everything and close everything else. Have a safe trip, and I hope that you find us and we are all safe. God bless.”

The video turned off and the computer then showed them the picture of where the island was. “That is a very tiny island.” River said. “I hope we find it.”

“That will be an adventure for us.” Paulie said.

“Lets read all the instructions and make sure we do everything right.” Ian said

The men read all the instructions, opened the safe, got the diamond keys, made sure everything was turned off, closed everything and left.

“We can start our journey early tomorrow morning.” Ian said. “We don’t know how long we will be away. We can stay in Drones cabin for tonight.”

“Good idea.” Paulie said. “I can go to my parents and say good bye.”

“No Paulie, you cannot say anything to anyone.” River said. “Not even your parents. We all stay in the cabin and go before dawn. No one will see us get to the boat, your parents know we are going away, let them think that we left.”

Everyone got ready and went to bed early. River got up before dawn and woke up Paulie and Ian. The three men walked down the mountain, walked across the beach front, found the cave, and the boat.

“Wow! That’s a big boat.” Paulie said.

“Let’s board the boat and get out of here as soon as we can.” River said. “We don’t want anyone seeing us.”

The three men boarded the boat. They looked all over the boat.

“This is more than a boat,” Ian said. “It has everything, a kitchen, bedrooms, living room, and a bathroom in each room. It has all the amenities a yacht has.

Let’s go see how we are going to steer this boat.”

“Drone sure said it right when he said this boat had the most modern technology equipment.” Paulie said. “Do you know how to operate all them Gadgets River?

“The instructions were very simple.” River said. “Besides, the boat has an automatic pilot. We turn it on when we go to sleep or eat.”

“Don’t worry Paulie.” Ian said, “I know how to operate it. I have sailed ships before. Now let’s star this boat and get out of here before anyone sees us. River, you turn the boat on, Paulie go untie the ropes, and I will pull the anchor up.”

River used the Diamond key that fit in the ignition and turned the boat on, Paulie untied the ropes, and Ian pulled the anchor up. River noticed two different keyholes, one next to the engine and one next to the steering wheel. “Two of the keys must belong to those keyholes.” River said. “I wonder where the other two key belong.”

“I will tell you in due time.” “A woman’s voice was heard.

“Whoa! Who said that?” Paulie said.

“It is me the computer on the boat. My name is Yoly. I will be giving you instructions when you need them. I was built to help find different islands via satellite. I only operate when the diamond keys are used, or when the secret code is used. Only Drone knows the code and it is written on a secret place. Now relax and enjoy the ride. Yes, humor is also in one of my circuits.”

The boat sailed far into the ocean before anyone noticed it. The sea was tranquil, the sun was shining, and the fish could be seen jumping out of the water. Farther and farther into the sea, the whales and other giant fish were seen, it was a beautiful sight. The men had lunch and relaxed, River read the navigating charts on the computer, and the day went smooth. River told Yoly to take over and went to bed.

Days passed and the ocean began to get rough, the waves began to get bigger and there was no sign of land. The boat began to sway, rain began to fall and there was a lot of thunder and lightning. “We are having a big storm.” Ian said. I hope it is not bad.”

“Do you have any idea where we are?” Paulie asked.

“No I don’t.” River said. “Yoly where are we? We have been traveling for days and there is no island in sight.”

“We are entering the Bermuda triangle.” Yoly said. “There is much danger in front of us“

“The Bermuda triangle!” Ian exclaimed. “We can’t go through the Bermuda triangle, every ship or plane that has gone through it has disappeared.”

“The only way to find Najikala Island is through the Bermuda Triangle.” Yoly said.

“No wonder mother and Drone disappeared.” River said. They must have disappeared like everything else. But how are we going to get them?”

“Not to worry River.” Yoly said. I will navigate the ship while all of you sleep.”

“Sleep? You expect us to sleep while you go through the triangle?” Paulie asked.

“My instructions were to take the boat to Najikala Island,” Yoly said. “What you do is your business.

The storm got worse, the thunder and lightning got stronger and the boat began to move from side to side. Ian and Paulie went out to the deck and a big wave slammed on the boat. Giant waves began to appear, and the boat began to fiercely sway back and forth. Ian and Paulie returned to the bridge and closed the door.

“Wow, this storm is bad.” Paulie said.

“Feels like a hurricane.” Ian said

“River, take one of the diamond keys and insert it in the keyhole next to the engine. Turn it to the right, then sit on the chair and fasten your seatbelt. River did as he was told; Ian and Paulie got on the seats and fastened their seat belts. River began to get sleepy. “Ian, I am getting so sleepy.” River said. “. “I can’t keep my eyes open.”

“Me too.” Ian said. “What is going on?”

“Yoly said that we were approaching the Bermuda Triangle.” Paulie said. “She also said that we were going to sleep. What is going on Yoly? What did you do to us? I don’t want to go to sleep.”

“Yes we are going through the Bermuda triangle.” Yoly said. “It is too dangerous while we are going through the Bermuda Triangle for you to be awake. Good night.”

All three chairs leaned back and the men fell asleep.

What is happening? It has been said that anyone attempting to cross the Bermuda Triangle has disappeared. Will the boat with River, Ian and Paulie disappear too?

Stay tuned for chapter 6 to find out.

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