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RIVER PART II-Chapter 6-The journey to Najikala Island



By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos

Chapter 6
Journey to Najikala Island


“Wake up wake up! “Yoly said.
River opened his eyes, straightened the chair and unbuckled the seat belt. “Hey guys wake up.” River said.
Ian and Paulie woke up, straightened their chairs and unbuckled the seat belts.
“Where are we?” Paulie said.

` River got up and walked outside. “Hey guys, come out side." River said.
Ian and Paulie walked outside, and all that could be seen was water. The sun was out and the sky was clear. “Where can we be?” Ian asked. “Did we go through the Bermuda Triangle? But we are still alive.”

River walked back inside the boat and said. “Yoly, I want to know where we are at. No one has ever crossed the Triangle.”

“You are near the island of Najikala.” Yoly said. “We do not have far to go, eat your breakfast and I suggest that all of you relax. There are many dangers ahead of us. We have to go through two islands before we can get to Najikala. Once we get through the islands, we will be home free, and find Najikala.

The men went to take a shower and have breakfast. Several hours later, there was a light fog and an island could be seen. “What Island is that?” Paulie asked.”

“That is the island of Tirarroca.” Yoly said. “There is a giant mountain, and every hour rocks shoot in the air, and land far into the ocean destroying whatever they hit. We have to be careful not to get hit with any of them

“How are we going to avoid the rocks?” Ian asked.

“Take one of the keys.” Yoly said. “Place it in the keyhole next to the steering wheel, and turn it after we are out of the fog and before we reach the island. A giant shield will cover the boat protecting us from the rocks.

River walked back inside, took out another diamond key and placed it in the key hole next to the steering wheel, when they were clear of the fog, River immediately turned the key. They could not avoid the island because it was the only way to go to Najikala Island.

All of a sudden, big rocks began to appear in the air. “Dear God! “ Paulie said. “We are going to get killed here.”

The men ran for cover, but when the rock landed all that was heard was the boom, boom, of the rocks falling on top of the shield. River steered the boat away from the island safely. Once they were clear of the rocks, River turned the key and the shield was off. “That was scary.” River said. “But how did Drone survive all of this the first time he left Najikala Island? He will tell us when we find them, I guess.”

“OK, what’s next Yoly?” River asked.

“You relax, have dinner, and wait until tomorrow.” Yoly said.

“I thought you said that we are not far from Najikala Island.” Paulie said.

“We are not” Yoly said. “But we have to face each danger a day at a time. You have to give yourselves time to react, so you can be ready for what is ahead of us.”

“Yoly is right.” Ian said.” Those rocks were very scary. I am hungry and want to be ready for the next island.”

The following day, there was a beautiful island ahead. “That island does not look dangerous.” Paulie said. “Look at the beautiful rainbow surrounding it.”

“It is best that all of you stay inside.” Yoly said.” That rainbow is very dangerous. There is a giant octopus guarding the Island, and we have to pass through the rainbow to get to our destination. River, take one of the diamond keys, place it in the keyhole near the engine, when we are near the rainbow, turn it.

The boat went near the island and before they reached the rainbow, River turned the key and as they went through the rainbow, a huge octopus appeared out of the water.

“The men were petrified as they moved along the beast and it did nothing. It acted as if it did not see them. Once out of the Rainbow, away from the octopus and the island, Ian asked. “What happened? Did we go invisible?”

‘Yes, we did.” Yoly replied. “River you can turn the key back, the boat went invisible once the key was turned. Now we are on our way to Najikala Island.

Hours later the men saw an island ahead of them. “Is that Najikala Island?” River asked. “It looks so small.”

“Yes. Now you can continue operating the boat yourself River.” Yoly said. “I will help if I am needed.”

River took over, and as they neared the island, they saw people waving at them.

“I hope we find Mother and Drone there.” River said.

River docked the boat on the pier, and the island men tied the rope. River took the diamond keys and put them in his pocket. The men got out of the boat, looked around and saw big palm trees, they walked toward the trees, and a man appeared accompanied by other men, women and children. As the man got closer, River recognized him, it was Drone.

“Welcome to the island of Najikala.” Drone said, giving River a hug. “I am glad that you made it safely.”

“Where is my mother?” River said.

“Your mother is at our hut.” Drone replied. “She is waiting for you, but there is something I must tell you before you see her.”

“I want to see mother now.” River said. “Please take me to her. I have been worried about her. Where is the hut?”

“Our hut is straight ahead,” Drone said. “It is the one with the balcony in front, but before you see her.”

River did not listen to Drone and ran to the hut to see his mother. He saw Yamarah sitting in a rocker on the porch. Yamarah saw River and stood up. River ran and hugged his other. “Mother, I am so glad to see you.” River said. “I have missed you so much. I was worried when you did not, return from your honeymoon.”

River noticed that Yamarah did not hug him back and acted strange.” Mother what is wrong.” River said. “Are you alright, aren’t you glad to see me?”

“I’m sorry.” Yamarah said. “Are you the young man that my husband said is my son?”

Drone arrived at that moment and said. “River I was trying to tell you before you saw your mother, that she lost her memory. Come I will tell you more.”

Drone and River went out side, Paulie and Ian followed. Drone explained what had happened to Yamarah.

“When we started our journey,” Drone said. “I was prepared for all of the hazards that you encountered coming here. The old couple that I had told River and Paulie about, who had appeared to me in the cave was the spirits of my ancestors. They too had left the island, when they were young; they miraculously managed to survive the stones, and the giant octopus. I guess when I myself made the journey; I went to sleep and was lucky. The couple arrived at the other side of the cave. One day they found the cave, and the gold. They also found a strange mirror, and when they looked at it, they saw a fog and a strange face that said.” There is another entrance on the other side of this cave. The entrance can only be seen by the women who are with child and in need of getting out of the storms. They can live on the other side of the cave for as long as hey want. They can return to their world as long as they do not tell anyone about the cave. If anyone, that has never entered the cave, should enter, the entrance will disappear for ever. Only those who have lived and have been born in or on the other side of the cave will always see the cave and are allowed to enter it. The gold is yours to use as you please as long as no one else knows, until you die. Then your soul will stay in the cave until you find someone who is trustworthy. Once you find that person you give them the gold and your souls will be free. We died of old age, but our souls have been here waiting until now that you have arrived. You will now be responsible for the cave. The couple then vanished. The rest of the story I told River and Paulie the first time they went to my house. I then built the lab and made the video that you saw. I also built two big boats, one for me and the one that you came in. On our journey, Yamarah and I both got through both islands safely Yamarah and I decided to stay here a couple of weeks, for our honeymoon, The day before we were going to return home, there was a an earth quake, A giant tsunami wave hit the island and took our boat. Yamara, the islanders and I were saved, because we ran to one of the big mountains. The village was completely destroyed, and we had to rebuild our huts and everything else. The coconut palm trees were not washed away because they are strong trees. Yamarah and I were unable to return, but Yamarah and I knew that River would find us. One day Yamarah went for a walk, and I noticed that she did not come back. My people and I went to look or her and one of the boys found Yamarah wandering around the other side of the island near a waterfall and he brought her home. Yamarah was in a daze, I asked her what she was doing on the other side of the island by herself and she just looked at me. “I don’t know.” Yamarah said. “I don’t remember. I can’t remember anything. Who are you? What am I doing here?” The medicine man looked at her and noticed that she was holding something. Yamarah had the fruit of Faragula plant in her hands The Faragula looks like a blackberry, but it is red, and causes memory loss when eaten. Yamarah had eaten a Faragula fruit, and lost her memory. The effect can wear off in a week, but sometimes it may be permanent, according to how many she ate. We do not know how many she ate. I am hoping that when we go to the hospital in the city, they may be able to help her. We must prepare to leave as soon as possible. I have given Yamarah information about her life and about River and everyone else. Now let’s get back to Yamarah so she can get to know her son.”

The men went back to the hut and Drone introduced everyone to Yamarah,

“I am so glad to finally meet you River.” Yamarah said. “You are very handsome.”

“We have to pack and get ready to go home Yamarah.” Drone said. “It is best that we leave s soon as possible.”

“May we stay another day to get to know and see the island?” Paulie said. “Everything looks so beautiful here.”

“Yes, we can.” Drone said. “I am sure it will not hurt to stay another day.”

“Did you find your parents Drone?” River asked.

“My parents died many years ago.” Drone said. One of the elders said there was an earth quake, and a tsunami killed most of the people. No one had time to seek shelter, only those who live in the mountains were spared. We get a lot of storms in this island. That is also one of the reasons I want to leave here and take Yamarah to safety as soon as possible.”

“I am going for a walk.” Paulie said. “Don’t worry I will make sure I do not eat anything unless you or one of the islanders give it to me.”

“I will go with you.” Ian said.

Paulie and Ian went to see the island; one of the islanders accompanied them.

River and Yamarah also went for a walk, Drone stood home to get ready for their journey back home.

Two days later, Drone woke up to get ready for they journey home, Yamarah wasn’t in bed. “I guess Yamarah got up early, she must be getting ready for the trip.” Drone said. Drone went to the kitchen, Yamarah was not there. Drone went outside and River, Ian and Paulie were waiting for him and Yamarah.

“Have any of you seen Yamarah?” Drone asked. “She is not in the hut.”

“No we haven’t.” River replied. “We have been waiting for you to board the boat and go home.”

“Strange, maybe one of the islanders has seen her.” Drone said.

The men went to look for Yamarah and asked everyone if they had seen Yamarah. The boy that had found Yamarah when she had disappeared before said that he saw her. “Leila took her somewhere.” The boy said.

“Who is Leila?” Rive asked.

“She is one of the island girls.” Drone said. “Where would Leila take Yamarah knowing that we are leaving today?”

“Leila was headed toward the cliff.” The boy said. “Now that I remember, it was Leila that gave Yamarah some Farangula plants with lots of berries. Leila does not like Yamarah.”

Drone ran toward the cliff, “What is going on?” River asked.

”I think that Leila is going to do something bad.” The boy said.

River ran after Drone and Ian and Paulie followed them.

When Drone arrived he screamed. “Leila, no, don’t do it!”

Leila pushed Yamarah off the cliff.

“Noooo!” Drone yelled.

River froze when he saw his mother being pushed off the cliff, he could not move, all he said was. “Why?”

Drone grabbed Leila and shaking her asked. “Why? Why did you do that Leila?”

“I hated her.” Leila said. “I have always been in love with you ever since I was a young girl. When you left for the first time, my heart was broken. You never looked at me, I tried to get your attention but you ignored me. When I saw you come back, I was happy to see you, but you did not recognize me. Once again I was ignored by you. I never stopped loving you. When I saw your bride, I was heart broken again. I hated her; I gave her the Frangula plant and told her to eat the fruit. I thought that if she ate a lot she would die, instead she lost her memory. I knew that you were leaving again, so I decided that I was not going to let you wife take you away again. I saw when she got up early this morning and invited her to see something beautiful before she left. I led her here and decided to kill her.”

“Leila, I am sorry, I never meant to hurt you.” Drone said with tears in his eyes. “You have hurt me; you have killed the love of my life. Yamarah never meant you any harm. She was innocent. Now you will have to pay.”

“Is this what you brought my mother here for?” River screamed. “Oh my God, my mother is dead. River began to sob. “Mom, my beautiful and wonderful mother.” River said sobbing. “I have lost you.” River looked at Leila and said. “You monster, you killed my mother, an innocent woman who never hurt anyone. Now I am going to make you pay.” Leila got scared and went to run, but she forgot that she was at the edge of the cliff and went flying off the cliff to her death.

What is going to happen next? Stay tune for chapter 7

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