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RIVER PARTII-Chapter 7-The Journey home


By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos


Chapter 7

The Journey home

Ian and Paulie were shocked; they could not believe what had just happened. Ian felt heartbroken for his son; he then realized that he loved Yamarah. Walking toward River Ian said. “I am so sorry River; I never imagined that this would happen.”

“Let’s go look for Yamarah’s body.” Drone said. We can give her a traditional Island burial.”

“No, my mother will not be buried here.” River said. “We will take her home and bury her there. You may have been her husband and you belong in this island, but my mother does not belong here. You can stay here if you wish Drone, but I am taking mother home.”

“I will go back with you River.” Drone said. “The villagers can take Leila’s body and bury her.”

River went to look over the cliff to see what was at the bottom and if he could see Yamarah‘s body, but all he saw was a body of a woman on top of rocks, “Drone there is only one body down there.” River said. “Where is the other?”

Drone, Ian, Paulie and the islanders looked down over the cliff. “The other body must be in the ground where the grass is.” One of the Islanders said.

Drone, River, Ian, and Paulie got ropes and the islanders climbed down the cliff. The first body they found was Leila. The islanders tied the body to a rope and pulled it up the cliff. Yamarah’s body could not be found. Everyone looked around.

‘Here she is over here.” One of the islanders said. She must have fallen on top of the trees, she is in the bushes.”

River took his mother’s body, and with Drone, Ian and Paulie’s help, they placed it in a blanket, and tied a rope around it. The islanders helped to pull Yamarah’s body up the cliff. Drone and River put Yamarah’s body in the boat.

“I am going to put her on my bed.” Drone said. “My wife is too beautiful to be placed in a bag. It will look like she is sleeping. I still can‘t believe that my beloved wife is dead.”

Drone carried his wife’s body to his room on the boat and placed her on the bed. Yamarah looked like she was sleeping.

“There was no blood in her body.” Drone said. “She must have internal injuries with such a big fall. Let‘s go get the rest of our things and we can go home today as planned.”

Drone went to say good-bye to the islanders who were placing Leila’s body in a raft and burn it as was their custom. All of a sudden there was an earthquake.

“Hurry River let’s get into the boat, before the tsunami gets here.” Drone said.” “Paulie untie the rope and get in the boat, Ian start the motor, River give me the fifth silver key hurry. Everyone sit down and buckle the seat belts. Drone put the key under the steering wheel and turned it. The boat went flying up seconds before the Giant wave covered the entire island taking everything in its path.

“Wow that was close“. Paulie said. “Another second and we would have been eaten by the tsunami. This is some fancy boat Drone; you made sure that we would be covered by Land Ocean and air. Your island is gone, I am so sorry.”

“It is sad for me to see my island gone.” Drone said. “At least River, Ian and you were saved, and we can go home. It is the least I can do for my beloved Yamarah.”

I also built this boat to be able to fly. We will be flying over the two islands. We cannot fly over the Triangle, I will land on the ocean and we can steer the boat home.”

“Will we fall asleep again?” Paulie asked.

“Yes it is necessary for us to be unconscious while the boat goes through the triangle. It is the only way, no one has even seen the inside of the triangle, and if they do, they will disappear forever. It cannot be explained but then I realized that I had slept while my boat crossed the triangle the first time I traveled to the other side of the cave. The old couple had also slept while their boat crossed the triangle.”

Drone landed the boat on the ocean and everyone sat down not knowing what to say to River. They knew River and Drone were hurting because of Yamarah’s death.

“I cannot believe that I came to rescue my mother and instead I am taking her lifeless body home.” River said.

“Ohh! Drone where are you?” A woman’s voice said.

The men were shocked. “Who is that? Paulie said. “Did you hear someone groaning?”

“Yes, and it is coming from Drones room.” Ian said.

River ran to Drone’s room, followed by the rest of the men. Yamarah was alive; she was trying to get up. “River my son what are you doing here?” Yamarah asked. What happened? Oh, my body hurts so much.”

“Mother! You are alive!” River screamed. “Oh God you are alive.”

River ran to hug his mother.

Drone, Ian and Paulie were shocked. “But how?” Drone said. “How could she have survived such a fall? It is a miracle.”

Drone hugged his wife with tears in his eyes, and said. “My love do you remember what happened?”

“All I remember was Leila giving me some berries.” Yamarah said. “I ate them and all went blank. Then I remember being pushed over a cliff and kept falling from one limb of the trees to another. The strange thing was that instead of tree branches, they were big hands, and then I landed on a cloud. I got up and looked around, but there was no one, an old couple suddenly appeared and told me that I had to return to my loved ones. What is going on what happened?”

“Mother, I am so happy that you are alive.” River said. “I do not care who or how, I am just glad that you are alive.”

“We will tell you later.” Drone said. “Just rest, so many things happened in the island. I am just glad that you are here with us.”

Yamarah looked around and said. “Are we on the boat? The tsunami swept the boat and destroyed it.”

“No, this is not the same boat.” Drone said. “I had built two boats, one for us to go the island and the other I left docked in case something happened; I left instructions for River to come rescue us.”

“Please tell me all that happened.” Yamarah said. “I want to get up and sit outside. I think I have rested enough. I am anxious to know what happened after I ate the berries.”

Drone and River helped Yamarah outside, they sat on the lounge chairs, and Drone told Yamarah everything that had happened.

Everyone then went to bed, they were tired.

“We will be near the Triangle in a couple of days.” Drone said. “Let’s just relax and enjoy the journey.”

“I can’t wait to get home.” Paulie said. “I miss Cachita and my parents.”

“I can’t wait to get home to see my family.” Ian said. “I can’t wait to see my granddaughter. Everyone must be worried about us. I am glad that Yamarah is walking home, instead of her body being carried in a casket. This is an adventure I will never forget.”

Two days later the boat was getting near the Triangle. “Yoly it is time for you to take over.” Drone said. “Everyone sit, buckle your seatbelts, recline the chairs, and relax. River gave the silver key to Drone, who inserted it in the keyhole next to the engine. Drone turned the key and everyone fell asleep.

The following day, everyone woke up, straightened their chairs, unbuckled the seat belts and walked outside. “Good morning everyone.” Yoly said.” We will be home in a couple of days. Everyone relax and enjoy the rest of the trip. I will steer the boat until we get home.”

The weather was beautiful and they finally reached their destination. The boat was docked in the same place that they began the journey. ”We have to hide the boat and make sure that no one ever sees it“. Drone said. “Everyone lets get off and go home.”

Everyone got off the boat. Once they walked off the pier, Drone took a remote control he had in his pocket, pressed a button and a big rock closed covering the boat.

“Now no one will see the boat.” Drone said. “Let’s go home.”

What adventures will follow River? Stay tune for Chapter 8

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