Sunday, September 11, 2011

RIVER-Chapter 1-Escape from The Storm

By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos

Chapter one
Escaping the storm

The storm became intense, it quickly turned into a killer hurricane blowing everything in it’s path. Trees were uprooted, small creeks turned into rivers, the animals ran looking for shelter, but could not find any. Thunder was heard and lightning was striking whatever was in its path. The ground opened up swallowing the plants and everything around it. The rain caused mudslides sweeping and covering whatever was in front of it. Where was anyone to go? Yamarah was running, trying to find shelter, she was with child. “Father, help me, where are you?” Yamarah. Screamed.
“Hurry, go into the cave.” Yamarah heard a strong voice say. Yamarah saw a cave appear in front of her, and ran inside, seconds before mud rushed behind her. Yamarah was relieved to have escaped the wicked storm. Exhausted from running, Yamarah fell asleep in the cave.
Hours later Yamarah opened her eyes, everything was dark, she looked around and saw a ray of light. “I wonder where that leads to?” Yamarah whispered. Walking toward the light being careful not to stumble on anything, when she looked out, Yamarah saw a road leading out of the cave. “What is this?” Yamarah asked. “Everything seems to have cleared up, the storm has gone. But wait? This is not the same place. Where am I?”
Yamarah walked out side, she saw a deserted road, dry bushes and far ahead she saw mountains. Yamarah walked toward the mountains, there was an entrance leading to the mountains. Entering the mountain, Yamarah saw a river, rocks and berry bushes.
“Oh how wonderful.” Yamarah said. “I am very thirsty and hungry. I can at least drink water and eat berries.” Yamarah picked berries, sat down on a rock, drank water and ate. Yamarah had finished eating berries and went to wash her hands in the river, while trying to get up, she felt a sharp pain. The pain stopped for a moment, but when she began to walk the pain started again. “Oh no, not now.” Yamarah exclaimed. “I think I am in labor. I am all alone here, I don’t know what to do.” The pain stopped, but Yamarah felt wet, as if she was urinating on herself. Her water bag had broken, Yamarah went to clean herself in the river, and felt an excruciating pain, then felt like pushing, and felt something between her legs. Yamarah got up, but when she tried to walk, she tripped over a rock and fell in the river, losing consciousness.
Waking up, Yamarah found herself in a bed, and an older woman sitting on a chair next to her. “You gave us quite a scare young woman.” The woman said. “My name is Marcela, we saw you floating in the river and my husband, Nano, saved you.”
Yamarah then remembered that she was in pain, fell into the river and cried. “What happened? I remember being in pain and felt like pushing, I felt something between my legs, when I tried to walk, I fell into the river”
“Yes child.” Marcela said. ”When my husband jumped into the river to save you, he also saw a baby attached to your umbilical cord, and took you both out.”
“Baby?” Yamarah exclaimed. “I had the baby in the river? Did it drown? Where is my baby?”
“No child,” Marcela replied, “When a baby is born in the water it does not drown. The baby breaths air when it is introduced to the air, besides the baby was still attached to the umbilical cord attached to you. Nano cut the umbilical cord and saved you and the baby.”
Marcela picked the infant up from a cradle she had, that belonged to her now grown son and said. “ Here is your baby , you had a beautiful, healthy baby boy.”
Yamarah held her baby close to her breast. “What a beautiful boy you are my son.” Yamarah said. “I have to give you a name. You were born in the river, I will name you River. My darling baby.” River began to get restless and started wiggling and crying. “You must be hungry my little boy.” Yamarah said. “What am I going to feed him?”
“Breast feed him my dear.” Marcela said. Take your breast out and let him suck the milk out of your breast.”
Yamarah took one of her breast out, placed the nipple in River’s mouth, who immediately started sucking. It was the most wonderful sensation Yamarah felt. When he was full, River fell asleep on his mothers chest. “My baby was very hungry” Yamarah whispered.
Marcela gently picked up the infant and placed him in the cradle.
Yamarah got up and walked toward the door in the room. “Where am I?” Yamarah asked? My name is Yamarah. I remember running away from a big storm and heard a voice tell me to go in the cave . I ran to the cave before the mudslide got to me. Everything was dark and I fell asleep from exhaustion. When I woke up I saw the light on the other side of the cave and it led me to the road near the river. Thank you for saving me and my baby.”
“You are welcomed child.” Marcela said. “You are safe in our home. We actually do not know the name of this place, we have lived here a long time. We got lost one day while on vacation on the other side of the cave, it began to get dark, loud thunder was heard, Lightning was falling from the sky and the showers began to flood everything. I was also with child, and like you, heard a voice that told us to go in the cave. We ran to the cave and walked toward the light on the other side, that bought us here. Nano build the cradle, River is now using, and built a small a small hut with tree leaves. I then gave birth to my son Ian. We loved the peace here and decided to stay. Nano then built this cabin and everything that you see. Being an architect and being a handyman, Nano dug a well, and together we transplanted flowers and trees from the surrounding areas. Ian grew up and wanted to know what was on the other side of the cave. We knew that would someday happen and he left with our blessings. He said he would be back some day. I want so much to see him. Maybe he found his way out and may now has his own family. Why don’t you go out, take a walk and look around.”
Yamarah walked outside, to the porch. There was a big swing on one side of the porch and two rockers next to it. Small and big plants in pots were hanging on top of the porch. Yamarah walked down the short stairs and walked outside. The scenery was breath-taking, the mountains ahead had flowers of different kind and colors. There was a small creek near the side of the Cabin where Nano loved to go fishing. Different kind of fruit trees surrounded the vegetable garden on the other side of the cabin and the vegetable garden. Ducks, goats, rabbits and chicken ran around freely. The smell of fresh air and the feeling of peace overwhelmed Yamarah, for it had been a long time since she felt at peace.
Time flew by and River was now walking and being mischievous. River loved to chase the ducks and the chicken. Many times he tried to help Nano milk the goat, spilling the milk all over him. Pulling the goat’s tail and trying to bite it, throwing rocks at the rabbits. Yamarah adored her little boy, who now slept with her in the bed. River loved to hug and kiss his mother. River loved to get up to poke Nano in his eyes, who loved to nap on the sofa. Everyone loved and enjoyed River.
The happiness was about to end.
Stay tuned for Chapter 2

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  1. That's pretty good Ruthie, good job I hope to see more of its soon.