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RIVER-Chapter 3- River goes blind

RIVER-By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos
Chapter 3-
River goes blind
Yamarah returned home to see if River was there, but Ines and Nano had returned and did not find him either.
"Where could that boy be?" Yamarah asked.
"Maybe he wandered off." Nano replied. "River is very curious, maybe he went chasing a wild rabbit. I will go out again to see if I can find him. Ines, you stay here in case River comes home, he may be young, but he is smart and knows his way around."
Yamarah and Nano went out again to look for River.
River had walked down the road behind a big rock near the water well, saw a wild rabbit, and ran after it. River continued to run after the rabbit, not realizing that there was a grassy hill ahead, he tripped and fell, rolled down the hill, and hit his head against a big rock, rendering him unconscious. Blood was gushing out of is head.
A pair of big hands appeared, picking River up, and carried him. It was a giant man, who was over 7 feet tall, muscular, had very light complexion, deep green eyes, and had long fiery red hair. The giant man cleaned River's head and carried the boy home.
On their way looking for River, Yamarah and Nano saw the giant man carrying River.
"Oh my god, what happened to my baby." Yamarah asked. "Is he alive?"
"Yes, he is hurt."The Giant man said with a deep voice." "I found him unconscious, he fell down the hill, and hit his head with a rock. You must tend to him fast."
The giant man placed River in Nano's arms and left.
"Wait!" Yamarah said. "Who are you? Where are you from? Thank you."
"Tend to the boy first." The giant man said." "You will see me again."
Yamarah and Nano took River home, put him in bed, and put ice on his wound.
A little later, River moved his head and opened his eyes. When Yamarah saw that River opened his eyes, she was happy. "River my baby." Yamarah said. "You are finally awake, you gave us quite a scare."
"Mommy, turn on the lights." River said. "Why is it so dark here?"
Surprised and confused, Yamarah asked. "Honey, what is the matter? The lights are on."
"No mommy, I can't see, it is dark." River said. "Mommy, where are you? I am scared, turn on the lights."
Yamarah picked her little boy up with fear in her heart, and hugged him saying. "Shh, my darling. I am here, do not be scared. Maybe when you hit your head, you hurt something inside, and that's why you cannot see. You will be alright, Mommy will take care of you."
River lost his sight when his head hit the rock. The next day the Giant man returned to see how River was doing.
" Do you have a name Mr.?" Yamara asked.
" My name is Drone." The giant man replied. "I have lived in the mountains for many years. I remember when all of you got here. There are others who live here, over the hills, no one bothers anyone. I live in the mountains because I enjoy the fresh air and the privacy. I can also see everyone from the top of the mountains. I watch the boy play all the time
"You mean to say that yo have been here all these years?" Nano asked. "Why did you not come by to tell us you were here?"
"I did not want to be bothered with outsiders from the other side of the cave." Drone replied. "I have been there, and they cause nothing but trouble. I saw your wife with child and knew you had escaped like the others who live here have done. When I saw that the boy was hurt, I had to help him."
"He can't see." Yamarah said. "He says everything is dark."
Drone walked toward River, sat on the bed, gently touching the boy's head. "The rock must have injured the boys head so hard, that it may have caused him to lose his vision." Drone said. "He may have a concussion, or it may be permanent, only time will tell."
Years passed and River did not recover his eyesight. Drone taught River how to use his other senses. River ran all over the mountains, he learned to swim, fish, and was friends with all the animals. River had a special friend named Brutus, a big black bear who lived in the mountains.
Drone had saved him from being swept away in a mudslide on the other side of the cave. Brutus was a baby bear, and Drone fed and took care of him, until he grew up. River met many animal friends in the mountains.
River also met the other people on the other side of the mountains, he also made friends with Paulie, a young boy his same age. Paulie was a little nutty at times, he enjoyed having fun and acting funny and crazy. Both friends enjoyed each other's company, but their parents have not met.
Stay tuned for River-Chapter 4

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