Thursday, October 6, 2011

River Chapte 4-River goes to cave to visit other side


By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos

Chapter 4

River goes to cave to visit other side

River and Paulie enjoyed going fishing, and swimming in the river. Paulie noticed that his friend was too quiet and asked, “What’s the matter River? Anything wrong? You are too quiet.”

“Nothing is wrong.“ River replied. “I was wondering about the other side of the cave. Mother does not talk about it. Do you know anything about it?”

“I have heard a lot of things about it.” Paulie replied. “I heard that there are cities, a lot of people walking the streets, hospitals with doctors who cure people and other places besides the country life. I sometimes think about going there, but I know my parents will not let me. I am beginning to get bored here. I have even heard that there are a lot of pretty girls living there.”

“Why don’t we go and find out for ourselves.” River said”

“What! Are you nuts?” Our parents would never let us. Paulie said. “Maybe after we be 18 years old, then we will be adults and no one can stop us.”

“I can’t wait that long.” Said River. “That’s three years from now, I will talk with my mother, maybe somebody on the other side can help me to get my eyesight back. You said they have hospitals where doctors cure a lot of things. I am going home to talk with mother, you go and ask your parents. We can meet here tomorrow.”

“OK, but I know they won’t let us.” Paulie said.

River went home, and after having dinner, he asked his mother that he wanted to go to the other side of the cave. “My son, you are too young to be traveling anywhere.” Yamarah said. “Especially to the other side of the cave, where you cannot see and are not familiar with, you can get lost. No, I can’t let you go.”

“Mother, would you let me go if Drone took us?” River asked. “He knows his way there and will not let anything happen to me, besides, Paulie my friend is also planning to go with me.”

“Well, if Drone goes with you, I guess it will be OK.” Yamarah replied.

River ran to talk to Drone and asked. “Drone, I need a favor. Will you take me other side of the cave?”

Drone looked at the boy and replied. “Why do you want to go there? Did you ask your mother?”

“Yes, I asked mother.” River said. “Mother said if you go with me she will let me go. My friend Paulie wants to go with me. Please say yes, or I will go by myself anyway with or without you. I may not know my way on the other side, but I know how to go to the cave, and go to the exit. We will find our way some how. I want to find a doctor who can help me get my eyesight back. Paulie said that he heard people who live here, talk about it”

Drone knew that the boy would go by himself any way and did not want River to get lost and hurt himself. “Alright, I will take you.” Drone said. I will pick you up in the morning.”

River ran to tell Paulie, he could not wait until the next day. Paulie was going to the barn, and saw River running toward his house.

“River, I am over here,” Paulie yelled. “What are you doing here at this time. I thought we would see each other tomorrow.”

River walked over to Paulie and said. “My mother gave me permission to go to the other side of the cave. Drone is going with us.”

Paulie told his parents and also told them, that Drone was going with them. Paulie’s parents gave their permission.

River went home, and his mother helped him pack. “I am going to put your birth certificate in your bag in case you need it. River then went to bed.

The next morning, Drone and Paulie arrived to pick River up.

“Are you ready?” Paulie asked.

Yamarah had never met Paulie, she knew about him, because River was always mentioning him. “Are you Paulie?” Yamarah asked’

“Yes I am.” Paulie replied.

“Nice to finally meet you.” Yamarah said. “Do your parents know where you are going?”

“Nice to meet you too, Ma’m.” Paulie said. “Yes, my parents know where I am going, they also know Drone is taking us.”

River gave his mother a hug and a kiss. “Don’t worry Mother.” River said. “I will be back soon.”

Drone smiled at Yamarah and said. “Don’t worry Ma’m, I will take good care of them.”

River, Paulie, and Drone walked to the cave. Inside the cave, the light that was shining, was from the entrance. Drone took a torch that was on the wall and lit it with his lighter, Drone had a flash light, but wanted to save the batteries in case of an emergency.

It began to get dark and the only light they had was from the torch. Loud footsteps were heard stomping rapidly and getting closer to them.

“What is that?” Paulie asked trembling. “Sounds like a beast coming toward us.”

“Wow! Sounds like it’s coming toward us.” River said.

“AAAGHHH!!! Let me out of here,” Paulie screamed. Paulie tried to run, but his feet would not move. “Feet, this ain’t no time to freeze! Move! I am frozen, heeeelp!

“Shhh! Keep quiet.” Drone said. “Maybe if we keep quiet, whatever it is will go away.

The foot steps kept going nearer and nearer. Then a big growl.

“Nooo!!!!! Paulie yelled.

River gasped!!!!!

Stay tuned for Chapter 5

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