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RIVER-Chapter 5-The trip to the other side

By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos
Chapter 5
The trip to the other side
Drone shone the torch on the beast who then jumped on him. “Brutus, what are you doing here?” Drone asked. “You have to go back home, now go!”
Brutus just swung sideways like trying to let Drone know that he wanted to tag along.
“ I guess you want to see where you were born.” Drone said. “Maybe you will find your family. OK, you can come along, but you have to stay in the mountains. People are afraid of bears, especially black ones. Wild animals are not allowed in the city, they will take you to the zoo and put you in a cage.
“Whew!” Paulie exclaimed. “You scared the daylights out of me.”
“Come on, let’s keep walking.” Drone said. “I want to get to the other side before it gets dark.”
Drone, Paulie, River, and Brutus kept walking, until finally, Drone saw the light leading to the opening of the cave. Turning the torch off and hanging it on the wall next to the exit, Drone said, “Wait! Let me look outside to make sure it is safe to go out there. I don’t want to walk into a storm.”
Drone walked outside and saw that is was nice and sunny, walked back to the cave and said. “OK, let’s go. I have a house in the woods, I bought many years ago, when I first visited there. I like having a place to stay whenever I come back here. Brutus can stay in the woods and no one will bother him.”
They all walked out of the cave, there was a dirt road leading to the woods. Drone led everyone to the house he had in the woods. The house was surrounded by a tall black iron fence. There was a big gate with an intercom on one side. Drone took out a small remote, pressed it and the gate opened automatically.
“Wow! How did you do that?” Asked Paulie. “Is it magic?”
Drone laughed and said. ”No, this is called a remote control, it is run by electricity. When I push the button, the gate opens and closes. The thing that looks like a radio on the fence, is called an intercom. You press the buttons on the side and you can talk to the person inside the house, who presses the button in the intercom in the house, to let you in. They can also talk back to you, watch!” Drone pressed the button in the intercom and a voice was heard asking. “Who is it?”
“It’s me Drone, I have guest with me.” Drone replied. I will walk to the house, no need to send the chauffer to pick us up.”
“Yes Sir.” The voice replied.
“Who is that?” Paulie asked.
“It’s my Butler.” Drone replied.
“What’s a butler?” Paulie asked.
Drone replied. “A butler is a head servant who tells other servants what to do.”
“Wow! You have servants too? Are you rich? Paulie asked. “Do you hear that River?”
“Yes Paulie.” River replied I heard everything.”
“OK, Let’s go to the house.” Drone said.
Drone led the boys to the house and Brutus followed them. When they got to the house, Paulie said.“ Wow! That’s not a house, that’s a mansion.”
The house was very big on the outside. It was white and there was a porch surrounding it. Around the porch were very pretty flowers and hanging plants. In front of the house, in the middle of the lawn, was a big white fountain with a fish in the middle with water sprouting out of it’s mouth. The front of the porch was very big, and there was a big swing with a small wooden table next to it.
A tall, stocky, bald man was standing in front of the house waiting for them. “Welcome home sir.” The man said. “It is always good to see you.”
“Thank you.” Replied Drone. “I want your to meet my guests, Paulie, River, who is blind, and Brutus, my black bear friend. Brutus will stay out in the woods inside my property. Boys, this is Andric, my friend and butler, let’s go inside the house. Inside the house was the foyer, there was a table with one chair on each side, and a big mirror on the wall. On one side was a long stair case leading to the second floor, in front of them was a hall that led to the kitchen, it had a door on the side, that led to the dining room, and down the hall was a door that led to the kitchen. On the right of the entrance was the living room. The living room had oak furniture with brown flowered cushions on the sofa, and chairs. There was a table in each end of the sofa, with matching lamps on them. A picture of Drone was hanging on the wall behind the sofa.
Wow! This house is huge and the furniture is awesome.” Paulie said. “How did you become so rich Drone? You live in the mountains in a cabin at home. No one knows that you are rich.”
“You are quiet River.” Drone said .”What is the matter?”
“I am just listening.” River replied. “I cannot see, so I have to be acquainted with everything around me. When will we go to the city to see the doctors at the hospital? I want to know if they can help me get my eyesight back. That‘s why I came to the other side of the cave. I too want to know why you are rich Drone.”
“I will explain everything after we have taken a shower, eat and rest.” Drone said. “In the morning, I will take you to the city. Andric will take you to your rooms, you will both take a shower and come down to eat.”
Andric showed River how to get around the room. The boys took a shower, got dressed, and went downstairs to eat. The dining room had a long oak table and eight chairs, the walls had pictures of different animals, big and small. A big white-tail/mule deer chandelier hung on the ceiling above the table. Dinner was served by Cachita, one of the servants. Cachita was also Andric’s daughter. Dinner consisted of Chicken soup, Wild white rice, red beans, Porch chops, and French fries .The salad was lettuce corn and tomatoes. Dessert was vanilla split, covered with chocolate syrup, and they drank soda.
After dinner they went to the porch, River and Paulie sat on the swing and Drone sat in a rocker. “When I came here many years ago.” Drone said. “I did not have any money. I had found shiny rocks one side of the cave. I put some in my bags when I came. I went to the city, and was playing with one of the rocks. A man saw me playing and asked me where I had found the rocks. I told him I had found the rocks in a cave. I found out that the rocks were diamonds and were very valuable. I sold the diamonds, and that’s how I became rich. People here only loved me for my money, I was bored, missed my real home on the other side of the cave and went back. Once in a while I come here to see my friend Andric, find out how things are going and go back. The last time on my way back, there was a big storm, everything was flooded and I ran to the cave. I heard some one cry for help, when I turned around, it was a man and a woman. I yelled for them to get in the cave, and when I saw that they were safe I left and went home to the mountains I have seen many people escape those storms. When River said he was coming here, I knew I could help him. Now you know my story. Now go get some sleep we have to go to the city in the morning.”
River and Paulie went to bed, They were so tired they fell asleep. Drone went outside, gave Brutus food and said. My friend, while I go to the city with the boys, you can go to the woods, you may find your friends there. Good night.”
Brutus ate and disappeared into the woods. Drone went this room and went to sleep, he too was very tired.
The following morning, Drone sent Cachita to the stores, to buy clothes and shoes for the boys. When River and Paulie woke up, Andric gave them the clothes to wear and the shoes. River and Paulie put on their new clothes and went downstairs to eat breakfast.
“ I am taking River to the hospital to see the eye specialist.” Drone said. “After the doctor examines River, I will take you both around the City. I will describe everything to River as we go. I will also take you to a restaurant to eat lunch.”
After breakfast, Drone, River and Paulie walked outside. Andric was waiting for them in the car. “Wow, that is a nice car.” Paulie said. We don’t see a lot of cars where we live. Everyone rides either a horse or a wagon. Do you drive Drone?”
“Yes, I drive.” Drone replied. “Today Andric is driving us, because it is hard to find a parking space in the city. You will see for yourself.”
“I hope the doctor says he can help me get my eyesight back.” River said, “I also want to be able to see the city and everything.”
Stay tuned for Rivers adventure in the city, will the doctor be able to help River get his sight back? An exciting adventure will follow in chapter 6

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