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RIVER-Chapter-6-River's first visit to the City and Doctor

By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos
Chapter 6
River’s first trip to the City and Doctor
Andric drove to the city and parked at the entrance of the hospital.
“I will call you when we are finished here Andric” Drone said. “Then you can drive us to the stores. I want to get some more clothes for the boys. I am also taking them to eat.”
“Yes Sir.” Andric said. “I hope the Doctor can help the boy regain his eyesight.”
Drone and the boys got out of the car and walked inside the hospital. Drone had made an appointment with an eye specialist. When they got to the doctors office, Drone gave the receptionist all of River’s information and sat down in the waiting room. Paulie had been looking at everything, the big buildings, the many cars, the many people in the street, he was amazed. “Wow! I am so glad I came.” Paulie said, “I have never seen so many people in one place. Everything is so different. River, why are you so quiet?”
“Paulie, you forget that I can’t see.” River replied.
“No, I have not forgotten.” Paulie said. “I just want to tell you everything I see, so you know, like I do at home. When the doctor helps, get your eyesight back, you will see for yourself, then I wont have to tell you.”
“I m sorry Paulie.” River said, “I am just so nervous, what if the doctor says I can’t get my eyesight back?”
“You will my friend.” Paulie said. “Besides, so far you have lived and done good without your sight. Your other senses are better than mine. Be patient.”
“Mr. Drone.” The receptionist called. “The doctor is ready for you, Pease go in.”
“Let’s go River.” Drone said. “The doctor will see you now.”
Drone led River into the doctor’s office, Paulie stood outside to wait for them.
The doctor then helped River sit on a chair and examined him. “Drone, we have to do more tests.” The doctor said. “You said River lost his eyesight after he fell down and hit his head on a rock when he was a little boy. We have to take x-rays and do a full examination, before I can give you any more information”
“Will I see again doctor?” River asked. “Please tell me you will help me see again.”
“I will see what I can do River.” The doctor said. “Let’s wait until we get more test results. Drone, bring him back in two days, I will have everything ready for him”
Drone thanked the doctor, and led River to the reception room, where Paulie was waiting for them.
“What did the doctor say? Paulie asked. “Will he help you to see again?”
River told Paulie what the doctor had said, and Drone took them outside to wait for Andric.
Andric arrived, everyone got in the car and drove to the Mall. Drone and the boys got out and Andric left. “Where are we?” River asked.
“We are at the Mall.” Drone replied. “There are many different stores, places to eat, and a game room. I am going to buy some clothes for both of you and me.
There are a lot of people here, so we have to stay together. I do not want you boys to get lost. Come we will go to the Boys store first.”
Paulie was amazed, he had never been to a Mall, or seen so many stores in one place. River had never heard so many different noises in his life. As they kept walking, River began to get familiar with the noises and surroundings. River was a very intelligent young man. Drone bought the boys more clothes, shoes and a Jacket, in case it got cold, he also got himself some clothing. After walking around the mall, on their way to the car, Drone stopped at a telephone store and bought a new cellular phone. Drone also taught Paulie and River, how to use the phone. River used his sense of touch and hearing to learn how to use the phone. Drone taught the boys many things they did not know about, living on the other side of the cave.
“This place is so nice.” Paulie said. “I can live here forever. Next year I will be an adult and can come back to stay. If you get your eyesight back, River you too can live here if you want. Oh heck you can live here even if you can’t see, but I know you will see again.”
Everyone went back to the car and Andric drove home.
Cachita was waiting outside. “How was your trip to the city boys?” Cachita asked. “Did the doctor examine you River?”
“It was awesome.” Paulie said. “I have never seen so many stores people and cars in my life, matter of fact, I ain’t ever seen so much stuff in my life. I loved it. I’m considering moving here in the future,”
“How about you River?” Cachita asked. “Did you enjoy yourself? What did the doctor say?”
“The doctor said, that I need more tests.” River said. “To see if the doctor can help me to get my eyesight back. There was so much noise at the Mall. I am not used to hearing so many different noises, but I got used to it after a while. I even learned how to use the cellular phone. I can’t wait to get those tests and find out if I will see again.”
“Boys, go upstairs and refresh yourselves.” Drone said. “You both have had a very exciting and adventurous day. You can come back down, have a snack and talk more if you like. Cachita, there is something I bought for you, it is in the car with the other packages. Andric will give it to you when he brings the everything inside. You are my best friends daughter and a wonderful girl, you deserve a gift.”
“Thank you Drone.” Cachita said. “What is it?”
“You will have to find out for yourself, child” Drone replied.
Cachita ran outside before Andric was able to take the packages inside. Andric gave Cachita, the package Drone had bought for her. Cachita ran to her room, opened the package, and it was a beautiful strapless, chiffon tieback dress, with a rosette pleated skirt, in multi black and teal colors. There was also a pair of glitter pumps and a purse matching the shoes, and a flower barrette for her beautiful long and dark brown silky hair. Cachita ran downstairs and hugged and kissed drone. “Thank you, thank you Drone.” Cachita said. “Everything is beautiful. But why a dress? I have no where to go, to wear such a pretty outfit.”
“I am glad you like it.” Drone said. “We are going to have a party for the boys. I am inviting my friends, and I want you to wear the dress and everything that I bought for you to the party. Now go put it away and I will give the staff, all the instructions and plans. The party will be next Saturday, you can also invite your friends to meet River and Paulie.”
Cachita went to put her new clothes away and tell the members of the staff about the party.
“Did you hear that River?” Paulie said. “A party for us. Holy Molly, Geezus, Wow! I hope we get to meet pretty girls. River what is the matter? You do not seem happy, you look preoccupied.”
“ I am happy about the party and all,” River said. “I am trying to get familiar with the surroundings, all of this is new to me. I am also nervous about the tests. Tell me, what Cachita looks like, you have described all to me, except Cachita.”
“Cachita is very pretty.” Paulie said. “She has long, dark brown silky hair, hazel brown eyes, she is petite, slim, 17 years old, and has a beautiful smile, that hypnotizes me.”
“You sound like you like Cachita.” River said. “It’s OK, Paulie, you can tell me, ha, ha!”
“Yes, I do.” Paulie said.” Please don’t tell Drone or anyone.”
“OK, it will be our secret.” River said.
The boys went upstairs, took a shower, changed clothes, and went downstairs.
Drone , was outside on the porch, eating cheese, chips and dip, and iced tea. “Come sit down boys.” Drone said. “Have some cheese, chips and dip, and Iced tea. I wonder where Brutus is, he probably found some bear friend.”
Two days later, Drone took River to the Doctor’s appointment. Paulie wanted to stay home and get acquainted with the land outside of Drones house. Cachita accompanied Paulie.
Different tests were given to River, MRI, scans, blood tests, and other sorts of tests.
After all the tests were done, the doctor gave River another appointment to give him the results. River was restless, he wanted to know the results right away, he did not want to wait any longer. “Well, I have to know for sure before I give you any news about regaining your eyesight River.” The Doctor said. “I do not want to give you any false hope, but I do promise to help you. It’s only a couple of days more.”
“Be patient my friend.” Drone said. “We will find out soon enough. In the mean time try to enjoy yourself.”
Drone took River home.
What will the tests say? Be patient dear reader.
Stay tune for chapter 7

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