Sunday, September 18, 2011

RIVER-Chapter 2- Memories

By Ruth M Garcia Marmolejos

Chapter 2

River was now five years old, and loved to wonder on his own, Yamarah had to be after him all the time. Yamarah often wondered if she could go back home. The memories of her life began to unfold. Yamarah is the oldest child, born in a small village, her parents lived modestly in a small cabin, with three other children, Caldron, Imar and Noelia.
Yamarah remembered the day a handsome young man appeared from the desert, he said he was a wanderer, looking for new places. Yamarah’s father Jacob, was very strict and did not like his daughters being friendly with strange men.
“I am very tired.” The young man said. “My name is Jon, May I stay here and rest for a few days? I do not have any money, but I can earn my keep by helping you. I am very handy with all kinds of work. I will leave soon and try not to be in your way.”
“We can offer you food, and you can sleep in the barn.” Jacob said. “ I do need some help to finish the roof before it starts raining again.” Jacob introduced his wife Ines, his sons, and his daughters.
Jon agreed, and helped Jacob finish the roof.
Yamarah was very attracted to Jon, and when she saw him go in the barn she followed him and asked, “When are you leaving?”
Jon replied. “I will be leaving soon, do you want me to leave?”
Yamarah Looked at Jon and asked. “ Do you want to leave? You said you are a wanderer. Where are you going next?”
Jon got close to Yamarah, kissed her, slowly leading her to lay down on the hay, and made love to her. After they finished making love, Yamarah went back to the cabin and went to bed. When Yamarah woke up, and went outside, Jon had left. Yamarah was heart broken, she could not understand why Jon left without saying good-bye. “Father, why did Jon leave without saying good-bye?” Yamarah asked.
Jacob looked very satisfied and with a smirk on his face said. “Jon had to leave, he wanted to continue to wander.”
Yamarah went to her room and began to cry. Three months went by and Yamarah began to feel nauseous and dizzy. Inez was curious and asked her if she had sex with Jon. Inez then told Yamarah, that she was pregnant. When Jacob found out his daughter was pregnant he wanted to kill her, but Ines convinced him to accept it. All his life he wanted the best for is daughters and now one of his daughters was going to have a baby without a father. Jacob was very resentful and acted very cold and cruel toward Yamarah.
One day, there was a big storm and the rain flooded the village. Yamarah’s memories were awaken when she felt a small hand gently touch her face, It was River.
“Mommy.” River said. “ Are your sad? Don’t be sad, I love you.” Yamarah kissed and hugged her little boy and said. “No my love. I can’t be sad with a precious son like you. I am going to get some vegetables for dinner do not wonder off.”
Yamarah went to the garden and picked some vegetables. “River come let’s go home.” Yamarah said loudly.
Yamarah called River, but he did not answer. Walking and looking for her little boy, Yamarah began to worry, frightened Yamarah yelled. “River where are you? Stop playing, please we have to go home. Yamarah could not find her little boy and ran to see if River had gone home. River was not home either. Nano and Marcela went out looking for River.
Stay tuned for Chapter 3

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  1. You have a nice writing style Ruth. I enjoyed reading your blog :-)

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