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RIVER-PART II-Chapter 12-Another storm

By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos
Chapter 12
Another storm

Yurania Ylang’s curiosity became stronger, she was now more eager to find out about the Cave and what really is on the other side of the cave. “I will find out one way or another,” Yurania Ylang said softly. “It may cause trouble for River and others, but I will find out. I know River will forgive me. I will just follow Yamarah and Drone when they go back, the next time they come back here.”
River and Yurania Ylang’s house and wedding plans began to unfold. Everything was running on schedule, Thanksgiving was approaching and Cachita’s delivery date was near. Cachita invited Yurania Ylang to go shopping for last minute thanksgiving food cravings. “I have this craving for a pumpkin pie that only Genova’s bakery has, and the store is near the street where we saw Drone park the other day. I noticed it while we were walking trying to find the cave entrance. Please go with me Yurania.”
“Cachita, are you sure?” Yurania Ylang asked. “There is a storm warning, and you are due to give birth at any moment.”
“I am sure.” Cachita said. “The storm is not due until tonight; I have a lot of time until I give birth. Labor takes a long time. I do want to eat the potato pie, we can go buy it and return home fast.”
“OK, let’s go to the bakery, get your pumpkin pie and go home.” Yurania Ylang said. “Do you remember where the bakery is?”
“Yes, I remember where the bakery is. “ Cachita said. “Drive me to where we saw Drone, I will tell you where the bakery is.”
Yurania Ylang drove to where she had seen Drone. “There is it.” Cachita said. “Park the car and I will go in and get the pie”
“I will go in with you.” Yurania Ylang said. “I will buy one for me and buy other pastries.”
Yurania Ylang and Cachita went into the bakery bought the pie and other pastries.
“Ladies I am going to close up soon.” The owner of the bakery said. “The storms around here are very dangerous, especially down the road. We have had many floods and the mudslides are very dangerous. You had better hurry and get out of here before it starts raining and the flood covers the roads.”
Yurania Ylang and Cachita hurried to get into the car. The car stalled and would not turn on. “Oh no! This can’t be happening.” Yurania Ylang said. “No matter how much I try, the car won’t turn on. Let me call the Auto club, they will come and help.” Yurania Ylang called the Auto club and they said they were going to get there as soon as possible.
A few moments later a tow truck from the car club arrived. They could not turn the car on, so the man from the Auto club towed them to the nearest garage. All of a sudden the wind began to get so strong that it made the ground tremble. The tow truck driver from the Auto club company, told the ladies to get into the tow truck so he could get them out of there and out of danger. Yurania Ylang and Cachita climbed into the tow truck, and the man drove away trying to find a safe place.
“Oh no, now we are in big trouble.” The tow truck man said. “It has started to rain and that will cause a flood. I will try and get to the other side of town. Maybe we can get away from the flood.”
The rain got harder, thunder roared and lightning bolts lit up the sky. The wind became stronger; all of a sudden lightning hit a big tree missing the front of the tow truck. The driver had to detour through another street. It began to get dark; the rain was so strong that the driver could not see where he was going.
“I should have listened to you Yurania.” Cachita said. “The storm got here earlier, we are in big trouble. How are we going to get home?”
“It’s OK Cachita.” Yurania Ylang said. “Do not worry we will get out of this, we will get home safe.”
“Ladies we are in real trouble now.” The tow truck driver said. “The road to the main highway is closed. We will have to go through the forest, let’s hope the river is not flooded yet.”
“I will call River.” Yurania Ylang said. “Maybe he and Paulie can find us.”
Yurania Ylang called River and told him what had happened. “Where are you now?” River asked. ’I will see if we can go get you.”
“We are somewhere in the forest.” Yurania Ylang said. “We were near the mall getting a pie at Genova’s bakery, then the car stalled and we called the Auto club. When the tow truck man towed us to a garage the storm started. The tow truck man helped us get into his tow truck and the roads got bad so he had to drive into the forest. Hello! Hello! The phone went dead. Now what do we do?”
River called Paulie and told him what had happened to the girls. “I could not get the directions to where they are.” River said. “ Ylang’s phone went dead. All Ylang said was that they had to go into the forest.”
“I am worried River.” Paulie said. “Cachita is due any day now, and these storms are very dangerous. They are far from the cave entrance, they may be in danger if there is a flood. What are we going to do? They need help.”
“We can’t call Drone.” Paulie said. “One of us is going to have to go to the cave and let Drone and everyone else know what happened.”
Cachita and Yurania Ylang cannot enter the cave unless they are in danger.” River said. “They do not know where the entrance to the cave is any way. I am going to call Ian. He can go and tell Drone what is going on. You and I can go look for the girls.”
River called Ian who agreed to go talk to Drone .Paulie used his jeep and drove Ian to the cave entrance, but before he got there, the streets were flooded and there was no way for them to drive through. “Go look for the girls.” Ian said. “I will look for a way to get to the cave entrance.”
The wind got stronger and everything got darker. River and Paulie took big flashlights with them. Paulie drove into the forest; they looked around but saw no sight of the tow truck or the girls. “We cannot give up.” Paulie said. “We have to find them.”
The storm got worse and the girls could not be found. “Where can they be?” Paulie asked. “I Hope they were not washed up by the flood, but then it is not flooded here yet. The river is overflowed but there has been no flood in the forest.”
“We have to keep on looking.” River said. “The wind is getting stronger and we will not be able to continue driving through.”
Paulie and River continued looking, hours passed and they could not find Yurania Ylang, Cachita and the tow truck man. They could not even find the tow truck. “We better go back” River said. “Maybe the tow truck was able to make it through and the driver took the girls home.”
“You are Right River.” Paulie said. “Let’s go home before this storm gets worse and we won’t be able to make it back.”
Paulie drove back home, just before the storm really got bad. “Did the girls come home?” Paulie asked.
“No they have not come home yet.” Andric said. “Where did they go?”
“Andric, I am sorry I have not told you,” Paulie said. “Cachita and Yurania went to get a pumpkin pie to Genova’s bakery near the mall, the car did not go on and had to be towed, but the storm was blowing so hard that the tow truck driver had to take the women to safety.”
“How come he did not bring them home?” Andric asked. “He would have gotten paid for it.”
“He was going to bring them home.” River said. “The storm got worst, the street got flooded, and due to a fallen tree the truck driver had to make a detour and had to drive into the forest. Yurania Ylang then called me, but before she could tell me where they wer,e her phone died. Ian went to let Drone know but the street was flooded and he went to find a way to get to the cave. Paulie and I looked in the forest for hours and could not find them or the tow truck. We then decided to come back, thinking that they were able to make it home. The storm is getting worse.”
“Those women are crazy.” Andric said. “They knew that this is the storm season, and there was a severe storm warning, yet they went out. Where can they be?”
“We will go back out and look for them.” Paulie said. “There is too much danger out there and Cachita may be in labor soon.”
“Where are you going to look? Andric asked. “The wind is too strong; it is late and dark out there.”
Paulie said. “I can’t just stay here knowing that my wife may be in danger and in labor. I have to go and look for her.”
“I will go with you.” River said. “Andric you stay here in case they call you or Drone and Ian contact you. Call us as soon as you hear anything from the girls. We will call you when we find them.”
Paulie and River got in the jeep and drove away. The jeep was covered and had all the equipment they thought they needed to find the women.
All o a sudden the wind got so strong that houses trees and cars were flying through the air. Paulie drove the jeep under a big tunnel to escape the storm. Hours passed and finally the storm was over. Paulie and River had to push a lot of debris that was blocking the entrance to the tunnel. When they finally got out, it was daylight and a lot of devastation. Houses were destroyed, cars were overturned, trees and power poles were down. Paulie and River proceeded to go look for Yurania Ylang and Cachita.
Where can Yurania Ylang and Cachita be? Did the women finally find the cave entrance by mistake? Will Cachita still be pregnant and not given birth?
Stay tuned for chapter 13.


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