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RIVER-PART II-Chapter 13-Yurania Ylang and Cachita Disappear

By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos
Chapter 13
Yurania Ylang and Cachita disappear
River and Paulie continued their search but could not find the women. “Do you think that maybe they got into trouble and found the cave entrance?” Paulie asked.
“It’s possible.” River replied. “Let’s call home, maybe they got there.”
Paulie called home but Andric said they did not get home yet,
“We better go to the cave.” River said. “They might be there, let’s hope that the water receded.”
The water near the cave had receded, “I see no sign of the tow truck. “River said. River and Paulie found the cave entrance went to the other side and looked around. “Let’s go to grandmother’s house.” River said. “Maybe they are there.
River and Paulie went to Marcela and Nano’s house. “Paulie, what are you and Riverdoing here?” Marcela asked. “Why are you not with Cachita? Isn’t she due any day now?”
“Grandmother we came to see if she and Ylang were here,” River said.
“What do you mean?” Marcella asked. “You know that any one that has never been here is not allowed to enter the cave unless it is an emergency. Yurania Ylang and Cachita have never been here.”
“Cachita and Yurania are missing” Paulie said. “They went to buy some pastries and a pie at Geneva’s Bakery and when they went to start the car it did not turn on.” Paulie explained what had happened with the tow truck driver and the women. “We thought that maybe they got caught in the flood and the cave opened up to save them. We are going to Mother’s house maybe they are there.”
“You may be right.” Marcela said. “Go see if you can find them and come back to let us know.”
“I will go to my parent’s house.” Paulie said. “If they are there I will go and let you know. “
Paulie went to his parent’s home, but they were not there. Paulie then went to the big mansion near Drone and Yamarah’s cabin. Neither the women nor the tow truck man were there. “I hope the women are at Drone and Yamarah’s cabin.” Paulie said.
When Paulie arrived at Drone and Yamarah’s cabin, Yurania Ylang, Cachita and the tow truck man were not there. “Where can they be?” Paulie asked. “I hope nothing has happened to them.”
“Let’s go home.” River said. “Maybe they got home by now. If not, we will continue to look for them.”
“I will go with you.” Drone said. “I will get my staff to help us look for them.
“I will go with you too.” Yamarah said.
“My parents are going too.” Paulie said. “They are worried about them too.”
Everyone got together at the cave entrance and when they were out of the cave, they saw all the damage that the storm had once more caused.
When they got to the big house, nothing but small trees and bushes were damaged. The women were not there. Drone got all of his staff to go look for Cachita, Yurania, Ylang and the tow truck driver. Everyone looked all day and they were no where to be found. “We can’t even find the tow truck.” River said.
Everyone went to the big house. “What a Thanksgiving day we will have this year.” Paulie said. “My wife and unborn child are missing, and so is my best friend. What could have happened to them? Where can they be?”
Sadness was felt all over the room. Tears were flowing down Paulie and Andric’s eyes. “It’s like the earth swallowed them.” River said.
A car was heard outside. “Maybe that’s them.” Paulie said. “Maybe they found a way to come back.”
When everyone went to find out who had arrived, it was Yurania Ylang’s parents.
“Where is my daughter?” Yurania Ylang’s mother asked. “We received message on the phone that my daughter is missing.”
River explained everything that had happened. “We will not give up looking for them.” River said. “Cachita is due to give birth at any moment. We have to find them.”
The police then arrived. “Did you find them? “ Paulie asked.
“We found the tow truck.” One of the officers said. “It was in the woods covered with a big tree that had fallen on it. There was no one there. We will keep on searching until we find them.”
Drone then decided to go back to the cave. “I am going back to the cave.” Drone said. “I am the keeper of the cave, and if they entered the cave without being invited they may be stuck in there or the cave has been sealed forever. Maybe it did not close on the other side when we came here because I am the keeper. I will be back.”
Drone went to the cave, and found the entrance quickly, which meant that no one went into the cave without being invited. There was no one in the cave. Drone looked on the other side of the cave to see if maybe he could find Yurania Ylang, Cachita and the tow man, near the river, but found no one. Drone then went back to let everyone know that he could not find them.
“Where can they be?” Yamarah asked.
“Sir, I know this may not be a good time.” One of the maids said to Drone. “All of you need to eat something. May I serve the dinner?”
Drone looked at everyone and said. “We do need to eat to keep our strength. Yes you may serve dinner.”
Everyone sat down, and Drone said. “Instead of giving thanks, let’s pray that we find Cachita, Yurania Ylang and the Tow man safe.”
Andric, Paulie, River and Yurania Ylang’s parents could not eat. There was silence and sadness all around the room.
“Why is everyone so sad?” Everyone looked at the dining room entrance, and Cachita, Yurania Ylang and the Tow man were standing there.
“I am asking again. Why is everyone so sad? Cachita asked. “It’s Thanksgiving.”
Paulie got up and ran to hug Cachita, River hugged Yurania Ylang, and everyone felt as if the light had just turned on.
“Where have all of you been?” Andric asked. “We have been worried about you. We have looked everywhere for you and could not find you. The Police found the tow truck under a fallen tree.”
“It’s a long story.” Yurania Ylang said. “This is Tanner the Tow man and our savior who saved our lives. After the tree fell on the tow truck, we saw a big water current coming toward us. Tanner took us to a cave that led to a small place on the other side.”
“How did you find the cave Tanner?” Drone asked. “Where is the cave?”
“I am from the other side of the cave.” Tanner said. “My parents were saved when one of the storms hit and destroyed our village. As you know these mysterious storms appear every year around that place. I also know that unless it is an emergency to save a life no one is allowed to enter the cave that has never been there. We also know that the entrance will not be seen unless it is either by someone who has lived on the other side of the cave or if it s an emergency. When I saw the water rushing down with a lot of debris, I also saw the cave entrance appear. I then knew that it was alright and took the ladies to the cave. The ladies were with me in my house eating and resting until the storm was over. Mr. Drone, I am the son of the man who lives in the small house near the river behind the mountains. I am the boy that you saved from drowning in the river. My mother died a couple of years ago. She died of a heart attack. I then brought the ladies home because I knew that their families were worried about them. I also knew that Cachita wanted to have her child near her family.”
“Thank you for saving them.” Drone said. I remember you and your parents when they arrived on the other side of the mountain.”
“Will you stay and have Thanksgiving dinner with us Tanner?” Yamarah asked. “Do you have any plans for tonight?”
“I have no plans.” Tanner replied. “I have to work early in the morning, so I do not have to go home. I will be glad to have dinner.”
“Every one was having dinner and Cachita said. “Paulie I have a confession to make. I hope that you and the others will forgive me for betraying your trust.”
“What is it Cachita?” Paulie asked.
“The other day Yurania and I followed father when he went to pick up Drone and Yamarah. We wanted to know where the entrance to the cave was. Not that we intended to enter the cave, but we were curious and wanted to know.”
“Why, did you do that?” Andric said. “We have told you what would happen if you entered the cave.”
“Please do not blame Cachita. “ Yurania Ylang said. “It was my idea. Cachita was hesitant to go, but I convinced her. I parked a block behind to watch when Drone and Yamarah came out, but we did not see them come out of the cave. The following day we went to see if we could find the entrance but we could not find it. We then decided to wait until Drone and Yamarah came and went back to follow them again and try to find the entrance to the cave. Please forgive me too River, I understand if you do not ever trust me again but I promise you that will I try hard to regain your trust.”
“Well you found it the hard way.” River said. “You both would have been killed in the storm had Tanner not been there. I forgive you Yurania.”
“I forgive you too.” Paulie said. “I forgive both of you.”
“OK, let us now give thanks.” Drone said. “We have much to be thankful for. Then we eat. I am starving.”
“Ut oh! I think someone wants to celebrate Thanksgiving with us tonight.” Cachita said. “OH God, I am going to the bathroom.”
Cachita got up to go to the bathroom and all of a sudden she cried. “Owww! It hurts, I can’t walk, my water broke, the baby, I feel the baby coming out!
Will Cachita give birth on Thanksgiving? Does she have time to go to the hospital? Tune in and find out in Chapter 14.

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