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RIVER PART II-Chapter 14-Cachita gives birth

By Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos


Chapter 14

Cachita gives birth

Cachita was afraid to move. “Hurry, call an ambulance.” Paulie said. Paulie carried Cachita and put her on the sofa. “OK, now what do we do? “ Paulie said. “Umm hold on Cachita wait for the ambulance, let’s get going? Hold the baby in Cachita!” Paulie was running back and forth acting like a maniac.

“What do you mean hold the baby in Paulie?” Cachita asked. “Owww, will someone do something? Paulie you are not making any sense. Take it easy.”

“I already called the Ambulance River said.” Just relax, breathe. Everything is going to be OK.’

“Ohhh, owww! How do I relax?” Cachita screamed. “These pains are bad. There are two doctors here and no one does anything. “Will one of you check me out! I feel the baby coming out!”

“I am an eye Doctor River said. “ I do not deliver babies.”

“Me too!” Yurania Ylang said.

“I know that they taught you both how to deliver babies when you started your training.” Cachita said. “One of you or someone had better help me!”

“Carry Cachita to her room. Yurania Ylang said. I will take care of her.”

Paulie’s mother said. “I will help you; I am a midwife, in the excitement I forgot to mention it.”

Paulie carried Cachita to her room, and when Yurania Ylang and Paulie’s mother looked, the baby’s head was out. Paulie’s mother delivered the baby. It was a baby boy. Everyone was happy! The ambulance arrived at that moment and when they went to pick Cachita up to take her to the hospital, Cachita cried. “O h my God I have more pain. Something is wrong I feel like pushing and some thing is coming out!”

One of the Paramedics examined Cachita and said. “There’s a baby’s head you are having another baby! The paramedic delivered the second baby, it was a girl.

“What!” Cachita exclaimed. “The doctor never said that I was having twins. Paulie we have two babies. They are beautiful.”

Paulie was overwhelmed and said. “I have two babies, wow! I am a father of two. Andric you have two grandchildren. Father, mother delivered her own grandson.

Everyone was very happy. The Paramedics took Cachita and the infants to the hospital. When the Doctor arrived, he said. “One baby was hiding behind the other and that’s why we only saw one. Both babies have been examined and they are fine.”

“Now we have to find a name for the babies.” Cachita said. “I know that our boy will be named after his father, but we want a middle name for him, now we have to look for a name for our daughter.

“What a wonderful Thanksgiving this has been after all.” Yamara said. “Let’s all go back to the big house and celebrate Thanksgiving. We can leave the new parents to enjoy their newborns.”

Everyone went back to the big house to finish celebrating Thanksgiving.

The following day Drone, Yamarah, Paulie‘s parents and River‘s grandparents went home.

“This has been a very interesting Thanksgiving.” Yamarah said. “Yurnia Ylang and Cachita disappeared and thanks God were found safe by Tanner. Then Cachita gives birth to unexpected twins. I wonder what else is going t happen.”

“Don’t forget that your son is getting married soon.” Drone said. “They have to finish building their house soon before the wedding. Have you thought about what gift we are giving them for the wedding?”

“Now that you mention it.” Yamarah said. “I don’t have any ideas. We can give them a gift card so the can go wherever they want for their honeymoon. We can buy the furniture for their house.”

“Why don’t we find out what they want or need?” Drone asked. “Maybe they have something in mind.

“You are right.” Yamarah said. “We will ask them the next time we see them.”

Cachita and her babies were discharged, and when they arrived to the house, they had a surprise. Andric had bought another crib and everything double for the twins.

“How beautiful everything is.” Cachita said. “These babies are going to be spoiled rotten by their grandparents. I just thought of something. Can we take the babies to visit your parents Paulie?”

“We have to ask Drone about that.” Paulie said.” Maybe we can, after all they are our children and I was born on the other side of the cave.”

Paulie, I am going to ask you something.” Cachita said. “Can we move to our own place? Like an apartment or buy a house?”

“Yes we can.” Paulie replied. “But why would you want to move? Drone gave the house to your Father and us. We have our careers and someone to take care of our children. Andric has no one and I am sure it would hurt him if we took his grandchildren away. If we move out, we will need a baby sitter; we are hardly ever at home because of our work. However, if you want to move, we can start looking for a place. I want you to be happy my love.

“You are right.” Cachita said. “We do have everything we need here. Father has no more family than us, and will be hurt if we take the children away. We will stay and let father enjoy his grandchildren. I am going back to work in two weeks.”

River and Yurania Ylang pursued their wedding plans and their house was almost finished. They continued their work at the hospital and the office. Paulie and Cachita invited River and Yurania Ylang for dinner one Evening at a restaurant near the hospital’

River, Yurania, we have a question for both of you.” Paulie said. “Will you be our children’s Godparents?”

“It will be an honor.” River said. When do you want the babies baptized? Have you given them a name?”

“Not yet.” Paulie replied. “Cachita can’t make up her mind. We have to give them a name before we baptize them.”

“Well you better hurry.” Yurania Ylang said. “They need a name. What do you call them now?”

“Actually we do not call them anything.” Cachita said. “We just call them sweetheart, darling and other sweet things. I know, we can get together and suggest names. I don’t want just any names. The boy’s first name will be Paulie like his father, but we want a middle name.”

“Andrica sounds nice for the baby girl.” River said. “I am sure that your father will love it.”

“That sounds beautiful. Yurania Ylang said. “Don’t you like it Cachita?”

“Andrica sounds beautiful.” Cachita said.

“I like it.” Paulie said. “OK, now we have to look for middle names.”

“How is the house coming along? “ Cachita asked. “Have you registered in any stores for your wedding gifts? The wedding is at Christmas.” Father is having a great time babysitting the twins. This is the first night that I have gone out since I gave birth to the twins.”

The house is almost finished.” River said. “All it needs are the small finishing touches. The pool deck and landscaping is now being done. Paulie did a wonderful job with the architecture. Dad and Jon have been helping out quite a lot.”

“I sent out the invitations.” Yurania Ylang said.” I also wrote a list of the stores that I registered on the invitations. I finally bought the dress and bridal attire. You have to go get your dress and Matron of honor attire Cachita. I am sure that everything will fit you. Everything has been ordered, the flowers, the cake and the souvenirs. Mother and Yamarah will take care of the rest.”

“Where are you going for your honeymoon?” Cachita asked.

“We have not decided yet.” Yurania Ylang replied. We might ask Drone to let us use his yacht and just goon an adventure.”

“Please do not disappear like Drone and Yamarah did.” Paulie said. “I don’t feel like hunting for you guys too. That was some voyage we had, what an experience. Even though I would love to go adventure again, but now we have the twins to worry about.

“Ha ha ha! No Paulie.” River said. “We have no intentions of going back there again. I don’t think that Ylang would survive it.”

“What do you mean me not surviving?” Yurania Ylang asked. “I would love to go on an adventure. I have never been anywhere; it would be fun to do and go somewhere new.”

“You are right Ylang.” River said. “I believe you, after I found out that you were trying to find the cave. Then you and Cachita going to buy a pie, knowing that there was a hurricane approaching. That is not only being brave, but crazy too.”

What adventure follows River? You will have to wait for future chapters.

Readers, if you have any suggestions for the name of the twins. Post them here,  on my website, or Facebook. You will read the names on the next chapter. Stay tuned for Chapter 15.


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